invalid nicknames & Mults

2015.02.12 at 21:00


Dear fanat, I've decided to bring this news to you because this is a matter regarding mults and by my checking and investigations I've seen that the megalopolis has become filled with mults and invalid nicknames. To cut the long story short, I've compiled a number of them with the help of a friend because its just too much but this is the little I've found.
Brant 99 & Brant 44
Sexxy cat & Sexy Catt & Sexy cat

Tibii Hell & Tibi Best
Dj Fiber2 & Dj Fiber
keymaxter & keymaxter12
oz81500 & oz81600 & oz81700 & oz81800
шахтер & шахтер2
teken 6 & teken 4 & teken 3 & teken 5
All zahra & Ali zahra2568
Ferrari05 & Ferrari055
long1 & long2
ocong & cong5
опер2 & опер1
CpTJaCKsPaRoWs & CpTJaCkSpAr0Ws
tridarma2563 & Tridarma2566 &
Coffers & Coffers1
FastAndFurious & FastNewFurious &
MIGrationJS VIP & MIGrationJS
Razer & The Razer
Silver Queen & SilverQueen
Subaru SM & Subaru Libero
Xxxta & Xxxt4
longok & longokk
Moemoney & moemoney3
Bigstraycat69 & carpetmuncher69 & biggayrat69
Rusky killer & RUSKIE KILLER
theheadbroker2 & theheadbroker1

Rapgod & axle

MeDusa & medusa
Save1 & save2 & save 3
Slavik forever & slavik x & slavik 61rus & slavik007 & slavik VR
Kronos 61rus & Kronos & legenda 61rus
Sanek43 & sanek 26

Deathbringer 84 & deathbringer 86

skorpion & skorpions

Please fanat help stop this practice by punishing the offenders. Thanks for your time and your hard work to create a better megalopolis.
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2015.02.16 at 11:34

JetstreamRaiders 65

Oh and I forgot, slavik007 and slavik VR
2015.02.16 at 11:33

JetstreamRaiders 65

Legenda 61rus, kronos 61rus, kronos, slavik x, slavik forever, slavik 61rus,they're a pack

blocked 39

Comment has been deleted : GANGSTAR 102
Cause:  Violation
Description of MD or ADM: provocations; insulting of supervisor;
2015.02.14 at 23:07

KapriS 104

I also always registered under the same name and if it is occupied
by someone, the system offers to replace him, from here can add
additional letters or numbers
2015.02.14 at 18:32

HaLf LiFe 34

omg! im not copying any name and i dont even know about deadlife before entering this game! if my name is same with other/others that was a co-insident! im using this username years ago in other forums! want some proofs? i can give those list of forums i belong if needed!

Poseidon 102

Comment has been deleted : GANGSTAR 102
Cause:  Violation
Description of MD or ADM: provocations;
2015.02.14 at 17:59

Poseidon 102

If I'm who you think that mean I'm a crazy man that talk to himself
2015.02.14 at 17:52

Poseidon 102

blocked,you're dead
2015.02.14 at 17:26


Rails, But I thought you read what I wrote up there? Its in English perhaps you can go over again and stop the smoke screen. Only Identical names and if I have a good memory I remembered you blocked a guy that went by the name vhelio after we complained to you.... But look for an example: save1, save2, save3,.. Rusky killer and ruskie killer,..CpTJaCKsPaRoWs, CpTJaCkSpAr0Ws.. The sexy cats and teken and you tell me this write up is ridiculous? You will be punished next time you think you can teach me my job.
2015.02.14 at 17:11

rails 103

Fanat & fanat 65
Bomber & bombers
St0ne & stone
Rails and strailer (both have the letters R, A, I, and L...this makes them similar...a violation?
Velio and laviola (both have the letters V, I, O, and L) this makes them similar...a violation...?
Drakken joe & dragonfire5 (both forms of the word dragon) a violation...?
Spy killer & killer1death (both contain the word killer) a violation...?

What next???

Any profiles containing the word "the" must now be considered "invalid"?
Any profiles containing a mixture of LoWeR cAsE and uPpErCaSe should now be considered "invalid"?
Any profiles containing numbers should now be considered "invalid"?
Any profiles containing letters should now also be considered "invalid"?

What will that leave us???

This entire topic (witch hunt) is ridiculous...