Ratings Cheat

2015.02.28 at 19:48

blocked 39

Slavik Forever cheated to get a lots of rating
His rating today on 13.31 pm (server time)
Ratings:18505 Victories : 1323
now on 19.42 pm (server time)
Ratings:20511 Victories : 1389

how He get 2006 ratings with 66 times win?
He must be cheat to do that.
Please do something
is not fair
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Topic is locked: Drakken Joe 47
2015.03.01 at 14:07


What do you prove to me, the game keeps on Multi
2015.03.01 at 14:04


I can name a lot of players who have mults..
2015.03.01 at 14:03


Vip club...
2015.03.01 at 14:00


And you have not been contacted for players starscream, barselonistas, rockmetalika...
2015.03.01 at 13:56


2015.03.01 at 06:55

Alvarensa 103

kronus kronos slavik forever uravas.... king Rating
2015.03.01 at 03:21

blocked 39

i mean all win bro
can you prove it
2015.03.01 at 02:03

bigstraycat69 115

Isreal500 you are not a modetator stay out of it not your business
2015.02.28 at 23:38

ButchTheBully 96

Its obvious blocked is a mult because how could a first time user know the word given for people who converse in illegal actions
2015.02.28 at 23:09


Slavik Forever, don't answer him no more. Enjoy your game don't get frustrated by him
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