Are you toying my account ?

2016.01.23 at 20:17

velio 2

Thanks for giving me a chance to play this game.
This time I want to complaint the mods actions to me...

"Are you toying or playing with my account ? "

1. Rails blocked my account forever at 5th January 2016, because of multiboxing suspicions...

2. Today, 23rd January 2016, my account was Banned by supervisor headbigstraycat69 112 forever Reason: Player was blocked previously for conduct by rails.

3. And on today too, 23rd January 2016, my account was Banned by supervisor headbigstraycat69 112 in chat till 2016/01/28 19:00 . Reason: Provoking players..

I will ask some questions to you....
- How many postings did I post on the chat board ?
- Plz compare with the others who posted VIP for cheating and so on ? Will they be accused for provoking?
- Do you want me to stop play this game ?
- I am obeying your rules... if you think I am breaking your rules, then change your rules...
- How many accounts that you allowed to bring on the club war ? Same IP address ?

'....Mults - characters with the same ip-address and the joint fight with the same outcome over 10....'

If you want the fair play, then no mods on club....
But now, this condition, makes me think if you want to play this game safely, then be the mods... and you can control anything....
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2016.02.05 at 20:15

velio 2

Pls mention which of my statement that has violated the rules ? Which ones that i have provoked ?
2016.02.05 at 20:13

velio 2

Which statements on the chat room that i have violate the rules ?
Why did you keep delete my chat ?
2016.02.03 at 04:46

FishingLady 104

I see your lady friend took off the punishment, that's even more evidence, thanks
2016.02.02 at 10:39

FishingLady 104

You are in violation of general laws #3. #6. and #10 read them for yourself.
2016.02.02 at 10:36

velio 2

If you don't have the IP address, pls don't step forward.... you have blocked the wrong accounts... and I am pretty sure about that...
2016.02.02 at 10:35

velio 2

If I can prove that you are wrong, will you step down from mods ?
2016.02.02 at 10:34

velio 2

Haha.... do you have the IP address of VIP member ?
Or you just have the time of login ?
2016.02.02 at 10:23

FishingLady 104

I screenshot everything as my proof and also when requested y any other mod. I save all screenshots.
2016.01.29 at 09:39

blocked 0

2016.01.29 at 02:32

Starscream 59


Done. Lol