Spring holidays

2016.04.22 at 18:38

Bomber 100

Dear players.

Comes the Spring holidays, fun, joy and gifts! And so in the world of Angry Racer will run real "Towr"  will begin on 23.04.2016 to14.05.2016. Top ten will receive the award in the pents!


During the winter holidays will be the following promotions and discounts:

The chips experience more * 2

- League,Duel.

 The experience more * 2



You have a chance to win the pents





-Removing restrictions on the purchase of the tank

 And for more action you can take advantage of our "hot offer" on weekend.


6We wish you a enjoyable game.

Team game «Angry Racer»

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2019.01.29 at 23:29

stiven filho 84

Hot offer new
2019.01.01 at 18:40

Fighter 7489476324 4

Sunt Alex Dar puteţi să mă ajutaţi
că nu prea ştiu să mă joc
2018.02.06 at 19:29

jeday 33

Yes hot weekend please and hot ofter 1 week
2017.10.28 at 00:41

Ultra 34

Hot weekend please
2017.10.28 at 00:41

Ultra 34

Hot weekend please
2017.05.11 at 20:47

oryiman 38

Please can we get more chips and pents without double experience?

I really hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here! Just wishing
2017.04.01 at 20:10

crazy brains 100

Hot weekend please
2016.11.05 at 15:00

oryiman 38

no hot weekend?
2016.06.23 at 05:29


2016.06.12 at 17:25

blacktim 17

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