2016.05.30 at 21:25

Witsel 103

Banned by supervisor headbigstraycat69 113 in chat forever
Reason: coarse language; violation of the communication rules; provocations; insulting of players; insulting of supervisor; insulting of administration; discussion of administration
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Topic is locked: velio 2
2016.06.05 at 01:32

FishingLady 104

The adminstration should get involved I agree 100% at this point. Reviews need to be made, proof of cause for any punishments given should be posted in moderators forum, that way there is proof of any need of punishments. Those found guilty of unfairly punishing or banning should be kicked permanently from game entirely! If this post is deleted I have made a copy,
2016.06.05 at 01:13

spetsnaz 85

If this is the case can the administration step in and review the actions of each moderator to see the one sidedness that is going on. Bigstraycat69 does his job and is black mailed by other mods to secure the safety of cheaters such as “kross“, guru and others.... How are we expected to keep quiet about this if they are not dealt with in accordance to the games code of conduct?
2016.06.05 at 00:58

bigstraycat69 115

Cat house players were blocked by wicked witch because!!!! I blocked guru for sending me personal message insulting me with bad language this is second time I blocked him and he was released the first time by wicked witch so I let it go but now he violated the rules and is blocked again and now wicked witch block cat house players and wants me to release him and she will release Ricky Bobbie she blocked h for no reason other than to use him for blackmail so guru will be free
2016.06.04 at 13:53

KapriS 104

So I ask you, or the Wicked
Witch ... why? Your personal
desire and revenge?
2016.06.04 at 12:50

KapriS 104

I understand ... I do not understand what I was blocked? just because you wanted to?

velio 2

then you should ask the mods who was doing those. Did i block your accounts ? Did i attack your club when you are all blocked ? Like your boss did before ?
2016.06.04 at 12:35

velio 2

it will happen when your account has been released from the blocked.

That is why you need to ask whose mods that release the block.
2016.06.04 at 12:14

KapriS 104

why I was thrown into the
Junior League? Yesterday I
was not even in the game ..
2016.06.04 at 05:00

butterfly 103

Banned by supervisor
FishingLady 102 in chat forever
Reason: At player request, for safety
2016.06.03 at 22:43

butterfly 103

butterfly is blocked for eternity by
supervisor Wicked Witch 104" Cause:
coarselanguage; violationofthe
communicationrules; provocations;
invalidcharactername; flood;
2016.06.03 at 22:41

butterfly 103

I do not speak English translator
use've never insulted or provoked
anyone most of my posts are with
pictures ask other players hacerca my
behavior in the game and she proves
my insults or provocations
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