Ridiculous banning

2016.07.31 at 01:27

ButchTheBully 96

Dark Angel
Rating: 66299

Victories: 1961

Defeats: 76

Draw: 9

Participations in tournaments: 7

Prizetaker of tournament is: 4
(her ratings make 0 sense and are impossible...!!!! Even if she had 2000 victories and 0 defeats... Her level doesn't even let her attack players 10 levels higher so she couldn't have gotten the rating in duals. League?
(kross): 141327

Victories: 13212

Defeats: 3636

Draw: 355

Participations in tournaments: 11

Prizetaker of tournament is: 2
(Guru)Rating: 105354

Victories: 12797

Defeats: 1097

Draw: 125

Participations in tournaments: 5

Prizetaker of tournament is: 2
Those are the statistics of "guru"... He obtained them at level 60-65 upon which he began leveling up to his current state...
His rating are impossible no matter the case because Saintrick, stone, Ikbalbiozurri etc have all performed better than him but none in top 15... How he achieved 105K rating with 15k victories is really mind boggling...
and completely impossible...
Saintrick has 27K victories and 11K defeats... Subtract his defeats from victories and that'll give him 16K victories to 0 defeats... Thats still more than Guru's victories but he has less rating...
Ban Guru for impossible ratings instead of banning someone who really is innocent, for your ridiculous antics and personal opinion.

Velio blocked FatalRacerX for having high ratings and claims them to be impossible but tends to forget that FatalRacerX is a old player here and is a frequent battler... Say his ratings are impossible and overlooking his level is quite a colossal mistake... At this level bots are frequent... And once you activate collections you can't lose against a Bot and will always receive a fair amount of ratings...

Velio is the topic of this discussion which means he cannot moderate a topic he stars in... It clearly says so in what moderators can and cannot do.


Bigstraycat69 has been under scrutiny because he was doing his job and doing it properly and the ones who have been making him out to be a tyrant have been up to no good and fabricating evidence to try and oust Bigstraycat69
For example RetroBoy
when he posted his complaint, I scanned his typing style and it didn't add up. Much like a hand writing style can be distinguished between two separate people. To which I compared it to all of Velios Topics, Messages, and posts and the resemblance was striking
I then informed the public of it. In the same topic RetroBoy created. In that message I then said if this post is deleted because of how it proves you are using a mult to discriminate not only against another moderator but another player, I will continue to repost it.

In honest truth I won't entertain pointless bickering but I will join the argument if it has a valid point.
Velios account for example has 200K rating. At level 107
FatalRacerX has 111K at level 98
if FatalRacerX were to get to level 107 he probably would have 190K rating or 200K rating because he will be challenging bots of a very high level at that point.
Was his blocking merely a ploy to ensure nobody reaches Velios level of Rating?
Please may only the moderators who are allowed to moderate this topic do it. By the rules Velio is not allowed to.

Moderators are not allowed to:

- Moderate themes in which they themselves take part in the discussion;

- Clarification: This is about "hot" topics in which the moderator spoke at one or another side.
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Topic is locked: Wildcat Windyyy 103
2016.08.14 at 13:37

died rider 97

Yes realy
2016.08.14 at 12:55

ButchTheBully 96

with all services?
2016.08.14 at 09:44

died rider 97

ButchTheBully,good job general
2016.08.14 at 09:40

died rider 97

And they not that strong in them lvl to hit biger even in league to get mor rating, kross lost me with all services,then explain how he can get that rating,with out cheeting?
2016.08.13 at 18:59

Dragonfly0 62

Black Dragon, lol, its true
2016.08.11 at 18:53

tridarma2567 86

And will be better if mod cant ban permanently..
2016.08.11 at 18:52

tridarma2567 86

Maybe lol... no mod is better if like this...
2016.08.09 at 20:27

Black Dragon 103

It because they named it angry racer. Every one is always angry haha
2016.08.09 at 03:01

tridarma2567 86

Why aracer become like this ? Too many conflict...
2016.08.01 at 15:48

ButchTheBully 96

Guru... I know the rules in and out... Okay... Im online everyday ok... Im one of the most active players in the game... I know the account you used Guru... You admitted what your previous account was
you wouldnt be able to fool me if you tried... The mods may need more proof to block you but i have all the proof thank god Wicked Witch hasn't made me a moderator... Because No one will break the rules and get away with it... I know nearly everyones secrets
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