Any difficulty?

2013.06.12 at 20:22


Where in the game you have any difficulty and you don't know what to do next?

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2016.04.23 at 01:11

oryiman 38

what happens when you reset?
2016.04.08 at 22:16

oryiman 38

guys please give us HOT WEEKEND tomorrow! please... with
reduced price in pents
2016.04.08 at 01:12

Striker Eureka 54

oryiman, Yes, it does. Blocked Players can be Unblocked by the Supervisor of the Game with any reasons. You cant buy Chips in this Game, but You can buy Pents in Bank then Exchange it to Chips.
2016.04.07 at 11:29

oryiman 38

how do I buy chips?
2016.04.07 at 11:29

oryiman 38

can a blocked player be unblocked?
2016.02.21 at 13:22


how do i start the battle
2015.08.24 at 23:42

Poseidon 102

crazy brains,it's depend on the quest!
2015.08.18 at 21:36

Mattina 42

I am having problems. There is no room for my club to own sectors
The big clubs won't share. We are not as strong as those mega huge clubs. Need some kind of levels for beginning clubs to own without being bullied by the mega huge clubs.
2015.07.25 at 21:42

DeadKiller31 13

How do you get more pents
2015.06.25 at 09:19

crazy brains 100

Drakken Joe ,Fanat ,someone answer me pls,anyone