Problem with SMS payment

2013.07.16 at 13:38


If you have not received a pents through SMS payment (Fortumo SMS, PayByClick, SMS) for any reason please leave a request for restoration and send all data on this e-mail:  

1. Date (when SMS sent ).

2. Platform from play on

3. Player ID.

4. Number of your mobile phone.

5. TEXT of SMS and Short code you sent SMS.

6. Your mobile operator and country.

7. It is obligatory to specify what text you received back.


It is important to know.

1. All requests not corresponds the form will be dismissed.

2. Users of a mocospace game portal should address the problems with SMS to a game portal support.

3. Just one request on one SMS sent is allowed.

4. Request are processed during 1-2 days.

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2017.10.08 at 15:17


oh sorry ! Wrong place !
2017.10.08 at 15:16


in the technial support section , it is written wrong !! Like this !
{"Curators" of the section:
bigstraycat69 115
Вселенная Смерть 84}
2017.02.20 at 11:08

Gopal 17

hot weekend please
2016.06.25 at 06:58

Segunation Alfa 45

PLEASE!!! Fix the mobile payment for Nigeria. It not working. And I really need pents. Thank you.
2016.03.23 at 00:47

TeaseNator 93042 13

All the payment method don't work.. I tried them over and over again ... I Don't knw what to do now
2016.03.18 at 12:36

teaseNator 20

This is really becoming boring and irritating , where is the HELP WHEN ONE NEED IT.!!!!
2016.03.18 at 08:58

teaseNator 20

How to buy pent$ using SMS?? Pls Help
2016.03.13 at 20:46

Sheepondrugs 106

Its ok I will find a place for my money
2015.11.09 at 07:24

stone 102

Rails thank you at least you say something
2015.11.08 at 20:47

rails 103

If there were something I could do to help it would have been done already...I just don't have the required tools to correct this for you...maybe they'll get to you soon...sorry man...