Basic requirements for the moderators

2013.06.06 at 15:02


Basic requirements for the moderators:


- Level 30


- Activity in helping players


- Do not conflict


- Knowledge of laws and their enforcement


- Frequent online


- English speaker


An example of the application (strictly the points!)


1. Name, age


2. Locations


3. Time of your online


4. What is the forum section you want to moderate?


5. Your experience moderator on other sites, games?


6. Why you?


7. Do you know all the rules of the game, the rules and laws?

Total number of votes is: 68
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2017.11.15 at 22:40


1.Aleksandra,26 year
5.Im moderator in Serbian Titan Wars
6.Why me?I have experiance like moderator and always juge fair and corect
7.I know all rules of game i studied lots of times.Thanks
2017.02.11 at 00:10

Parlament 73

1.Egor, 28
2.Ukraina. Lubny
3.With 12.00 to 00:00
4.Chat, Communication, Questions about the game
5.Has never been
6.I want to keep order in the game and help players!
7.Yes, I know all the rules in the game.

Wildcat Windyyy 103

It shall be put on the waiting list
2017.02.10 at 23:42

Parlament 73

1.Egor. 28y.o.
2.Ukraina. Lubny
3.With 12.00 to 00:00
4.Chat, Communication, Questions about the game
6.A why not.

Wildcat Windyyy 103

Your application is severely vague. Please try again and be as detailed as possible.
2017.01.10 at 18:53

Preacher 74

1. Benjamin, age 32
2. California, USA
3. Been playing since Spring of 2016
4. Any suggested
5. I was a moderator on MobaMingle, and Minion game/social sites.
6. I can have an objective perspective in conflicts to help mediate, I'm friendly, and always willing to help anyone however I am able.
7. Yes, I have read and memorized all the rules and laws of the game, of which I firmly maintain to uphold.

Wildcat Windyyy 103

Excellent potential But... the panel is currently running at maximum permitted capacity.
2016.11.26 at 12:20

crazy brains 100

We've all applied... We waiting now

REv3nG3 55

Comment has been deleted : Wildcat Windyyy 103
Cause:  Violation
Description of MD or ADM: Please refrain from other languages. English only.
2016.09.10 at 13:28

REv3nG3 55

- Radin Ben Zainal, 17 years old
- Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines
- weekdays will be 8hrs, weekend will be more than 12hrs
- Talking Room, support
- I'm a mod in my club, and there's no such for now
- cause i know now the rules and i ask it for few months in this game, i don't want to see the public chat still no mods in that way
- i agree to the rules and i read it all, i know it now
2016.08.25 at 01:42

ButchTheBully 96

I request that you make me a moderator because I have an in depth understanding of the law. I have experience as a chat moderator on a social network called Mxit... It runs to this day. The section "Question about game" doesn't have a curator. I'll happily curate this section. We currently have one active moderator and everyday I login and witness chat rules being broken and nobody receiving any punishment or a form of correction. I have applied previously and received recommendation from Wicked Witch who was a moderator.
please allow me to be a curator and keep the Public chat a safe place for all players.
2016.07.20 at 23:44

Segunation Alfa 45

- Oluwasegun Alfa, 22years old
- Nigeria
- atleast 8hours daily
- Any forum am given
- I was never a Moderator. Want to start being
a moderator here if given the chance.
- Me cause I like seeing things in order. Like
arrangements. Like justice and I love this
- Read some of the laws and Some moderator
tell me the laws too.
2016.07.09 at 21:54

tridarma2567 86

Sry 7) sure I know it
12345...12 >