Happy New Year

2014.12.30 at 17:12

Fanat 20

Dear players.


Administration of the game, wishes you a Happy New Year. First of all we want to thank you for being with us and are part of the game. Year after year, we are pleased to realize that life is running, everything changes, remains unchanged only that we are a big family. In our large family, there is a place for fun, communication, great victories, friendship and excitement. Let the next year, will make us richer friends, let them give more adventurous, positive, joy and happiness.
We wish you peace. Let each new day will bring you something good, then what will want to share with others. We wish in 2015, to enjoy life and let life pleases you.



- Removed the restriction on the purchase of fuel
- Double award in Hasher
- Discount on the download avatars

- Discounts will apply to the entire assortment of MK1 and VIP. visit the market!


We wish you a enjoyable game.

Team game «Angry Racer»

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2015.01.05 at 18:20

The Lucky 65

ahh it not gonna help me much
2015.01.05 at 13:54

Naga 95 16

Is very good
2015.01.05 at 11:06

bigstraycat69 115

Need to have sales more often
2015.01.01 at 23:06

crazy brains 100

Awesome! I just hope there's also a nice surprise like this for Easter,Ramadan,thanksgiving and christmas this year!
2014.12.31 at 08:51

David Trainer 11

2014.12.31 at 07:19

Drakken Joe 47

thank u sir
2014.12.30 at 22:51

First General1 44

2014.12.30 at 22:43

Poseidon 102

Sad new year
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