What to do here?

The game "Angry racer" offers you get used to the role of the driver of a new, cruel sport which appeared in our earth when the financial division of society reached its apogee. Living in the super modern skyscrapers and tasting all the pleasures of the world moneybags want entertainments. And the mired in crime and outrage impoverished population is ready to give them such entertainments. These are races to destruction. Races in which the main goal is to reach the finish line. At whatever the cost.


You are invited to become a one of the drivers who is ready for the cost of their blood earn a place under the sky. You will be able to buy and sell cars, select the unique combination of spares that will lead you to victory. You will gain experience and get new useful skills, leaving behind a pile of glowing iron on the road which once was your rivals. From the very bottom of the world you will be able to become the most famous and most indestructible racer in history.


How to get experience?

Experience in the game gained through injury of your enemies. Remember, even if you just finished the race and overtook the enemy you will not get the, only monetary reward.


How many levels in the game?

In total there are 105 levels in the game, but in the future this limit can grow.


What determines the outcome of the battle?

The outcome of the battle depends on a variety of stats. You can read more about all the stats in the library.


What is a hasher?

Hasher is one of the battle modes in "Angry racer". It's available from 5th level. Read full description of the Hasher in the library.


Where to get game currency? (Chips, credits, pents)

Chips are the main game currency, you can mainly get them in the battles. At the same time it isn't even necessarily to come first. Survive in the race and you'll get a penny, but it'll yours. If you are still afraid to join the race or accidentally sold the engine you should visit the "Volunteer", where your driver will be able to earn a little without risking his live.


You can also invite friends to share the game. You will get chips not only for the invitation itself, but also for the significant achievements of your friends. For example, you'll get much more for 10th level of your friend than for the invitation to 50(!) people.


Pents is a special currency which you can get for real money, it is also can be spent on unique items of wargear, car bodies and access to special features and services of the game.


And, finally, credits is a currency which you can get in the section "Job" or exchange in the exchanger.


What is the section "Friends"?

Friends are people who join the game at your invitation (ref.link).


What is the ammo?

Ammo are the items which improve your stats at the time of a battle and allow you to get an advantage over the enemy.


How to use the ammo?

Ammo are not used by default, you have to switch them in the garage at an ammunition depot. Do not buy powerful bullets before a simple battle!


What are the rewards for offline player during the battle?

Only the user who submitted the request for the battle will get the rewards. Player-defender doesn't get any rewards regardless of battle results.


What are the armor plates?

Armor plates add points to your strength and armor allowing you stay alive for longer. Armor plates can wear out over time, so do not forget look after them.


What is the Upgrading?

Upgrading allows you to be better, faster and stronger than your enemy with the same level even if he has the same wargear of the car.


What for improve the garage?

With expanded garage you can collect few cars for the quite different aims. Fast or armored? You do not have to make this choice, you will be able to keep both!


How to call another player on the battle?

There are two ways to find the enemy. First one, simplest, go to the section "Duel", choose the available type of battle: Equal or Death race and the system will choose for you a suitable opponent with close level.Second one, you can call the enemy by its nickname or attack him being on his page. The enemy can be chose on the speedway.


What is the "Reserve ammunition"?

In the section "Reserve ammunition" you can spend credits. Here you will see the ammo and totally unique armor plates!


What for to sell spares?

There are can be a lot of reasons, you may not have enough money to buy a more tough spare, you may need to free up space in the garage or, finally, the spare can be so obsolete that just will not be useful for you!


How to enlarge warehouse, garage?

Just go to the section "garage" and click on "Upgrading the garage". Expanding of the garage is divided in two types, First one increase place for the cars and the second one allows store more spares.


What for are necessary settings?

In the game settings you can specify your phone number, change the login of the character, save e-mail and more.


If you do not know what to do?

If you have some problem in the game or you have found a bug (game bug), please contact our technical support of the players on the forum.


What is Opera Mini?

This is a browser for mobile phones which is easier and faster than most standard browsers. opera.com/ru/mobile is the official site Opera for mobile devices. You can always download the latest version of browser here. Download only official versions of the Opera Mini and remember that not all Opera modes are safe!


How to remove the emphasizing of numbers (phone numbers) on Opera Mini?

Enter into your browser: opera:config. In the eighth paragraph choose: NO! And save!


How to clean cookies on Opera Mini?

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