Welcome to the world of "Angry racer". "Angry racer" world is a world of capitalism triumph. The world in which huge corporations are walking in golden slippers and fighting for influence and resources whereas the ordinary people are rusting on the edge of poverty. The world of "Angry racer" is a world of cruel, but lucrative sport which allows simple guys from the streets to survive and rise to tops of glory. World of battles to death.


You begin your way with meeting the Instructor. He will offer the player a few simple errands providing an introduction to the general principles of mechanics and game world, tell about the battles, cars, weapons, refueling, repair and much more. These initial tasks will help you get your first ammo, first experience and understanding of the game itself – it’s navigation and principles.


Once you’ll pass training tasks you are "On Your Own Four Wheels", you will decide what exactly to do and where to start your journey on the road by yourself. We would advise you read the navigation once more. It will help you not get confused in the future battles by finding necessary sections quickly and accurately.


The basis of the game are battles on the cars. As long as you do not have good and powerful car we would advise you to fight against weak and equal, they are safer for beginners. Keep in mind that in modes against strong enemies and in the hasher the battle most likely will go to destruction and only one will reach the finish line.


Always remember that and the car and the can be damaged. In this case the car needs to be repaired. A damaged car may lead you to the defeat in the battle even with the best equipment.


Remember about fuel. You will receive free fuel from the agents time to time, but also you can purchase it in limited quantities in the "Garage". The car without fuel will not be able to participate in the battle!


Ammo can improve stats of your car and help to defeat your enemies.


If you have any problems with money go to "Earnings". It is a place where you will always be able to earn some extra money.


Inviting new members to the game you'll receive an additional currency, the credits, which you can spend on the unique armor plates for your car or on the ammo.


* For the game we recommend Opera Mini browser for mobile phones with screen resolution 240x320, 176x220, etc. N.B. More suitable for players who play in the standard mobile networks in order to save Internet traffic.


** For the game we recommend browser Opera Mobile for smartphones based on Android and Symbian. With the screen resolution 320x480, 360x640, etc. Opera Mobile often used in Wi-Fi connection or in condition of unlimited mobile internet.


If you have any questions look «FAQ», that provides answers to frequently asked questions. Also you can ask your question on the forum in the "Support".