"Friends" is a section where you can invite new users to the game using a special and unique referral link. Also in this section you can find the statistics of invited people and profits from the invitations.


How to invite a friend?

Step 1: Go to the "Friends"

Step 2: Copy the entire link.

Link might look like this:

- on official site: http://aracer.mobi/?act=ref&id=2211

- on mgates: http://wroad.mgates.ru/?act=ref&id=2211

- on spaces: http://voindorog.spaces.ru/?act=ref&id=2211

- on pumpit: http://voindorog.pumpit.mmska.ru/?act=ref&id=2211


It's important: link should include your id=. Change the structure of link is prohibited, your referrals will not be counted.


Ways to attract

There are many ways to attract players to the game. Here are some of them:

- Share your referral link in social networks, messengers, email, etc.

- Place your referral link in the theme sites with large and medium attendance. If possible try to make a brief and informative description of the game.

- Place your referral link on the forums where you most frequently communicate.

- If you have a website the first thing you should do it’s place your referral link on it.


Forbidden to use unfair methods of attracting:

- to use spam;

- use tricks which impel to the registration on the Project (for example, offering non-existent discounts or gifts);

- use the program to benefit from SMS fraud, also it is forbidden use any methods of removing the organization money by fees in Projects;

- register yourself in the Projects as a referral.