Clubs are able to capture and hold the territories in the city. Territories bring to the club a variety of resources and provide a competitive advantage, but these territories can be taken by other clubs during the military confrontation!


The declaration of war is available only for players who have the authority of general, head and his deputy. 


If the club is represented by a player does not possess any sectors the player who entered this mode makes the choice of one of the proposed areas and selects one of the empty sectors. Then club controls the sector receiving all appropriate bonuses. 


If there are no empty sectors in this area (not occupied by other clubs) the player chooses one of the occupied sectors at the edge of the area by clicking on it, then he can declare war to the club-owner. 


After the declaration of war is measured 15 min., All club members receive a notification with a proposal to participate in the war. Consent leads to joining of the player to the future battle. Clan that owns the territories receives a message about the attack and can stand to defend his territories.


At the end of the battle the winning side replenishes the strength and life to the max, the losing side loses the strength and life to zero. If the attackers win the sector comes under their control. If the defenders win nothing changes.


Also: Only the sector of the region in which the clan has a sector can be selected for the attack. Can be selected only the sector which is vertically or horizontally adjacent to the sector of the club.


The sector cannot be captured even in case of victory if the limit of club sectors is reached. If the limit of club sectors is reached the club can still attacks the adjacent sectors. The club cannot declare more than one attack at a time. Sector cannot be attacked by more than one club at a time. If the sector is taken from the enemy, but cannot be attached to the club (not enough control) the sector becomes drawish.