The tournament is a separate game mode. Anyone can apply for participation in the tournament during the week, the very same event takes place every week.

Participation in the tournament does not consume fuel. Fee for participation is 10 pents. Any participant in the tournament at the time of his participation in the tournament (before departure from it or end of the tournament) is not able to participate in other battle modes, but can work. 

None of the participants in the tournament is unable to withdraw from it if a tournament has already begun. The tournament is considered failed when the amount of applications is less than 8, all players receive their contributions back.


The course of the tournament

The tournament is divided into stages, number of stages depends on the number of players who have filed an application. Before the start of the first stage  the strength of all who submitted an application to participate is replenishing to the maximum level. The stages take place every 15 minutes. In each stage all participants are split into pairs, the stage has a number of battles in three steps with the winner in each battle.

In the interval between the stages players can activate or deactivate ammo, purchase services, repair, change the wargear, but cannot change the car. Upon completion of the stage there are also available a number of unique bonuses for the player, to participate in the next stage.


Rewards during the tournament

For win / loss in stage the player gets/lost:

-  rating according to rules of the duel;

-  experience according to the rules of the duel;

-  chips are not lost and are not purchased;


Players receive for winning the tournament:

- first place 50% of the total fee for participation in the tournament and 100 of rating

- second place 30% of the total fee for participation in the tournament and 50 of rating

- third place 15% of the total fee for participation in the tournament and 25 of rating


Reward may not be less than 1 pent. In the case of fractional values round off is performed according to the laws of mathematics.


Too high level

If a player raises his level to a value exceeding allowable for the tournament at the time of application after filing the application to the tournament - his application is automatically removed and the bet is returned.