Megalopolis is a special game mode where the player can travel, fight against bots and produce a special resource,  the genomegenome. Megalopolis is divided into districts. A player cannot participate in two or more districts of this mode at the same time.


Each game district consists of a grid of 5 by 5 cells. When you selecting a mode you start in any cell in the corner of the grid and can move to any neighborhood with it either horizontally or vertically cell.


Movement is performed by pressing the buttons northwestsouth and east. To move from one sector to another you should spent 1l. of fuel. Moving takes 1 minute.


Each cell contains an arbitrary list of various events, mini-quests, with different probabilities of occurrence in a cell. Each cell randomly selects one or more of the events no more frequently than once every 180 minutes when the player moves to it. It means that if the player has already activated the EVENT in the cell, then there are nothing will be emerges for the next three hours.


The player can activate the event by pressing his name. After clicking you can see the avatar, event description, stats of the enemy and the bottom "fight".


Also, the player can return to the event list and choose another one if there were generated several events in the sector. Activation of event leading to the battle with the bot. If in the cell were activated several events the player can choose which one to activate first by clicking on the appropriate one. If a player loses as a result of event he leaves the area.


If the player wins in case of event activation he also has a chance to drop the genomegenome. Also keep in mind that the closer player is to the center of the district the more dangerous opponents he can meet!