Leagues are a separate game mode. Access to the league is available from the 7 level.

Leagues are divided into: Top league, First league, Second league, Third league and Junior league, 1,000 positions each.


Each player is automatically set to 1000 position of the appropriate league:

- of the junior league, if he had just started the game;

- of the other one, if he became a senior player of the previous league.


The rest positions may be assigned to other players or bots, or be "empty". The player who takes the first position of any league (except Top league) automatically moves to the 1000th position of the next league.


In any league, eliminating 1000th positions, player moving up on positions gets the highest "empty" position of the available between it and the next occupied position, or the position of the defeated enemy.


For each victory in the league a player beats out one random resource - chemicalschemical, compositescomposite, devicesdevice. For each victory in the league player gets 25 experience.


Destruction of bots in the league is not awarded by rating or money, but is awarded by the experience. In the battles of league players lose strength or chips during the attack on them. In the battles of league the same player can be attacked an unlimited number of times. In the battles of league player gets only the rating, but does not receive chips or resources during the attack on him. The battle has the similar rules as in the duel. There are no restrictions for players with different levels in the league, any level can attack and be attacked by any other level.


At the battle of the league you have to spent 10 liters of fuel.