To all users:

The forum and chat use the common courtesy that socially accepted. Forums and Chat are public places. What is rude to say and do in public places is prohibited in Forums and Chat.


Also prohibited:

- Offensive remarks about other people, baiting people.

- Incitement and provocation of arguments, quarrels, swearing, hitting and so forth.

- Pointless flood, when a person is constantly noted across all topics pointlessly and not funny.

- Talks in other language than English in Chat and in public forum topics. Exception: special topics in Common forum dedicated to players locality.

- Publishing in posts, avatars, signatures, images and texts of porn, violence, BDSM and just pictures evoke strong negative emotions.

- Promotion of violence, fascism, inciting ethnic hatred.

- Promotion of and stories about all drugs in any form.

- Create nicknames that duplicate existing users (when a user creates an account with the nickname similiar to the nickname of another user).

- Create nicknames with name or with a hint of the famous and well-known people, nicknames with abusive or simply rude words or hints of harsh words.

- Creating multiple accounts for trade in the trade-sections.

- Publication of referral links.

- Publication of materials and links related to the cracks, warez, bots, exploits and other things that can be attributed to foul play or violate the rights of the players and the developers/publishers of the game and other software, or that violates existing law.

- Commercial advertising and acts contrary to the interests of developers, administrators and advertisers.

- Postings in very old threads are not welcome. Senseless postings in more than one old topics at the same time is forbidden. Strictly prohibited posting in old news sections. Raising an old topic in order to ask meaningful questions on the topic of discussion permitted.


In case of violation a system of warnings and bans is applied.


If banned visitor creates a new account, it may be banned without any notification, and all posts from the new account can be deleted.


About moderators:

Administration and moderators watches the order in forums.



- Publicly discuss the actions of moderators and/or administration, argue with moderator in the topic;

Note: If the moderator is involved in the discussion along with all visitors, then argueing with him in a particular subject is allowed.

- Directly or veiledly insult moderators/administration;

- Discuss actions of suspended (banned) users who currently unable to answer;

- Post messages on behalf of the banned users.


If you are dissatisfied with the actions of moderators - write a message to the support


Moderators are not allowed to:

- Moderate themes in which they themselves take part in the discussion;

- Clarification: This is about "hot" topics in which the moderator spoke at one or another side.

- Intervene in the life of clans (clan forums) without permission of the clan leader.

Moderators are allowed to:

- Close any topic if they believe that further development of the subject cannot lead to anything other than abuse;

- Issue warnings to users who do not comply with the forum rules, ban users, when a warning to that is not enough.