Play Angry Racer online and crash the real rivals

Are you a diehard gamer? Do you use every minute to spend it in your favorite game? Do you always look forward to new game releases? Than you must try Angry Racer online game, a new hit with and old style interface that will bring you in the world of unprecedentedly violent racing with an option to use cheats in the game. Go for Angry racer and experience a breathtaking adrenalin rush with numerous opponents to defeat and races to win. This online game provides an option to select the weapon which best suits you.


Choose your victorious racing car and go for the most outrageous racing event in the history of online games. After a rampant race you can spend your money upgrading your car that to make it invincible. Share your ideas and impressions with other gamers on the forum or the chat. Go for a fair play or, otherwise, try cheats – it’s up to you. Enjoy the game in any case. Angry racer online game is designed to liven up your daily routine with some fun and excitement. Hang on for a while and hook on the game. Join us!

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