Transform your body with easy-to-follow, weekly workouts, professionally developed diet plan including weekly newsletters with shopping lists, motivation and. Get [email protected] in Shape MSS with the Belly Off Plan! Guaranteed results! Sign up today and get. • week workout plans developed by professional trainers. I've been big for years. As a pound year-old, I'd hear my classmates call me "Cheeseburger." My oversized eating habits continued.

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Quick Preview Download PDF It's not some new exercise contraption or magic pill or trendy fad diet. Now, for the first time, the six weight loss strategies that more than , men and women in the Belly Off! Club have used to get back . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jeff Csatari has been reporting and writing on health and The Belly Off! Diet - Kindle edition by Jeff Csatari. Download it. Guaranteed results! Sign up today and get • week workout plans developed by professional trainers. • 12 weeks of meal plans, including complete.

The answer is what I want you to keep with you and remember every day. So when you think about having a cake or a glass of wine, please remember this will only add to your fat calories. Know What You're Eating Only by understanding what food does to your body can you begin to change it. I'm not talking about becoming a nutritionist and know how many calories are in a gram of protein, but a person should know the difference between what is a protein and what is a carbohydrate. When you know this, it's a lot easier to make healthy food choices. The best sources of protein come from animal sources, so animals had eyes hence animal source is primarily protein and fat but we won't go into detail with that now. So any type of meat, eggs, cheese, milk. All of these came from animals so they will have a high protein content. Carbohydrates are foods which you didn't get from animal, things that were grown from the ground or from trees, hence no eyes. There are vegetable sources high in protein which are ideal for vegetarians. Here is a list of 10 good sources of vegetable protein: Now when you go shopping and are looking to limit carbohydrates, especially ones high in sugar, it makes your decision making a lot easier. Knowing the basics of what group a food is from helps the fat burning process as you would find yourself cutting out foods you thought were good for you but turned out to be adding to your fat stores. Keep A Food Diary If you can find the time, and I highly recommend you do, start to write down what you eat into a food diary you can easily Google food diary template to find one you can print off. Having the food and drink you have consumed over a seven day period in front of your eyes makes it so much clearer to see what is going in your body.


This may be the simplest way to eliminate empty-calorie junk foods from your diet. The list of products to pass up includes white bread and other baked goods , soda, candy, and potato chips. These foods are loaded with fast-absorbing carbs that raise your blood sugar quickly.

A sugar spike is typically followed by a crash, which can leave you feeling sluggish and hungry—a detrimental combination for any diet. So try to avoid products that contain sugar in any form sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, or cane syrup and refined flour.

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If it doesn't start with the word "whole," as in whole wheat, cut it out. Eat Protein, Good Fats, and Fiber Ninety-three percent now eat more protein, healthy fats, and fiber-rich produce and whole grains. This is the balanced diet you're looking for. Protein fills you up while you're eating and provides the raw material to help you maintain and build muscle. Fat tastes good and keeps you satisfied for hours after a meal. And fiber, which is also filling, slows down the absorption of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, so you'll have energy all day long.

The final part of the picture: Vegetables and fruits are low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with healthful antioxidants. Eat Breakfast Every Day Seventy-five percent eat breakfast every day.

In the morning, you have an entire day's worth of activity to fuel. After dinner, you lie motionless for 8 hours. You don't have to be a nutrition scientist to understand why you should eat big right after you rise.

In fact, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University found that dieters who regularly ate a protein-rich, calorie breakfast lost significantly more weight in 8 months than those who consumed only calories and a quarter of the protein. Turns out, the big-breakfast eaters, who lost an average of 40 pounds each during the study, had an easier time sticking with the diet even though both groups took in similar daily calories.

Lift at Least 3 Days a Week Ninety percent hit the weights at least 3 days a week.

Pumping iron vigorously not only burns calories but also can boost your metabolism for almost 2 days afterward, research shows. Without going into detail here, there are many different programs you can do in the gym, from doing whole body to training body parts, but the main point to take away is to start to add a weight program to your weekly gym routine as often as you can, and make sure every rep you do you push yourself and don't just stop early, and make sure you do enough sets, not just one set of each exercise and go home after 20 minutes.

Protein Shakes For Snacks Everyone struggles with this one, what to eat when you're out. If you're out up town, going on a car journey, or have just finished training at the gym and need something healthy to eat, it can be difficult.

Protein drinks are a very good way of feeding the body with what it needs, especially useful after a training session or when out and about as they are convenient enough to store in a small bag.

There are two kinds of shakes you can choose from depending on what you training goals are. You have protein shakes, these are extremely low in carbohydrates and are ideal for weight loss. Then you have the ones loaded with carbohydrates which are suited for people for people looking to gain weight.

These you will want to avoid if you really want to lose fat. There are many brands of protein shakes, some offer high quality products, some are a little poor of quality, so finding one with natural ingredients that provide everything you need is key.

You should look for protein that is from a good vegetable source like pea, chick pea or hemp, and make sure it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians for quality purposes, contain fibre and limited sugar of course.

Also Gluten free if you can find one? It's difficult to find a product that has everything needed in one, so you can Google protein shakes and check the reviews. Limit The Rubbish This is where most of your fat calories come from, the foods and drinks that give absolutely nothing to the body apart from excessive sugar and weight gain. I know a lot of people with a sweet tooth, I have one myself, and know when you get a sugar craving it's hard to say no.

But that's what makes the difference.

Again it comes down to a choice. Do I let my taste buds control my food choices? Yes it is fine to have the things we enjoy, but in moderation.

I have seen many a diet where people believe moderation is one glass of wine a night instead of a bottle, or not having mayonnaise on their burger. If this is how you think you're going to lose weight then you're in for some disappointment.

In short. All you need to do is read on. Here we provide you with exactly what you need when the urge to snack strikes. Simply by picking up this guide. Learn from their hard-earned lessons. Right now.

7-Day Flat-Belly Meal Plan

Part 3: Ramp Up Your Workouts is where the fun starts. This guide is loaded with the latest research to help you obliter- ate your bad habits.

You want motivation. In Part 1: Join the Belly Off!

This Belly Off! Guide offers you motivation.

The structure of this guide is simple but powerful. Part 2: Lose Your Gut! Prep Dirty Phase 1: Sizzle and Chisel. Meet the Belly Off!

All-Stars Need some inspiration for your fitness comeback? Start with these guys.

Learn from their lessons.. But they all have one thing in common: The nine men on these pages are just like you: Flag for inappropriate content.

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