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Direct Marketing Ebook

If K is your marketplace, then download the free white paper Direct Marketing to K Education: A Review. If you're looking for more help and guidance with your own direct mail campaigns , check out my three ebooks covering the fundamentals of direct marketing. Direct Mail is here to stay. With the recent re-birth of printed communication, due to both, new print technologies and the ability of digital print to provide true.

Happy landings for real estate pros Direct marketing on the Web For many real estate pros, the most effective response devices are offers directing prospects to agent websites. Many prospects who see your offer will not be ready to pick up the phone and call you. For those people, having the option to learn more about you before deciding to make contact is critical. The issue for many agents is a disconnect between a very specic offer and a very general website. Because many agents dont have the time or technical resources to create offer pages, or landing pages, site visitors are often directed to a home page and must navigate through the site to nd the promised offer. The issue is that very few site visitors have the time or patience to nd their way through your website. The result is a high bounce rate, the percentage of visitors who arrive at your site, fail to nd something compelling and quickly click off. Here are some ways to make direct respondents feel welcome on your website: If your postcard, for example, is sending respondents to your website, try repeating the offer, including the headline and key phrases, on the landing page.

In the years from to the first compulsory lecture about direct marketing for the eighth semester in business management at the University of Pforzheim took place. The computer technologies caught on more and more, until the chain printers were replaced by laser printers and so the drawing up of advertising letters got faster. In this decade also the companies in the business-to-business sector developed the use of direct marketing for themselves.

The media telephone, TV, internet and email have been used stronger and stronger since the nineties. Out of this the "Multi Channel Marketing" was developed. Nowadays, in the 21rst Century, the direct marketing enjoys a big popularity and represents an important factor for all kinds of companies, as well as for all households.

To reach that, it uses the instruments of mass advertising, like commercials, posters, advertisements, and so on.

All marketing campaigns are focused on the customer. Examples are mailings, telephone marketing and newsletters. These instruments will later be explained in detail.

Part of Two E-Books: “Re-Think your Content Marketing” and “Direct Marketing”

On closer examination of the flow of information the distinction is getting cleaner. The direct marketing in contrast to the classical marketing has mutual flow of information, therefore a kind of dialog. This means that the customer has the possibility to get in contact with the company every time. With the classical marketing the target market or the target group can not be determined exactly, the preferences of the customer, as well the customer himself, are unknown.

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Additionally the advertising success is hardly measurable and the reactions follow with a big lost of time. A concrete example for the indefinite target group is a commercial on RTL while "Who is becoming a millionaire" is shown.

Young and old, poor and rich, everyone is sitting in front of TV. No matter which product is promoted, there is always a big group of watchers, who do not count to the target group of this product. The reactions caused by a commercial are difficult to determine, because they can just be suspected by the sales numbers.

There is also no direct contact to the customer, which could give information about what the customer likes. Companies in the business-to-business sector would not have much use of commercials, posters or something like that, because they would have to accept too much scattering losses. To avoid these problems the direct marketing offers the right solution trial.

It addresses directly a before selected target group and stands in an interaction with the customer. Repeating the offer also quickly orients readers and assures them that they are in the right place so they can continue on to your offer.

Ensure text and images are complementary.

It seems obvious, but many direct marketing pieces contain images that dont ex- plain or illustrate the offer. If youre using a strong photo to capture peoples attention on your postcard or sales letter, try using PAGE 9 the same or a similar one on your offer page. Real estate is a highly visual medium, so its surprising to see so many listings with low-quality images or with no photos at all.

Dont skimp One offer per page is best. The reason its not good to send prospects who respond to your offer to your home page is decision paralysis. Your home page probably has numerous images, links and options for visitors to choose from.

They may follow another path and forget about your offer.

Its more effective to send visitors to a single-purpose landing page and make it as easy as possible for them to accept your offer. KISS Keep it short and simple. The purpose of the landing page may be to have readers sign up to receive your email news- letter.

If your offer is about your newsletter, explain the benets of receiving the newsletter and move quick toward the goal of collecting a name and email address.

Establishing an ongoing relationship with a prospect at this point is more important than listing your other services, awards and community service. Asking visitors for information causes anxiety, even for free offers. As a general rule, only ask for the information thats necessary to complete your transaction. If your offer is to receive a report on neighborhood schools via email, dont make address and phone number elds mandatory.

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If youre offering a free instant home valuation, you will need the address make the information you request appropriate to your offer. Remember to keep text to a minimum on landing pages. This will contain your tracking information All our estimates are based on business days and assume that shipping and delivery don't occur on holidays and weekends.

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