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Title HTML5 for Web Designers; Author(s) Jeremy Keith; Publisher: A Book Apart Formats: HTML, PDF, ePub; Language: English; ISBN/ASIN: Jeremy Keith's HTML5 for Web Designers is now available as an epub at books. If you bought the paperback, watch your inbox. Books and web designers, how are they even related? cool to talk about HTML5 and CSS3, but you cannot use any of that in an EPUB book.

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Html5 For Web Designers Epub

/r/web_design is the place for exploration and discovery of all things web design, development and the life cycle of the web designer. 年8月31日 Just downloadd HTML5 FOR WEB DESIGNERS ePub version with 50% discount. 买过paperback 又忍不住买了电子版本. Sent from my iPad. Tags · via mail · via mobile · Nexus One · A Book Apart · HTML5 for Web Designers · Jeremy Keith · iPad · ePub · iBook · outdoor.

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After a history of the evolution of HTML, Keith moves to information about how particular aspects of HTML5 originated or were selected, before progressing to a chapter on the semantics of the language.

If I go on about this book much longer, I'll make it sound boring, and it's really quite a light read. Go check it out!

Based on this, my quick review. The book is a slim 86 pages. Given the amount of detail in the HTML5 spec, this may seem lightweight.

And in fact the author does spend the first 2 of only 6 chapters discussing the history and process behind the creation of this spec - which further unsettled me. I see this book as an HTML5 buffet table. You can get a quick taste of all the different flavors and features that make the spec so compelling to web designers -- and then given sufficient tools and pointers for those who want a vertical 'dinner' on the aspects of primary interest.

HTML5 for Web Designers

The key takeways for me: HTML5 favors practice over theory and, as the author puts it, "paves the cowpaths" rather than trying to forge a new road that will require a new learning curve from web designers.

Transparency tops lock-in. This should make rich media content easier to search, index and manipulate by not only making semantics visible but making every interaction with that content observable to the application. Adoption is quite risk-free.

Just purchased HTML5 FOR WEB DESIGNERS ePub version with 5… | Flickr

While browser support is not yet ubiquitous, the author explains a few ways in which designers can get to evolve their web applications while still playing nice with browsers that are yet to catch up.

Summary: Loved the buffet. Now going in search of a week long series of dinners. The only new things I actually learned is that the anchor element can now act as a block-level element, some new form features, the function of the "scoped" attribute, and the new content models.

41 Free HTML And CSS Books

Authors are attempting to self-publish e-books, and realise they need HTML expertise to do so. With your superior HTML knowledge you would have a great opportunity to win authors as clients.

Most e-books today are created by automated tools which are, at best, tag soup generators with no concern for design. My guess is publishers who consistently output great e-book designs would do much better in the marketplace.

Just purchased HTML5 FOR WEB DESIGNERS ePub version with 50% discount

How do I get started? There are several resources for creating an EPUB book though.

Read this in-depth tutorial on creating an EPUB book registration required. For a light read, read this article on the different methods of automating the creation of an EPUB book. EPUB is an open format but no new version of the specifications have been released since one of them is dated XHTML format has, since then, become extinct too.

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