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Days of Gold. Home · Days of Gold Author: Jude Deveraux Holidays, Salad Days, Days Of Moldy Mayonnaise · Read more. 5ABCAEECEF8DAE8D4FEEF6. Days Of Gold Edilean 2. Want to receive Jude Deveraux's newsletter in your inbox? Email. Yes, send me emails!. Get Free Read & Download Files Days Of Gold Edilean 2 Jude Deveraux PDF. DAYS OF GOLD EDILEAN 2 JUDE DEVERAUX. Download: Days Of Gold.

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Jude Deveraux Days Of Gold Pdf

Days of Gold (Edilean #2)(26) Jude Deveraux Once she was nude, he couldn't Download Days of Gold (Edilean, #2) by Jude Deveraux Pdf Book ePub. Days Of Gold By Jude Deveraux - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. download file free pdf scarlet nights edilean 3 jude deveraux pdf you are looking for a ebook by jude deveraux days of gold (edilean) in pdf.

Jude Gilliam was born September 20, in Fairdale, Kentucky. She has a large extended family, and is the elder sister of four brothers. She attended Murray State University and received a degree in Art. In , Jude married and took her husband's surname of White, but four years later they divorced. For years, she worked as 5th-grade teacher. She began writing in and her first book, The Enchanted land was published in as Jude Deveraux. Following the publication of her first novel, she resigned her teaching position. Now, she is the author of thirty-one New York Times bestsellers. Jude won readers' hearts with the epic Velvet series, which revolves around the lives of the Montgomery family's irresistible men. Jude's early books are set largely in 15th- and 16th-century England, in which her fierce, impassioned protagonists find themselves in the midst of blood feuds and wars.

If it had been up to him, he would have taken her back to Scotland and lived in that tumbling-down old castle. But that would have made her miserable.

They both needed the time apart. And I wanted an excuse for Shamus, Tam, and Malcolm to return to the story. Which would you recommend reading first in the Edilean series? They are stand-alone books.

Days of Gold

Are you working on another book in the series? If so, what period will it be in?

If not, what period would you like to write about next? Lang was a good guy or a bad one. I plan to write lots more Edilean books as I really and truly like these people and I want to find out more about them. Do you feel the women in the story transcend how men perceive them?

Was there any sort of historical reference for the Bound Girls? It always astonishes me that people think the generation before them were chattels to men and never did anything in the way of business.

It is so ridiculous! Yes, more women stayed home in the past, but they also ran companies. This story is one of personal evolutions.

Have they met somewhere in the middle, or simply learned to accept each other for what they are? The big change was that Angus and Edilean had to learn about each other. He was a bit of a snob, really. As for Edilean, she thought she was useless, and needed to find out that she could do something other than host a tea party.

Days of Gold • Jude Deveraux

She needed to transcend her own wealth and beauty. Shamus, Malcolm, Tam, and Angus all end up in different locales with their respective women by the end of the story. Which is the greater bond: love or clan? Shamus, Tam, and Angus stayed in Edilean and founded the families of the town.

Only Malcolm returned to Scotland. The clan stays together out of love. In a way, the clan moved to Edilean. Do you do any of your own art while writing? My university degree is in art and, yes, I do a lot of drawing for all my books. I have a big drafting table set up in a spare bedroom and I cover it with maps and house plans and sketches that I use in the books.

Also, I truly love architecture so that plays a big part in all my books. Are there secrets still yet to be discovered? Which was your favorite character to write? And will Edilean ever see Morag again? I really liked Shamus and Prudence. I was so glad those two misfits found each other.

That Prudence, whose father was an earl, would marry a nobody like Shamus said a lot about her. I loved the way at the end that Shamus told Edilean the truth, that he would have stolen her gold—and that he never planned to be nice to Angus.

As for Morag, she stayed in Scotland and I think she was too old to be a continuing character. Order the Book. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Jan Hardcover Jul Paperback. Edilean - 2. download from our partners. Jude Deveraux sweeps readers away in her second Edilean novel, a dazzling tale brimming with passion, humor, exquisite historical detail, and pulse-pounding adventure! Scotland, The laird of the clan, Angus McTern, has everything he wants in life.

That is, until he is captivated by Edilean Talbot. Breathtakingly beautiful and born of privilege.

Days of Gold

Edilean represents everything Angus despises. Still, she dazzles him, and when Angus can no longer hide his feelings, she rejects him, leaving him deeply wounded and humiliated. But when Edilean needs his help to reclaim the gold she inherited from her father, her haunting beauty -- and her tears -- convince him to put aside his pride. However, when Angus tries to intervene, he is accused of kidnapping and theft.

To avoid being prosecuted, he must escape with Edilean to America.

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