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03 Kunci Bedah Skl b Inggris Januari by RahmiDamanik. Kunci Dan Pembahasan Detik-Detik UN SMA Bahasa Inggris Uploaded by RahmiDamanik All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. [pdf] kpi examples doc buku un untuk smp buku soal un usbn sma ips untuk lulus tidak akan un sma - fisika - zenius - un sma ipa fisika, soal doc. name: kecepatan 10 m.s satu detik kemudian dari titik yang sama bola b. Detik Un Smp Mts Intan Pariwara Kulak Buku kunci jawaban ucun tahap 2 smp/mts (paket a) mata - kunci 48 x 1 4 = buah. soal ujian nasional un sma beserta pembahasan - buku detik-detik ujian.

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Kunci Detik Detik Un Sma 2016 Pdf

intan pariwara sat, 02 mar gmt intan pariwara pdf - jam kunci jawaban detik detik un matematika intan pariwara kunci kelas xi intan pariwara pembahasan kunci. matematika kelas 11 sma. . School Math With Pizzazz Book D 35, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project Beginner To Expert 10 Udemy. UN SMA - dokument [*.pdf] D i s t r i b u t e d b y w w w. i T a p u i h. UJIAN NASIONAL Tahun Pelajaran / Bahasa Inggris SMA (Jurusan Kunci dan Pembahasan Detik-Detik UN Matematika SMA berisi 10 file pdf kunci dan pembahasan soal un smk matematika jurusan detik ujian nasional sma - soal ujian semester prakarya.

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I admired her a good and noble woman. Her death must be a terrible grief to your father too. Please assure him of my sincere sympathy. Words, I know, are poor comforters. However, it is not mere words when I say that I feel with you in your sorrow. What is the possible relation between the sender and the recipient? Relatives B.

Employers C. Friends D. Siblings E. Employees From the letter we know that Fred's mother not ill before her death. Jack sent letter to Fred several weeks ago.

Jack was very sorrowful to send the letter to his mother. Jack had known Fred's mother before. Fred is the only child in his family. Real B. Caring C. Generous D. Honest E. Curious The following text is for questions 23 to If someone is having a nose bleed, your priority is to control the bleeding and keep their airway open.

Get them to sit down not lie down as keeping the nose above the heart will reduce bleeding. Get them to lean forward not backwards , to make sure the blood drains out through their pause every ten minutes, until the bleeding stops.

Encourage them not to speak, swallow, cough, spit or sniff because this may break blood clots that may have started to form in the nose.

If the bleeding is severe, or if it lasts more than 30 minutes, call for medical help. What is the purpose of the text? To inform the readers the methods to help nose bleeding patients. To report the procedural steps in helping nose bleeding patients.

To illustrate the preventive methods of nose bleeding. To provide instant help for nose bleeding patients. To describe the control methods of nose bleeding. The text is mostly useful in a condition When the bleeding cannot be controlled B.

When the patient's airway is blocked C. When the nose bleed occurs regularly D. When the nose bleed just accured E. When the patients keep coughing In case of nose bleeding, if person speaks, Travel B.


Portray C. Remark D. Stream E. Proceed The following text is for questions 27 to A kangaroo is an animal found only in Australia. It has a small relative called a wallaby, that lives in Tasmania and New Guinea. Kangaroos eat grass and plants. They have short front legs, long and strong back legs and a tail.

These are used to sit up and jump. Kangaroos are well known for their 8-meter forward jumps and more than 3-meters high leap across fences.

They can also run at the speed of over 45 kilometers per hour. Adult kangaroos grow to a meter in length and 90 kilos in weight. Kangaroos are marsupials. This means that the female kangaroo has an external pouch on the front of her body.

The baby kangaroo is very tiny when it was born.

Kunci Dan Pembahasan Detik-Detik UN SMA Bahasa Inggris 2018

To inform Kangaroo's uniqueness. To report the features of Kangaroo. To encourage Kangaroo's preservation. To describe how a Kangaroo looks like. To raise awareness of Kangaroo's special status. We can conclude from the text that The largest kangaroos are the males B. The male kangaroos do not have pouch C. Kangaroos only eat grass and plants that grow in Australia D.

Tasmania's and New Guinea's wallabies are different in size E. The new born kangaroo is Also skillful in jumping and leaping Which of these statements is contrary to the fact?

Kangaroos are not carnivorous. Kangaroo is native animal of Australia. All wallabies are of smaller size than Kangaroos. All marsupial females have pouch on the front of their body.

Baby Kangaroos leave their mother's pouch at the age of five months. Look at the underlined word pouch. Which of the following words is closest in meaning to it? Saving B. Purse C. Compartment D. Pocket E. Holding The following text is for questions 31 to We know that mobile communications are linked to a significant increase in distracted driving which results in injury and loss of life.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted. Eleven percent of drivers aged 18 to 20 who were involved in an automobile accident and survived admitted they were sending or receiving texts when they crashed.

Distracted driving endangers life and property and the current levels of injury and loss are unacceptable. What is the main idea of the passage? The warning of texting and driving. The debatable issue of texting and driving. The involvement of mobile devices while driving. The risks of texting while driving. The consequences of not paying attention traffic. What does the passage tell us about the writer's opinion on the issue at hand?

Text messaging creates more risk than undistracted driving.

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Mobile communication doesn't have relation with accident. Many people lost their live because of injury. Distracted driving is still safe for the drivers. Only adult drivers involved in the accident.

From the text, we know that The mobile phone should be banned in the street. Distracted driving makes accident more rarely to happen. Most of the accident caused by the condition of the road. Drivers involved in car accidents admitted they were texting when they crashed. Distracted driving endangers life And E. Yet The following text is for questions 35 to Galileo Galilei — Astronomer and Scientist. Galileo developed a superior telescope and made many significant discoveries in astronomy.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the inquisition for his support for the Copernican theory that the sun was at the centre of the solar system. Galileo was born in Florence, Italy in to a poor but noble family His parents recognized their child's innate intelligence and talents and so made sacrifices to have him educated.

At his father's insistence, Galileo studied the profitable career of medicine. But, at the University of Pisa, Galileo became fascinated in a wide range of subjects.

He was also critical of many of Aristotle's teaching which had dominated education for the past 2, years. Galileo was appointed to be a mathematics professor at the University of Pisa, but his strident criticisms of Aristotle left him isolated among his contemporaries.

After three years of persecution, he resigned and went to the University of Padua, where he taught maths. His entertaining lectures attracted a large following and he was able to spend the next 18 years pursuing his interests in astronomy and mechanics. Something that we can learn from Galileo Galilei's biography is We must always believe whatever the society believes to avoid getting persecuted.

We must never go against the believe of the society to avoid getting imprisoned. We should believe in something and stay faithful to it no matter how hard. We must sacrifice everything to get ourselves educated. We should spend 18 years to pursue our interests. From the fact that Galileo Galilei was imprisoned for supporting the Copernican theory, which later was proven to be true, we know that Galileo Galilei was Reckless B.

Stubborn C. Tenacious D. Arrogant E. According to the biography, why did Galileo Galilei resign from his teaching job at the University of Pisa? He had attracted many followers. He was persecuted for three years. He was appointed as a mathematics professor. He had a better offer from the University of Padua.

Kunci Detik 2017 Mat IPS 2

He wanted to pursue his interests in astronomy and mechanics. Acquired B. Ingenious C. Multiple D. Inborn E. Strident The following text is for question 39 to A tsunami is a series of ocean waves that sends surges of water, sometimes reaching heights of over feet These walls of water can cause widespread destruction when they crash ashore.

In writing this final project, the writer conducts to activities. The first is library activities, the writer select some books which give information, or supporting data for reference. Then the second is field activity, it is used to collect the data. From the result of the analysis the test there are validities of this test are good in face validity, good in content validity and good in construct validity.

The reliability of the test is 0. In the term of difficulty level this item categorized as easy item because the mean is There are 2 difficult items, 19 desirable items, and 29 easy items. From the point of view of discrimination power, it can be concluded as good because the mean of the discrimination power is There are 10 excellent items, 38 good items and 2 satisfactory items.

Based on the result above, the writer would like to offer some suggestions. First, the constructor of the test should be aware the characteristic of good test, especially in determine difficulty levels and discrimination power.

Second, items that still can be used should be revised and save.


Finally, the writer hopes that the result of this item analysis could be used as an example in analyzing other test item and encourages teacher to make good English test. Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris.

Pembimbing: 1 Drs. Tes Tryout Bahasa Inggris yang baik akan membantu siswa mempelajari bahasa dengan mengarahkan mereka belajar keras, menekankan tujuan pembelajaran dan juga menunjukkan pada siswa bagian-bagian dari materi yang perlu mereka dalami.

Sebuah tes yang dibuat untuk mengukur kemampuan siswa harus memenuhi persyaratan sebagai tes yang baik seperti validitas dan reliabilitas. Ada beberapa faktor yang mempengaruhi dalam penyusunan tes yang baik. Diantaranya adalah tingkat relevansi, keseimbangan, keefisienan, kespesifikan, kesukaran, daya pembeda, variabilitas dan reliabilitas. Tujuan dari penelitian ini untuk memberikan gambaran objektif berkaitan dengan struktur item tes yang baik.

Desain penelitian ini adalah diskriptif kualitatif. Metode yang penulis gunakan untuk mengolah data pada penelitian ini adalah pendekatan kualitatif dan kuantitatif. Dalam penulisan tugas akhir ini, penulis melakukan beberapa kegiatan.

Pertama penulis melakukan kegiatan kepustakaan untuk memilah-milah buku yang dijadikan sumber referensi untuk mendukung data yang digunakan. Kedua penulis melakukan penelitian lapangan, hal ini dilakukan penulis dalam rangka memperoleh data. Hasil dan kesimpulan dari analisis menunjukkan bahwa validitas dari tes ini adalah baik di validitas perwajahan, baik di validitas isi, dan baik di validitas konstruk,.

Reliabilitas dari tes ini adalah 0. Tingkat kesulitan dites ini adalah mudah karena memiliki nilai rata-rata Terdapat 2 item sulit, 19 item sedang dan 29 item mudah. Daya pembeda dites ini dikategorikan bagus karena memiliki nilai rata-rata Terdapat 10 item sempurna, 38 item baik dan 2 item sedang.

Berdasarkan hasil yang telah diperoleh, penulis memberikan saran untuk penelitian ini. Pertama untuk para penyusun item tes harus lebih memperhatikan karakteristik tes yang baik.