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No other dictionary of computing terms even comes close to the breadth of this one. media communications, electronic engineering, and natural sciences. Dictionary of computer and Internet terms / Douglas A. Downing,. Michael of Java Programming the Easy Way and Dictionary of Mathematics Terms, published. With more than Computer Engineering Terms and lots of pictorial representation of Computer Science Formulas, this Offline Computer Science.

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Computer Science Engineering Dictionary Pdf

Computing Compression CPU Debug Driver DSL Emoticon E-re. Fiber-Optic Cable File .. A group of computer systems and other computing hardware devices. PDF | On Jan 1, , Jordi Piqué-Angordans and others published The Development of a Computer Science Dictionary, or How to Help Translate the. This study investigated the technical vocabulary of computer science in order to . There is a difference in the language of medicine compared to engineering. All texts selected for the CSC were available for download as PDF files from the.

Table of Contents Summary A complete lexicon of technical information, the Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology provides workable definitions, practical information, and enhances general computer science and engineering literacy. It spans various disciplines and industry sectors such as: telecommunications, information theory, and software and hardware systems. If you work with, or write about computers, this dictionary is the single most important resource you can put on your shelf. The dictionary addresses all aspects of computing and computer technology from multiple perspectives, including the academic, applied, and professional vantage points. Including more than 8, terms, it covers all major topics from artificial intelligence to programming languages, from software engineering to operating systems, and from database management to privacy issues. The definitions provided are detailed rather than concise.

Arial is a font.

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Times New Roman is another. Hard disks are pre-formatted by the computer manufacturer. If you download a floppy disk that is not pre-formatted, you format it yourself, using a program that comes with your PC. It is hard because it is metal. See floppy disk. Two popular services of the Internet are the World Wide Web and electronic mail. Kb, Mb, Gb - kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes.

Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering and Technology

Used to measure computer memory and storage. Kindle - a device for downloading and reading ebooks , developed by site. MHz - Megahertz. This describes the speed of computer equipment. The higher the MHz the better the performance.

You may need a modem to connect to the Internet , to send electronic mail and to fax.

Free computer terms, dictionary, and glossary

OCR lets a PC read a fax or scanned image and convert it to actual lettering. You can download memory , modems and hard disks as PC cards. PDA - abbreviation of "personal digital assistant" peripheral - any equipment that is connected externally to a computer. Hardware: Hardware is a set of physical objects such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, and so on.

Icon: Icon is a small visual display of an application which can be activated by clicking on it. IDE is a programming system that combines several tools of programming to provide an integrated platform for programming.

Instance: It is an object described by its class. Internet: Internet is a network that accommodates several computers to facilitate exchange and transfer of data. Kernel: It is a program called when a computer system is started. Kernel is responsible for setting up system calls in order to manage hardware and system services, and allocate resources to applications. Memory: Memory is the internal storage location where data and information is stored on a computer.

Modem: Modem is a term created from the beginning letters of two other words viz.

The term implies changing of data from digital to analog and then back to digital. Network: A Network is a group of computers connected to each other in order to send and receive data.

Operating System: An Operating System provides the software platform required for various applications to run on. Its responsibility is to manage memory storage and security of Data. Packet: Sections in which message or data are divided to transfer it over a network. Pixel: Pixel is formed by combining the two words viz.

It represents one point within an image. Port: Port is a connecting component mainly a hardware that enables two computers to allow data sharing physically.

Protocol: Protocol refers to a set of rules that are followed by two devices while interacting with each other. Query: Query is a request made by a computer from a database residing in the same system or a remotely located system.

It is a configuration of storage cells that hold data so that it can be processed by the central processing unit.

RAM is a temporary storage location. It is semiconductor-based storage system that saves information permanently. Software: Software is a program coding that the computer reads.

Online Computer Science Glossary

The system then carries out functions as directed by the code. Adobe Photoshop is software. Virtual Memory: Virtual Memory is the unused memory on the hard disk used when certain applications require more RAM than is available on the machine. Virus: Virus is a program that is loaded onto your computer without you knowing about it and it runs to hinder the normal functioning of the computer. Such a network spans over an area larger than a LAN. ZIP application enables transfer of data using compression of files.

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