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Disc 5: The Ultimate Body Weight Workout If you're looking for equipment for Speed Shred, check out PerformBetter: They set up a page specifically for Speed . Check out the Men's Health DeltaFit Facebook community. As Gaddour pushes through every routine—there are 18 workouts in all—his with Men's Health DeltaFIT and the Speed Shred DVD program. Men's Health DeltaFit SpeedShred Class Schedule. Weeks Monday: Phase 1 Workout A. Tuesday: HEAT Workout A*. Wednesday: Phase 1 Workout B.

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Deltafit Speed Shred Workout Schedule Pdf

WORKOUT A A C A B B A B C A BCA B . the ones below based on Speed Shred from Men's Health DeltaFIT ( every single muscle. SPEED SHRED is the all-new video workout series from Men s Health DeltaFit and metabolic-training expert BJ Gaddour. I don't have or can't find a separate calendar, but here's what the book states: " Phase 1: Days In the 4-week phase, do each of the three.

For the main Day program discs , you need a couple of pairs of dumbbells, a Swiss ball, and a step or box stairs would work, as would a bench. For Discs , you'll add a couple of pairs of kettlebells and a medicine ball to that mix. However, if you do the main day program first, you won't need kettlebells for basically 3 months. Below, you'll find broad recommendations that will suffice for most people. It's always nicer if you have a range that goes a little heavier—especially as you progress—but these are metabolic workouts and are designed to be done with fairly light weights. Keep in mind, individual strength and fitness levels vary, so again, these are basic recommendations to get you started. Plus, you'll get stronger as you move from workout to workout. They've provided lots of options in different categories dumbbells, stability balls, boxes —so you can pick and choose based on your budget and needs. What exactly are the workouts, and how long is each? All 9 of the main workouts in the Day program are 30 minutes.

BJ introduces 6 exercises. You do each exercise for 30 seconds then you get a 30 second recovery… at least in the first round. In subsequent rounds he alters the exercises, making them harder, and takes away 5 seconds of recovery until the very last round when you get zero recovery, you just blast through each move for 30 seconds, one right after the other.

This is a tough workout! BJ is hilarious tho. He had me laughing even when I was working and breathing hard. He has a lot of energy! There are 3 exercisers; one person doing a modified version of the move, one doing intermediate version and one doing advanced. So you can make this workout as easy or as hard as you want. I followed the intermediate or advanced version. You need dumbbells and a plyo box for this workout. In place of a box you can use a high step or a workout bench.

The video shows the moves in Round 1 only.

Meta Shred 21

If you are modifying you will need a box or a workout bench or a high step. BJ gives you a circuit of 6 exercises.

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Just like in the first two workouts, there are 3 exercisers, each doing different levels of the exercise: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This was a tough workout but different from the first two. BJ really pushed me hard in this workout!

The very first exercise in each circuit was, for me at least, the most brutal. I was yelling in pain by the end of the exercise as I came out of the the deep squat I had held for so long while doing the upper body strength move. In fact, by the end he was yelling like a drill sergeant. An all around different workout from the first 2—but just as challenging.

The Speed Shred FAQ

This is a very cool and fun workout. I loved it. It is set up tabata style—20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of recovery. That is one round. There are 6 rounds in this workout. At the end of each round you get 30 more seconds of recovery not active recovery—just time to get a sip of water and towel off before moving on to the next round.

You cannot use heavy dumbbells in this workout. BJ recommends pound dumbbells for women and pounds for men. I used 5 pounds throughout but I could have used 7s or 8s for some of the exercises. As usual, there is a the beginner modifier Kelsey and Gideon shows some more advanced levels of the moves.

But for the most part Dallas and Gideon are doing the same thing, just with different size dumbbells. However, it is obvious Gideon is working the hardest. He is using 10 pound dumbbells and this workout is challenging him. This workout has a lot of intensity potential once I get the weights right. I will say that for the majority of the moves, due to speed, 5 pound dumbbells were appropriate for me; but there were also quite a few moves that I felt the intensity drop and I know, had I increased to 7 or 8 pound dumbbells, it would have kept the intensity high throughout.

Here is a another little video and article by BJ about this workout. The video only shows 8 of the moves done below 8 out of 54 , so it is only giving you a taste.

BJ is very funny again in this workout and had me laughing several times. Including during the final move—one minute of punching burpees. Remember, you hold 1 or 2 dumbbells for every single exercise in the entire workout, and each move is done for 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of recovery, except for the final active recovery move in each round which is done for 30 seconds.

You get 30 seconds of actual non-active recovery before moving on to the next round. But you need a stretch after this bad boy. Equipment needed: a box, a block and dumbbells. I also used 12s for push ups since my wrists are bothering me. For this workout BJ gives you a circuit of 5 different exercises. The difference each time you do the circuit is the tempo. It is always slow—brutally slow. Your muscles will be on fire. I finished this workout 30 minute ago and my quads and glutes are still weak and trembley.

So even tho the exercises are done slowly, you will move quickly between exercises to set up for the next exercise. My workout room was a mess when this workout was over. Here is an article and video BJ did about this concept.

In the breakdown below I am describing which version of the exercise I did and what weight I lifted this is for my own information. Just like in all of the workouts he has three exercisers: Kelsey, Gideon and Dallas and they are all doing different versions of the exercise.

Dallas is intermediate and Gideon is advanced. So there is something easier for other people and sometimes something more advanced. For this workout you need a box or a bench or a high step , dumbbells and a pad or mat for your knees.

This is another unique and interesting workout. I actually liked it more than I thought I would.

Please do not come to this program expecting it be a dirty joke fest. It is not. But B. And some of those jokes are a little off color. Everything in those two programs was clean and funny! I guess he is getting more comfortable with his audience in this program.

I am ok with that. And as a bonus, if you are a B. Warm Ups: There is only one warm up for lower body and one warm up for upper body. They are little workouts in themselves! I recommend doing them. However, if you are doing several rounds of MetaShred Extreme, one right after the other, I can see these getting boring and monotonous. So substitute something else. But get yourself warmed up first! Lower Body Warm up is minutes long. BTW—this is where the exercisers are when the warm up starts—in position and ready to go.

Combined with the actual workout and the finishers you are hitting your entire lower body in multiple ways.

MetaShred Extreme

You need the mini band and the large band. Every exercise, including the MetaSet, is done for 30 seconds. After the MetaSet you get 30 seconds of recovery before you move on to the next exercise.

The first 30 seconds seems easy—the third? Not so much. Add in the MetaSets and your heart is seriously pumping. So you are getting excellent strength work and your heart rate is up so you are burning fat, too. Pair it with the Warm Up which serves as a lighter workout in its own right and the finisher and my legs were done.

That Finisher is way harder than it seems after doing the entire workout. It definitely finishes your legs off. Excellent, excellent workout. After the finisher I spent a few minutes thoroughly stretching out my lower body. The dumbbell weights listed are the weights I used. I do not know the weights the exercisers are using in the workout. All of the exercise descriptions below are for the advanced versions, which is what I did. Remember there is also an intermediate and a beginner version of every single exercise.

For the advanced versions of the exercises the fat grips are frequently used—both for the large band and dumbbells. Just like Lower Body 1, this was an excellent workout. Due to the structure of doing three 30 second sets back to back, it really burns your muscles out, even with the bands.

Just like in Lower body 1, B. You do two exercises. Alternate between the two exercises, doing each for 30 seconds, no breaks 1. This workout was brutal. My hamstrings are still stinging. Right in the area where hamstrings meet glutes. Each exercise is done for 2 full minutes then you go immediately into the 30 second MetaSet then you get 30 seconds of recovery. Usually they are done to the count of 4 then hold at the bottom of the move for a brief pause. On some—like the squat moves—you will lower to the count of 4 then hold at the lowest point for 4 counts before standing.

Only 3 exercise are done to a normal tempo rather than a slow tempo. I will note the ones that are significantly different below, but that is the basic way the exercises are done. Especially on the lower body. The bonus or negative? And his biceps have biceps. But when he was in high school, Gaddour weighed pounds and wore size 44 pants. That picture literally changed my life. A simple way to describe this is that you might do an upper-body exercise followed by a lower-body exercise.

For example, workouts in which you sprint hard for, say, 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds. How many calories could you burn? What kind of change could you make? This is where combining a cutting-edge circuit with an interval-based approach creates a genius solution.

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