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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Firefighter Rip Esselstyn is a life-saver in more ways than one. Then follow the wonderful advice of Rip Esselstyn, who is both. His book, "The Engine 2 Diet, " can save your life-whether you're a man or a woman. Engine 2 has helped thousands take control of their health. Rip Esselstyn published his first book, The Engine 2 Diet, after converting a Texas BBQ-loving fire. B: Oatmeal with fruit. L: Mixing Bowl Salad - in a big bowl - add your greens, veggies, beans, fruit etc. D: Black Bean Extravaganza ( Day 2.

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Engine 2 Diet Book Pdf

Is The Engine 2 Diet right for you? WebMD The book offers easy-to-follow recipes, with additional smart advice on making healthy meals with. of the best-selling book, The Engine 2 Diet. The interview took place on July 1, , following the completion of an inspiring two-day, sold out health event. Engine2. I have all the E2 books and thought the meal planner might just be overkill, but that's . Do you have recipes that follow the standard Engine 2 Diet?.

Are you ready to take steps towards a more health-supporting diet, but aren't sure how to begin? If so, Rip Esselstyn from the Engine 2 Diet , has combined the basic concepts of plant-based nutrition into a day, Nationwide Engine 2 Challenge. This simple action plan has transormed the life of thousands of people. It can work for you and for the people you love. Follow along with Rip, as he demonstrates step-by-step, how to overhaul your kitchen by removing disease promoting foods and replacing them with delicious, health-promoting, plant foods. Rip also offers meal planning suggestions, recipes, shopping lists, and a guided grocery store tour.

While I know what to do, really, I felt that I could use some motivation. I also wanted my husband to get motivated. So, I checked out a few books. Thus far, this is the only one I've actually read.

Now, for me, this isn't actually that great a book. It's a little bit superficial and I felt like it was trying a bit to hard to be accessible.

Rip Esselstyn

That said, the information is accurate and motivating. And, for my husband, who isn't a big reader, I think it's a great one to read.

So, I'm giving it 4 stars because I think it's a great introduction especially if you're not a big reader or if you're not all that into the details of the science of the matter. Rip does a decent job talking about why you should eat plant-based and why you should avoid processed foods. I give him a lot of credit for that.

However, I had some issues with the tone of this book as well as the lack of references. The book reads like you're being yelled at by one of those paid commercials for Product X. That's the best way I can describe it.

A Really more like a 2. Three of my biggest issues: 1 As an example of bad, processed foods, he targets Pop-Tarts and then talks about how yes, they are vegan, but they are full of all sorts of processed stuff.

Take the free Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Plant-Strong Challenge! | Engine 2

However, only a few varieties of Pop-Tarts are vegan. There is gelatin in many of them, so a lot of them aren't even vegetarian. Sure, this might be nit-picking on my part, but when I went vegetarian, this is one food I almost had to give up.

For those who own any of the other Engine 2 or any of the Esselstyn Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease books, neither the info nor the majority of the recipes are new.

Also, like what happened in The Healthiest Diet on the Planet , some of the recipes are old ones just released under a new name. But many of us are completists and want to read, probably own, not only every McDougall book ever published but anything the Esselstyn family puts out, too. Rip and his sister Jane put together this nice introductory program, and in the book Rip explains all the whys and how-to's of the program.

Jane contributes all the recipes and cooking preparation advice. If you like the recipes in the other Engine 2 books and web site, you'll like these.

Older recipes have been slightly updated to recommend the Engine 2 food products sold exclusively through Whole Foods, but they do also suggest what can be used in place of them.

The Engine 2 Diet

Bowls and Flats are the main categories of recipes, and they each come with their own handy dandy chart, which you can see in glorious color in that PDF I link to above. Breakfast Bowls, Salad Bowls, Flats a. There are also soups in with the flats, but no Soup Bowl chart for those.

With these charts and once a week batch cooking you can have a plethora of meals on hand without having to even think - just open the 'fridge, grab a few ingredients, nuke what needs to be reheated, put it all together, and grab a fork.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not very inventive in the kitchen - I like to have someone tell me what combinations go well together. The most improvisation I've done lately is substitute romaine lettuce instead of bread when making sandwiches because I can no longer have gluten and winter squash or turnips for the potatoes I continue to react to. I think I'll even print out those full color charts from the PDF file and hang them on my kitchen cabinets.

It'll make grocery shopping and meal times so much easier. My only complaint about the book Come on now, you all know me.

LOL is the small serving sizes suggested in some of the recipes. In the intro to the breakfast section, they write: "Wow yourself with the size of your cereal bowl.

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