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Check Out Engineering Chemistry 1st Year Notes Pdf Free Download. We have provided Chemistry 1st Year Study Materials and Lecture Notes for CSE, ECE. Download Engineering Chemistry Notes Download free online book chm pdf. 1. LECTURE NOTES. ON. ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY. I B. Tech I semester. Mr. M Praveen. Assistant Professor. FRESHMAN ENGINEERING. INSTITUTE OF.

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Engineering Chemistry Notes Pdf

FOREWORD. We are indeed very happy to present engineering chemistry book for diploma engineers. Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the. From Engineering chemistry notes pdf, you can get the complete study material in single download link. We are providing free of cost Recommended for you. KTU Microwave & Radar Engineering Notes · KTU S7 Control System Notes · KTU Thermodynamics ME Notes.

From Engineering chemistry notes pdf, you can get the complete study material in single download link. We are providing free of cost B. You can download this chemistry notes without any registration. Chemical Engineers develop economic ways of using materials and energy. They turn raw materials into usable products.

Ex :- Metals, metal sulphides, acids, alkalis, salt sol. Metallic or Electronic conductors. Electrolytic conductors ii Non-conductors: The substances which do not allow electricity are called non-conductors. Ex: Pure water, dry wood, rubber, paper, non-metals etc.

Conductance is due to the flow of electrons. Conductance is due to the movement of ions in a solution. Chemical reactions take place at the electrodes.

It does not result any chemical change. Metallic conduction decreases with increase in temperature. It does not involve any transfer of matter.

Electrolytic conduction increases with increase in temperature. It involves transfer of matter. The current strength flowing through a conductor at uniform temperature is directly proportional to the potential difference applied across to conductor. S Siemens S M.

S Specific Conductance or Conductivity: Reciprocal of specific resistance is known as specific conductance. This is because, on increase in the concentration, the population of free ions increases and these cons get closer and the electrostatic force of attractions and the viscosity of the electrolyte increases.

Engineering Chemistry | CY100 | Study Materials

These factors tend to reduce the conductance of the solution. But equivalent conductances are inversely proportional to the conc. Of electrolyte and hence increases with increase in dilution. The whetstone bridge circuit is shown in fig. The electrolyte of known concentration is taken in a container called conductivity cell. These plates are generally canted with platinum black to decrease the polarization effect.

This forms one arm of the circuit. The other arm of the circuit is fitted with a variable standard resistance.

These two arms are attached to both ends of a meter bridge. A source of alternating current is also attached to both ends of Meter Bridge. The current balance detector D1 fixed between Rc and Rv. Now the sliding contact jockey is moved over the meter bridge wire MN. The point of least current passing X is find out by detector D. According to wheat stone bridge principle, the ratio of resistances in the meter bridge arms i. The reciprocal of Rc gives the conductance of experimental solution.

For the experimental determination of equivalent conductance of 0. Electro chemical cell or Galvanic cell:Galvanic cell is a device in which chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. These cells are called Electrochemical cells or voltaic cells. Daniel cell is an example for galvanic cell.

One is oxidation or anodic half cell.

The other is reduction or catholic half cell. Both the half cells are connected externally by metallic conductor.

It provides electrical contact between two solutions. The following reactions take place in the cell. F:The difference of potential which causes flow of electrons from an electrode of higher potential to an electrode of lower potential is called Electro motive force EMF of the cell.

The E. F of galvanic cell is calculated by the reduction half — cell potentials using to following ex. Eright reduction potential of right hand side electrode.

Engineering Chemistry - EC Study Materials

Eleft reduction potential of left hand side electrode. Applications of EMF measurement Potentiometric titrations can be carried out. Transport number of ions can be determined. PH can be measured.

KTU S1 Notes-Engineering Chemistry

Hydrolysis const, can be determined. Solubility of sparingly soluble salts can be found. Phase rule: Introduction, definition of terms with examples, one component system. Introduction — classification of fuels — coal — analysis of coal proximate and ultimate.

Carbonization — manufacture of metallurgical coke Otto Hoffmann method — petroleum — manufacture of synthetic petrol Bergius process.

Knocking — octane number — diesel oil — cetane number — natural gas — compressed natural gas CNG. Liquefied petroleum gases LPG — power alcohol and biodiesel. Combustion of fuels: Introduction — calorific value — higher and lower calorific values- theoretical calculation of calorific value — ignition temperature — spontaneous ignition temperature — explosive range — flue gas analysis ORSAT Method.

Batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors: Types of batteries — primary battery dry cell secondary battery lead acid battery, lithium-ion-battery fuel cells — H2-O2 fuel cell. Engineering Chemistry of Wiley India Pvt.

KTU Engineering Chemistry Notes

A textbook of Engineering Chemistry by S. Dara; S.

Gesser, Springer Publishers. Engineering Chemistry. Want Engineering Chemistry Notes? Engineering Chemistry Notes pdf Chemical Engineers develop economic ways of using materials and energy.

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