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Excuse Me - Your Life is Waiting - Lynn Grabhorn. For well over a decade my passion has been a grand spiritual journey into what I call "the physics of thought, ". Lynn Grabhorn's landmark book Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting appeared on my doorstep one day, the gift of a friend of the family. I did not seek it out, I did not. Upbeat, humorous, and iconoclastic, Lynn Grabhorn introduced readers to the Law of Attraction in with Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting. The hardcover.

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Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting Pdf

This witty and practical guide to Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting is no ordinary workbook. The Playbook takes readers well beyond the basic ground rules of. [Read]PDF Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, Expanded Study Edition: The Astonishing Power of Feelings Read Best Epub - by Lynn Grabhorn. Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Is there a way to always have a fat bank account.

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting! But with some of my big-time Law of Attraction friends, sometimes I think maybe it's just me? But I actually like the way it doesn't get all vibrational energy and channeling-oriented - it's good for my friends who think all this stuff is stupid or BS. I like Abraham, but this book is simple, and understandable, and reminds me of what to do when I am forgetting to feeeeeeeeeel my way into what I want. I can even share it with my friends who are more religious, because it doesn't conflict. I really love the part where she is talking about her tenants who were behind on their rent, and she was really mad about it, but didn't know what to do about it until she remembered to think about what she liked about them, and then when she got home later that night, they had the rent check for her! And maybe even had a new job, so they could keep paying the rent in the future, I'm not sure? Anyways, I think it is a good book for a little pick-me-up, or when you want to share these ideas with a friend. It's actually one of the first books I ever read on the subject, even though I already knew about Abraham at the time.

Everything you listed in Part I and II is a problem that came from a belief. And every negative belief you hold causes some kind of problem. This exercise will clearly show how we run our lives—so unnecessarily—from our beliefs.

This is one of the most important exercises in this Playbook. Take time, feel it through, go way back, be honest. This could be a long list, so use extra pages in your notebook, if necessary.

When you finally understand that you can generate that which you have been desperately looking for outside of yourself, you become the master of your life. Now we turn it around. Please note that these pages have not been put side by side, facing each other.

That's for a very good reason. Start as fresh as you can with a new problem, one not listed on the other page. This will conjure up a fresh belief. You might not be able to finish these two exercises in one day III-a and b , but keep adding to the list as you think of more throughout the days.

Belief Busting.

[Download PDF] Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting : The Astonishing Power of Feelings Read Online

How do we get rid of those beliefs we now see as destructive? One way is to play let's pretend to generate the emotion opposite the one that comes from the belief you want to change. The more often you generate that new feeling, the faster you'll change what you want to change. Every day pick a belief you hold about yourself whether universal or personal and conjure up the opposite feeeeeling. For instance, let's say you believe yourself to be a people-pleaser.

So you conjure up the feeeeeling of saying No, or walking away, or letting someone get their own coffee. If you believe yourself to be shy, conjure up the feeeeeling of being gregarious, interested in people, a good conversationalist, etc.

If you've got a real stickler, work on it for a whole week. Have fun. Conjure up new images that bring up new feelings. As you'll soon see, feeeeelings are what make this all happen, because as you feel, you become. The more you do this homework, you will literally create a new internal blueprint from the neuro-pathways that are being imprinted in your brain.

But you must get into it emotionally, or it will just be a waste of time. If you don't feeeeel it, forget it! When you're ready, take this to the next level and physically act out the opposite of what you want to change. You're still pretending, but now you are energy in motion, creating new pathways for your brain to respond to. For instance … shy? Then smile at someone. Believe you are poor? Then put a fifty-dollar bill in your wallet.

Believe you are a timid speaker? Then get in front of your mirror and cut loose. Imagination is the closest we get to divinity in physicality. So imagine! Be sure to always generate the new emotion that is opposite the old one.

Do this regularly, and you will soon find yourself becoming a deliberate—rather than accidental—creator of your experience. And always, always, make this fun! For ease of reference now, we're going to call that vaster portion of ourselves our entity.

It is the unlimited and indefinable being we truly are, reaching far beyond our limited ideas of God. So, if this vast something is what we really are, what is it we see when we look in the mirror? Deep inside each of us is a little spark that is incomprehensibly powerful. That little spark is what we are, for it is a piece of our entity. It is All That Is, learning to experience more of itself in this wondrous thing called a body.

Inside us, our entity can explore its potential and understand more of what it is, meaning more of what we are. However, let's not downplay the body. While it is nowhere near the totality of what we are, it holds the knowledge of all that has ever been or ever existed anywhere in any universe. Our journey, then, is to get the two together, entity and body. This is the journey home, the journey into remembrance, the journey back. This action might not be possible to undo.

Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Personal Growth. Save For Later. Create a List. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Hampton Roads Publishing Released: Jan 1, ISBN: We are the higher power that is greater than ourselves. We are a marvelous creation of mind in matter. We are the ongoingness and foreverness of everything that is.

Excuse me, your life is waiting [electronic resource] : the astonishing power of feelings

We are a portion of the whole; therefore what God is, is what we are. We are what we look outside ourselves to find. The Longing Exercise Understanding what our strange longings have felt like over the years, and how we handled them, helps to clear away any doubts we may have about beginning this journey back to remembrance.

Where does it come from? How do we originate it? What does it do?

What is its purpose? Can it harm us? Can it help us? What does this mean: We are thought manifested into life-form? The Blow 'em Up Exercise Before we can fill that longing and walk into our own divinity, we have to do some dumping.

Principle 2 We are not our problems All those things you listed in the previous exercise are just good old-fashioned problems. Could you describe one of yours in just one sentence? I can't pay my bills this month, there's never enough money.

My lover is really pissing me off, I wish he'd apologize. In that negative frame of mind, constantly focused on what we want changed, we tend to draw the same events, the same people, and the same unhappiness to ourselves. The good news is that we can change. We can figure out what we don't want and change our way of thinking to get what we do want. The result is an instant change from a pessimistic outlook to that of unlimited optimism.

Life changing indeed. Check it out. Within a few months I acquired my real estate license and began my apprenticeship in earnest under Tom's masterful tutelage in his well-known real estate office. Since my sales would fatten his pocket as well as mine, he took the time to teach me well.

We'd spend long hours poring over comparisons of grape harvests, soil tests, and potential feed yields of various land segments that would be capable of sustaining "X" number of cattle. Considering the closest I had ever been to a cow or cattle was store-bought milk and steak, and that while I had once been a hearty drinker, what I knew about wines would fit on a pinhead, I found the instruction fascinating.

Tom worked with me for months before allowing me to get my feet wet. While I was learning about this new word, I was also developing a plan to market central California lands to off-shore downloaders. By the time I had finished the first phase of my apprenticeship, I had formed the specialized real estate firm of Western Lands, USA, along with a marketing concept that was so flawless, I wondered why no one else had thought of it before me.

That's where I made my first mistake. My plan was so easy, so fool-proof, so ready and ripe to produce huge sales, I just knew there had to be something wrong with it. It was too good. It would all happen too fast. Someone would steal it. In fact it was so good, it flat-out spooked me. Finally the day came. I was out showing my first chunk of land, a large ranch overlooking the magnificent coastline of Big Sur, California.

Not only was the price well into the millions, but the commission would be far more than I had made collectively during my entire working life. In a few weeks, downloader and seller agreed. I had a sale and went into instant panic. Tom was pleased; everybody was pleased; I was terrified. And the closer we got to closing, the more paranoid I became.

It was all too good to be true, too easy, too incredible. My stomach churned like a packed washing machine. Tom pooh-poohed my fears by telling me how proud he was of me, and that he had never seen such a clean, uncomplicated deal.

But I was a nervous wreck. It was too unreal, it would never happen.

And it didn't! My worst fears had come to pass. Twice more that happened until I finally told Tom I just couldn't handle the pressure and stress of these big-commission closings that came down to the wire but never happened.

All he ever said was, "Sweetie, you blew 'em away with your fears. You gotta feel those tender little suckers close, feel yourself shaking everybody's hand, and feel yourself out there celebrating. You gotta know it's going to work, honey, or trust me, it never will.

If you can't feel it happening, it won't. After the first sale bombed, I had immersed myself in all the best-selling books on positive thinking and how to get rich quick. But when two more sales blew up in my face that were also within days and hours of closing, I decided this potential fantasyland was not for me, and opted to open a mortgage company which had considerably less apprehension involved.

It wasn't until years later when I had finally gotten involved with the Law of Attraction that I realized what Tom meant.

Without even realizing what he was doing, Tom had learned to command energy to his advantage. Instinctively he knew that closing deals meant more than just thinking big, thinking positive, or making good contracts.

The Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting Playbook by Lynn Grabhorn - Read Online

Tom, like Jessie, somehow knew you had to feel your desires into being. So they decided to see if they could actually photograph vibrations of thought. And by golly they did, right through steel walls, an experiment that's been replicated many times since. But they also proved something else perhaps even more important. These fellows were possibly the first to prove that there is magnetic energy attached to our thoughts, and that thought is propelled by our emotions.

What they missed, though, is that because the vibrational waves emotions we send out are magnetically charged, we are literally walking magnets, constantly pulling back into our world anything that just happens to be playing on the same frequency or wavelength.

For instance, when we're feeling up, filled with joy and gratitude, our emotions are sending out high frequency vibrations that will magnetize only good stuff back to us, meaning anything with the same high vibratory frequency that matches what we're sending out. Like attracts like. On the other hand, when we're experiencing anything that joy isn't, such as fear, worry, guilt, or even mild concern, those emotions are sending out low-frequency vibrations.

Since low frequencies are every bit as magnetic as high frequencies, they're going to attract only cruddy stuff back to us, meaning anything of that same low frequency that will cause us to feel and vibrate as lousy as what we're sending out. Cruddy out, cruddy back; it's always a vibrational match. So whether it's high vibrational joy, or low vibrational worry, what we're vibrationally offering in any moment is what we're attracting back.

We are the initiators of the vibrations, therefore the magnets, the cause. Which makes us living, breathing magnets. Don't you love it? You may think you're president of a Fortune company, or a mother and wife, or valedictorian of your class, or an airline mechanic, but what you really are is a walking magnet! Ah, little did you know. Crazy as that may sound, it's high time we woke up to the fact that we are electromagnetic beings tripping around with this mindboggling capacity to magnetize into our lives whatever in the world we desire by controlling the feelings that come from our thoughts.

But because we exist on this planet in a predominantly low frequency field of energy born of over six billion people who are vibrating more feelings of stress and fearfulness than joy, we involuntarily take in those vibrations and react to them.

Which means that until we consciously learn to override the pervasive low frequencies in which we exist, we will keep recycling unpleasant outcomes into our lives day after tiresome day. Just like swimming in salt water, if we don't wash the residue off, sooner or later it's going to make us mighty uncomfortable.

There's just no way around it; the way we feel is the way we attract. And more often than not those feelings come from our thoughts, setting up the instantaneous electromagnetic chain reactions that ultimately cause things to happen, to be created, to be withheld, or to be destroyed like my big commissions.

So, once again: Our feelings go out from us in electromagnetic waves. Happy, high vibrations attract happy, high vibrational circumstances. Yucky, low vibrations attract yucky low vibrational circumstances. In both cases, what comes back causes us to feel just as high or low as what we had been transmitting feeling , because it's an exact vibrational match to what we sent out. It's the same principle as a tuning fork. Ding a tuning fork in a room filled with all different kinds of tuning forks calibrated to various pitches, and only the ones calibrated to the same frequency as the one you just dinged will ding too, even if they're way across the Astrodome.

Like forces attract; it's a classic rule of physics. But unlike a tuning fork which never changes its tonal frequency, we humans with our ever-changing emotions flip-flop our frequencies and magnetic intensities all over the place like lotto balls in a blow machine.

One minute we can be as high as a kite and as powerful as the sun, and, in the very next, about as turned-on energetically as a cardboard box under the couch. So instead of being one, constant, well-aimed tuning fork, we're more like a whole bunch of them clustered together, each having a different pitch or frequency, and collectively pinging haphazardly all over the place with our up-down, up-down emotions.

Since one minute we're pinging high and the next minute we're pinging low, causing one frequency to cancel out the other, nothing much ever changes in our lives, or at least not very rapidly. Only we're not tuning forks. What's coming back to us as a result of the jumble of unfocused emotional energy vibrations we spew out every instant are rarely pleasant little pings, but a relentless procession of messed-up, hit or miss, unplanned events and circumstances.

Needless to say, what we've been creating with all this indiscriminate flowing of energy is pure pandemonium at worst and a second-rate life at best as we continue magnetizing into our day-to-day existence every experience, person, game, happening, encounter, incident, event, hazard, occasion, or episode by however we happen to be vibrating.

Which means feeling. Unless you're in super financial shape, how do you usually feel when it gets to be bill-paying time?

Not likely. How about worried, anxious, or plain old down? Join the group! Well, here's the kicker: it's due to those very feelings of despair that we keep on having such a hard time with the bills!

Because whatever we're feeling is what we're vibrating, and whatever we're vibrating is what we're attracting. Universal law. That's just the way it is. Tony and his wife, Ginger, and I got together regularly to compare notes about our progress with the Law of Attraction.

Thank heavens they were around, since they were the only folks I knew who lived close by where I could let my hair down and compare notes.

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting!

One night as we were finishing dinner at my place, we began reminiscing over how it used to be in those times before we got involved in controlling energy. The conversation was light and comical until Tony started talking about how ugly it had been trying to pay bills with no money. While I always enjoyed their company, the feelings that began to surface from this conversation were making me uncomfortable, as I had only recently started to come out of a long and difficult financial drought.

I wanted the conversation to change. It didn't. Tony had always made a decent living, and with their kids grown and gone, the two of them could have gotten along easily on his income alone. But Ginger wanted to stretch her work-wings again, so she went back into the real estate business she had left years ago.