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Refcom is pleased to add a new editable F gas sample logbook to its You can download the Excel logbook here and the PDF file here. Key forms and related documents for the Refcom F gas company certification scheme. Fgas downloads. F GAS LOGBOOK (PDF VERSION). Simple spreadsheet that serving as a tool for contractors and their clients to fulfil their record keeping obligations under Article 6 of the F-Gas.

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F Gas Log Book

Immediately after the publication of the F-Gas Regulation (EC) No /, EFCTC and EPEE developed an electronic tool for operators of equipment to. F-Gas Log Book. Download free for all F Gas Registered members. Auto calculates CO2 equivalents when you enter GWP level & then charge weight (in kg). EFCTC_Logbook EUROPE: The EFCTC refrigerant logbook, updated to comply with the new F-gas regulations, is now available to download.

This makes a mockery of attempts to control the sector and keep an accurate track of F-gas usage. Graeme Fox stressed that, as the phase down of HFC refrigerants gathers pace in line with the global reduction timetable, this will become increasingly important. Refcom simplified the process for checking company registrations earlier this year with the launch of a search facility on its website www. It is also preparing to launch free software licenses to all its registered companies enabling them to comply more easily with log books and record keeping. Refcom argues that this will help the government by making it easier to collate gas usage across the country for reporting and monitoring purposes. This data will include all gas being placed on the market including amounts contained in pre-charged systems, gas supplied in bottles, recovered gas being recycled for re-use, and recovered gas being sent for destruction. Refcom also urged the Brexit inquiry to recommend better resourcing of the enforcement regime managed by the Environment Agency — with the possible implementation of civil penalties. This would ensure the UK was able to meet its obligations under the Montreal Protocol and the subsequent reinforcement of F-gas targets through the Kigali Accord. The European Audit Committee has established that the growth in the use of refrigeration and air conditioning systems has seen the amount of F gases in circulation rising.

Refcom offers editable F-gas logbook

This certificate is saved in the client's logbook. HFCs are considered to be one of the fastest growing contributors to climate change and are therefore an important part of the Kyoto protocol, which is aimed at fighting climate change and global warming.

The Kyoto protocol Came Into Force in In , the Kyoto protocol came into force, setting targets for industrialized countries to reduce their green house gas emissions, including F-Gases.

The F-Gas Regulations provide the framework and legal obligations and standards under which maintenance and inspection of your air conditioning system is carried out.

During a major visit, routine maintenance is carried out in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and our internal standard specifications of work, including chemical cleaning of the coil and a check of the condenser drain.

Following routine maintenance, tests are carried out to ensure the correct operation of the unit and the results are recorded in your online logbook. In addition, we offer an interim visit dependent upon clients needs and the environment in which the system is installed. An interim is exactly the same as a major visit, except without the chemical clean of the coil and the checking of the condenser drain.


Although we recommend that even systems under 3kg are annually leak-checked. We use three procedures for checking leaks; these are a pressure test, water spray or where appropriate a fluorescent test.

On-line Certification and Documentation.

Refcom blasts F-gas “loopholes” - Technique Learning Solutions

Our "Log-Book Portal" provides you with a personal asset list for each premises, the portal displays any maintenance plans as well as service history.

Since they have a high global warming potential, phasing down HFCs is critical to global efforts to fight climate change. This website uses cookies to improve user experience.


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Enhanced Service users have access to a wide range of F-Gas customer and engineer reports: Report on refrigerant usage by customer, site and equipment View the GWP and CO2 Equivalent kg of refrigerant used for each job Record leak testing frequencies and keep track of when leak tests are due with or without fixed leak detection Have you ever wondered how to quickly calculate CO2 Equivalent?

Compare the amount of refrigerant added and recovered by your engineers View the jobs complete by your engineers with details on the customer site and equipment worked on View refrigerant cylinders allocated to engineers enabling you to control stock levels for your engineers All of our reports can be extracted in excel for ease of manipulation and printing.

Mandatory F-gas log book free to download

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