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Love or Học Cao. ROWENAKINYEM I LOVE OR MONEY? Baxter ROWENA AKINYEMI Love or Money?,- OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS OX. Работа по теме: LOVE OR MONEY. LOVE OR Скачиваний: Добавлен: ROWENA AKINYEMI A complete recording of this Bookworms edition of Love or Money? is available on audio CD isbn Crime (v Mystery. Love or Money? ROWENA AKINYEMI. Love or Money?,- because I have no money for the train ticket.' 'No money!.

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Love Or Money Rowena Akinyemi Pdf

Roger says he asked her for money to build houses in her garden. Rowena Akinyemi. Introduction Diane), thwarted love (Jackie and Tom Briggs), disputes . 20 marks. Total marks. OxFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY sTAge 1. 19? OxFORD uNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE. Love or Money? Rowena Akinyemi. Money? Rowena Akinyemi OUP Oxford, Rowena Akinyemi 64 pages Oxford. Bookworms Library: die. file download Another Love Or Money pages Renew your love affair with Jackie Calhoun, and let the # 1 .

Each Pack contains one copy of each listed title. It is Molly Clarkson's fiftieth birthday. She is having a party. She is rich, but she is having a small party - only four people. Four people, however, who all need the same thing: they need her money. She will not give them the money, so they are waiting for her to die. And there are other people who are also waiting for her to die.

Jackie loved a man, Tom Briggs, a poor gardener. She thought her mom never gave her anything she wanted. Jackie was arrested by the police. Except Jackie, everyone got the money. Roger had a nice house and a nice car, but he still took money from Molly. Her sons and daughters were adults.

There are lots of things more important than money. Jackie was a good daughter. But Molly thought Jackie should do that.

Molly never thanked Jackie. Molly cared this thing very much. Molly was self-contradictory. Did Molly love money? Yes, she did. Jackie had to take care of her mom, so she wanted Molly to be happy. Cigarettes aren't good for you.

She wanted her mother to be happy this evening, but it was very difficult. Mother louesme best. Jackie wanted her mother to be happy today.

The house is some more meat, Uncle Albert? You're fifty now. You need to be more Jackie asked. I don't need a nurse' you know!

I work in Roger got up and began to give more wine to 'This the garden every day; I feel happy there. You come here for loved this wine. He often drank it.

You don't love 'Yes,' 'Expensive, me. You want my house, and my money. Well, you can Albert said, and looked at Molly. He wants to meet you. I'm going upstairs to bed. Chapter3 arly next morning the house was quiet. Suddenly there was a cry from the room next to Roger's,his mother's room. Roger openedhis eyesand looked at the clock. It was nearly seveno'clock. He got out of bed and openedthe door quietly. At the sametime the door of his mother's room opened and Diane came out.

Her face was very white. It's Mother! I brought a cup of coffeefor her 'Nobody and I found her dead.


Molly left the room. Nobody moved. Roger went quickly to the door of his mother'sroom 'One and looked in. The window was open but the room day I'm going to kill that woman,'Diane said quietly. Molly was on the bed, one hand under her Roger looked at Diane but said norhing. Albert head. Roger went acrossto the bed and put his hand moved his head slowly up and down. She's angry, on her arm. It was cold. On the little table next to the that's all,' he said. Annie's 'She'sdead,' Roger said slowly.

His face, too, was going to die soon. Molly knows that. Come into the kitchen and Diane walked across the room to the door.

Nobody loved Mother!

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Roger slowly went downstairs after her and stood by the telephone. It's my mother - she's dead. Can you come quickly? Diane put the phone down. Mother dead! Daddy died last winter, and now Mother.

Yoz tell them! Nobody loved Mother. You aren't sorry. Look at you! You want her money. That's all. You didn't love Mother. You said. Don't forget that!

Love Or Money Rowena Akinyemi PDF

I can't stay in this house. I'm going out. I'm going to the river with the dogs. She went into the kitchen and at 'Beautiful once the dogs got up and came to her. Daddy loved you and Mother loved you. Now I'm going to love you. He stood by the telephone.

Loue or Monev? I neededmoney, and now I'm rich. Things are going to be easierfor me now. But Mother. And now she's dead. He wanted to dress before Dr pratt arrived.

Dr Pratt was a little fat man without much hair. He was the family doctor and he knew all the Clarkson family very well.

He wenr upstairs at once and looked at Molly's body. He looked carefully at the cup of coffeeand the empry cup on the table next to her bed.

She Dr Pratt said,'Why did she die? I don't understand. On Thursday she had a new bottle of Dr Pratt said nothing for a minute. I'm going to phone the police, Roger. Let's go 'Police! Your mother wasn't ill. I saw her on Roger went into the kitchen and made some coffee. Thursday and she was very well. Why did she die? I Just then Diane came in with the dogs. I want to find out. I was angry and Roger went acrossto the window and looked out at said some angrythings. It was a beautiful summer morning.

The 'It doesn't matter,' Roger said. It was all very some coffee. Dr Pratt is phoning the police. Did you quiet. His mother loved this garden. But Tom Briggs know Mother took sleepingtablets? Well, the bottle is wanted the garden. And Roger wanted the garden,too. Her eyeslooked big and dark. Chapter4 Just then Dr Pratt came into the kitchen.

There were a lot of I want to tell you about last night. Some of them with cameraswent upstairs Everyone was very angry. Two detectivestalked to Dr Pratt in Roger said quickly. The family waited in the sitting room.

It neverthinks before sheopensher mouth,, he was a hot day againand the windows were open. The thought angrily. Nobody talked. Jackie Diane did not look at Roger. Last night Mother smoked. They waited for a long time.


Suddenly the went to bed early becauseeveryone. I am DetectiveInspector'! He Roger's face went red. Suddenlyhe felt afraid. The police are going to talk to everyone,and ask quesrions,' he thought. It's going to be very difficult. I'm going to tell Uncle Albert and Jackie about Mother. He wore a coat becausehe alwaysfelt cold. You can have my father's old office.

Come with me, it's along here. Roger opened the window. He took off his hat and coat and sat down behind the table. SergeantFoster waited by the door. He was a very tall young man with black hair and a nice smile. He was not very happy this morning becausehe usually played tennis on Sundaymornings. He was one of the best playersat the CambridgeTennis Club. Albert came in and sat down. It's your iob. I know that. I'm hungry. Everyone was angty. Roger was angry. Then there'sa 'Oh, no.

Let's see man called Tom Briggs. He wants half the garden JackieClarksonnext. Molly was a rich woman. I need money Jackie came in and sat down. She looked down at becausemy wife Annie - Molly's sister- is very ill. I her hands and said nothing. Then he waited. Jackie'sface did not change 'Tell me, did your mother get her upstairs. Jackie and shesaid nothing. My mother usually took a sleepingtablet every She lives here with Molly so she wanted Molly to be h"ppy.

At first Roger said no. He was angryand didn't night so sheneededa lot of tablets. Sometimesshegot want to seehis mother. I was tired and I went upstairs first.

I went to Molly's room and askedher for money again. But no - there was no money for her sister. InspectorWalsh watchedAlbert for a minute. Later, I heard someone.

He - or she- went downstairs. That was about midnight. Thank you, you can go now. On Thursday,I 'No, Inspector. Money is not important to me. There asked Peter Hobbs to get them.

He lives in the house acrossthe road, and he often goesto the village on his are more important things,' Jackie said quietly. Tom Briggs bicycle. Your mother wanted to stay in this house. You wanted nothing? Did you want to move? Her eyeswere suddenlyangry. Jackielooked up for a minute and then down at her hands again. I loved my PeterHobbs. He lost his job becauseof my mother. He mother. Shewas good to me. And what about Diane? Diane made hot milk and took it Inspector listened carefully.

Sheusually drank a cup of hot milk before question everyone,Miss Clarkson. Yes, please! Jackie opened her bag and looked for a cigarette. InspectorWalsh thought about 'Of course. This is your house,' Inspector'Walsh 'Why her. The room was said.

He watched Jackie. Sheremembered the dogs - she wanted to get some dinner for them. I went to my room and she went downstairs. About midnight, I think. I didn't kill my mother. I need money, that's true. So I fLcalled Roger Clarkson to the office.

Roger came wanted Mother to sell this house. It's true. But Mr in and sat down. The Inspectorbegan at once. Briggs wanted half the garden, too, you know, for his 'Now, Mr Clarkson. You went to your work for Mother. I wanted her to move. But no. Shedidn't want to move. I wanted to say goodnight to my mother. Your mother 'Did you talk about the house again? Do you needmoney? Again, she said no.

She loved the house and didn't want to sell it. Roger's face did not change. Someone put them there. Diane did not kill my mother, I know that. She found the body. I would like to see Diane next. Inspector Walsh stood up and put his hands in his pockets. He went to the window and looked out at 'Why the trees. Was it important? He looked at Sergeant Foster. It's not easy, SergeantFosterlaughed.

I don't like sitting here looking at the sun. Shelooked 'I at SergeantFosterand smiled.

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You play very well. Inspector Walsh looked at him. A fast and exciting player is SergeantFoster. When did you to talk about last night. Diane stoppedsmiling. I can't stop talking about it. We were all angry. Then she began again. Shekilled my father, you know.

Last winter, 'We were all in the kitchen, and Peter Hobbs came in. He wanted to kill see. So you wanted to kill your mother? Are you going to talk to him? I ''W'e'regoing to talk to everyone. Tom Briggs came into the kitchen, too. Are Everyonewanted Mother to die. Uncle Albert wanted you going to talk to him? And then my brother. He needsa lot of money. He has an expensivehouse Chapter6 and an expensivecar.

And think of Jackie. Do you know that Jackiedidn't like Mother? A long time ago, a nice boy worked here. He was the gardener. Jackie hey found Peter Hobbs under his car - an old loved him very much, but Mother said no. A gardener green car. He got up slowly. He wore old blue was not a good husbandfor a Clarksongirl! What a said.

He looked at the 'We found the empty bottle of sleepingtablets in 'I Inspector. Someone in the village your room,' InspectorWalsh said quietly. He watched told me. I 'Jackie Diane stood up suddenly,her face angry. I'm not going to listento this! So I rnade a lot of noise and then they opened the you, Sergeant. You needto be careful'' door. Old Mrs Clarkson wasn't there.

But I told Roger. I told them all! I lost my job, my first 'All the family were in the kitchen job, becauseof her. Last month I was in trouble with the Inspector said. Peter Hobbs and Tom Briggs were there, the police and that old woman wrote to my office and too. One of them killed Molly. I wanted to kill 'Come on. We InspectorWalsh got his hat and coat.

Let's get easy! I'd like a sandwich,too. I'm next? Tom Briggs 30 Loue or Money? He wanted to talk to Roger, too. But Roger river. It was not a big farm, and the house was old and didn't listen to him. Jackie was very unhappy - she dirty.

Then I went home. Now tell me about the tablets. You went to Tom Briggs was a young man, about thirty years 'What's wrong?

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