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My Child Won't Eat!: How to Enjoy Mealtimes Without Worry Paperback – August 16, He teaches breastfeeding courses for health professionals, and writes books and magazine articles on child rearing for parents. Start reading My Child Won't Eat!: How to enjoy mealtimes without. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Carlos Gonzaìlez was born in Zaragoza, Spain, in download My Child Won't Eat!: How to enjoy mealtimes without worry: Read 84 Kindle Store Reviews - Parents everywhere worry when their baby or toddler doesn't seem to eat as much as they think he should. Carlos González, a paediatrician and father, sets.

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My Child Wont Eat Book

My Child Won't Eat book. Read 74 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. La madre se dispone a dar de comer a su hijo mientras lo distrae. More sensibly, his bestselling book My Child Won't Eat has calmed down thousands of parents since it came out 10 years ago. This was a man. My Child Won't Eat by Carlos González, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Every weigh-in is like your most important school exam. Every meal is an emotional battle. Throwaway comments about it from others hurt you to the core. And you blame yourself. First of all a little bit of background: Ben and I have two daughters — L is 7 years old and was born in France where we lived before moving to London when she was 3. L, like Ben and I, was very small when she was born: 2. This never bothered me as Ben was always quite small as a child and I was tiny too. However, in France babies get weighed every month, and parents usually mums get judged on this every month.

However, in France babies get weighed every month, and parents usually mums get judged on this every month. L used to gain weight as a baby and a child, but very slowly, and she crawled along the lower percentiles.

However she was gaining weight and never lost weight. She was also a happy, alert child who played well and slept well.

Not really the signs of a child that is hungry. L, aged 8 months. And we ignored the weight charts. L eating her first French snail, aged 5.

She has never had a huge appetite, but she eats and she puts on weight very, very slowly. However not everyone is as lucky as Ben and me. Maybe your partner believes that your child should be eating more, so wants you to force them to eat more.

Fortunately there is help. Common sense. Something we often lose sight of when parenting. So who is Carlos Gonzalez and why should you believe what he has to say? This made me feel better as well.

My own father was forced to eat porridge in boarding school, and to this day will not eat it. As a teacher our policy was to make sure the pre-school kids ate at least half their lunch. This was often a battle of wills.

My Child Won't Eat : How to Enjoy Mealtimes without Worry

I remember kids who used to sit the whole of break with their food, unwilling to eat. They would miss out on their play time too. At the time, as a child who had been brought up to only eat until I was full, and it was fine to leave left overs, I knew this was not right, but it was not my school. I had to go with it. Kids know when they are hungry and how much they need to eat.

My Child Won't Eat : Carlos González :

I was encouraged to hear that many stop eating at one year because of the slowed growth rate. I know a fellow mom whose baby was born in the same month as Nicky who is depressed about those weigh in visits as her child is petite and the nurse just makes her feel inadequate.

I also know the nurse at the class I went to would be horrified at how little solids my child is getting now.

It is sad when we cannot turn to health providers because they just make you feel like you are a bad mother when actually you are doing your best to be in tune with your child. Having read this book now, I will be more aware of what he is trying to communicate and listen to him. As much as Gonzalez advocates breastfeeding on demand, he suggests that we follow this practice for solids and quotes a study done by a Dr Adelle Davis who offered a variety of food at every meal.

The author also cautions against bribing kids to eat, referring to studies where the bribed group ate less a few days later. And no longer just one more bite as before; now they expect me to eat twice of three times as much as before. I wonder if they caught the virus. Whatever it is, mealtimes are a huge ordeal.

Carlos Gonzalez: What to do if your child won't eat

Just the thought of them makes me want to throw up and I lose what little appetite I had. Gonzalez recommends an experiment, if you are really worried about your child not eating. Weigh your child, and if he or she has not lost 1kg 2. He recommends breastfeeding on demand and says breastfed babies will not accept solids as well as bottle fed ones.