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Ransom by Julie Garwood. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Editorial Reviews. Review. In Ransom, New York Times bestselling author Julie Ransom (Highlands' Lairds Book 2) - Kindle edition by Julie Garwood. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Ransom [Julie Garwood] on Book 2) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook.

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Ransom Julie Garwood Ebook

Julie Garwood. Home · Julie Garwood Author: Sizzle. downloads Garwood, Julie - The Secret 02 - Ransom · Read more · Garwood, Julie. Julie Garwood is among the most critically acclaimed – and popular – romance Ransom. Highlands' Lairds (Series). Book 2. Julie Garwood Author (). Ransom book. Beloved storyteller Julie Garwood steps back to the silver- shrouded Highlands of her Lori I got it as an ebook download from my local library.

Plot summary[ edit ] In England, during the reign of King Richard I , Gillian, as a young child, is woken up in the middle of the night by her father. Alford the Red, and his soldiers have breached their home, Dunhanshire. Gillian's father sends his daughters with four of his most trusted men to escape the estate with a golden jeweled box that must be kept a secret. In the chaos, Gillian and Christian are separated. Christian escapes but Gillian gets caught and dragged back to the holding. After seizing Dunhanshire and killing Gillian's father, Alford has Gillian banished to her uncle, Morgan Chapman's, estate. Fourteen years later, Gillian is dragged back to Dunhanshire where she meets a young 5-year-old boy, Alec Maitland. She tries to help him escape but the first attempt fails and they were found and taken back to the estate. Alford tells Gillian that he is sending her on a quest to the Highlands in Scotland to retrieve the jeweled box, called Arianna's treasure which belongs to King John, and her sister who he believes has the box. Gillian leaves the holding once again with Alec in order to save his life. Once in Scotland, Gillian sends word to Alec's champion, Laird Brodick Buchanan, to request his help in getting Alec returned home safely.

They fall hard and forever, but not always have the grace of acknowledging the fall, LOL. Brodick was just like that, and it was funny to see him trying to deal with it. When he told Gillian that she loved him, I giggled like a schoolgirl. And when he tricked her into marrying him, I laughed like a lunatic.

That was one short-lived Big Misunderstanding I had no problem with.

I was married on a horse? I doubt Brodick would get away with his antics in real life but he just turned out to be one of my favorite heroes in Romancelandia.

Gillian was perfect match for Brodick. She didn't need to be coddled, which was refreshing when it comes to heroines in Romancelandia. Not that she was harsh or anything like that, she was just strong and independent. And yet, once she fell in love with Brodick, she wasn't afraid to admit she needed him to make her happier and she enjoyed talking and sharing her feelings with him.

If I have a minor quibble about her, it's her behavior near the end of the story, when she almost drove her uncle crazy with her crying over Brodick: it was a bit out of character but, all things considered, it didn't bother me much. It did make me smile imagining her uncle's "suffering". Why hadn't Gillian been killed by the villainous Baron Alford? Was Gillian's sister truly alive?

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About The Book. With the recent birth of Alan Doyle and the peaceful passing of Walter Flanders, there were exactly nine hundred and twenty-two MacPhersons, and the vast majority of those proud men and women desperately wanted and needed Ramsey's protection.

The MacPhersons were in a bad way. Their laird, a sad-eyed, mean-tempered old man named Lochlan, had died the year before, by his own hand, God forgive him. His clansmen had been stunned and appalled by their laird's cowardly act and still could not talk openly about it.

None of the younger men had successfully challenged for the right to lead the clan; though, in truth, most didn't want to fill Lochlan's shoes because they believed he had tainted the position by killing himself.

He had to have been mad, they reasoned, because a sane man would never commit such a sin, knowing that he would spend eternity burning in hell for giving God such an insult.

The two elders who had stepped forward to temporarily lead the MacPherson clan, Brisbane Andrews and Otis MacPherson, were old and worn-out from more than twenty years of off-and-on fighting with the land-hungry clans to the east, south, and west of their holding. The fighting had intensified tenfold after the death of their laird, for their enemies knew their vulnerability with the lack of leadership. Desperate times called for cunning measures, however, and so Brisbane and Otis, with their clan's approval, decided to approach Laird Ramsey Sinclair during the annual spring festival.

The social opportunity seemed the ideal time to present their petition, as it was an unspoken rule that all the clans leave their animosity at home and join together as one family for two full weeks of competition and goodwill. It was a time when old friendships were renewed, harmless grudges were stirred up, and most important, marriage contracts were sealed.

Fathers of young daughters spent most of their days frantically trying to protect their offspring from unwanted suitors while at the same time trying to make the best possible match. Most of the men found it a thoroughly invigorating time.

Because the Sinclair land bordered the MacPherson holding on the southern edge, Ramsey assumed that the MacPherson leaders wanted to talk to him about a possible alliance, but as it turned out, the old men wanted much more. They were after a union -- a marriage, so to speak -- between the two clans and were willing to give up their name and become Sinclairs if the laird would give them his solemn word that every MacPherson would be treated as though he had been born a Sinclair.

They wanted equality for every one of their nine hundred and twenty-two clansmen. Ramsey Sinclair's tent was the size of a large cottage and spacious enough to accommodate the gathering. There was a small round table in the center with four chairs and several mats strewn around the ground for sleeping. Ramsey's commander in arms, Gideon, and two other seasoned Sinclair warriors, Anthony and Faudron, his trusted leaders, were present.

Michael Sinclair, Ramsey's younger brother, fidgeted in the shadows while he waited for permission to rejoin the festivities. The child had already been rebuked for interrupting the meeting and kept his head bowed in embarrassment and shame. Brisbane Andrews, a cantankerous old man with a piercing gaze and raspy voice, stepped forward to explain why the MacPhersons sought a merger. We need your strength to keep the predators at bay so that we may live a peaceful life.

Children often repeat secrets by accident, and I wouldn't like anyone to know about this Ramsey had been living at the Maitland holding as an emissary after his mandatory years of training to become a fit warrior and had returned to his Sinclair home when their father had called for him on his deathbed.

The brothers were nearly strangers to one another, but Ramsey, though somewhat inept at dealing with children, was determined to rectify that situation as soon as possible.

Michael quickly did as he was ordered and repeated his request, adding the word "please" this time. Ramsey could see the fear in his brother's eyes and wondered how long it was going to take for the boy to get used to having him around. The child still mourned their father, and Ramsey knew that Michael felt as though he had been abandoned. The boy didn't remember his mother -- she had passed away when he was just a year old -- but he had been extremely close to their father and still had not recovered from his death.

Julie Garwood

Ramsey hoped that with time and patience Michael would learn to trust him and perhaps even remember how to smile again. Michael immediately ran to the two men, bowed to his waist, and blurted out, "May I take your leave? God willing, Michael will also grow into a fine warrior. A leader of men. Why is that, Laird? Your mother had been dead over ten years, but he fooled me, and he seemed very content.

Did you ever meet Glynnes, his second wife? We have -- " He suddenly stopped, for he was so stunned by the fact that Ramsey had moved forward to pour wine into their empty goblets, he lost his train of thought.

Do you not know the power you hold? It is therefore my duty to see to your comfort. Our land is rich with resources.

Our lakes are glutted with fat fish, our soil is rich for planting, and our hills are filled with sheep. They all want our land, our water and our women, but the rest of us can go to hell. He began to pace about the tent with his head bowed and his hands clasped behind his back. Gideon turned to Otis.

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Aye, it's possible, for they already have the minds and hearts of warriors. They were a barbaric tribe," he added with a frown. It was said they would rather die by the blade than lose an argument. Ramsey laughed. Though we are often at odds, I count Brodick as one of my closest friends. He is a brother to me. However, I will not take exception to what have said about him, for I know Brodick would be pleased to know that you think him ruthless. We all know you to be a compassionate man.

Show us your mercy now," he pleaded.

That is all. I'm not certain that now is the time to -- " "We can't wait any longer, Laird. The Boswells have declared war and there's talk that they'll align themselves with the Hamiltons. If that happens, the MacPhersons will all be destroyed. Before we came to you with our proposal, we put it to a vote four months ago. Everyone, man and woman, was included. Otis smiled. We wouldn't have thought to include them if Meggan MacPherson, granddaughter of our past laird, hadn't insisted on it. The first vote went in favor of the union, but by a smaller margin.

Then we voted again. There is a simple way to gain their loyalty Marriage to a MacPherson would only make the union stronger. My clan Just two weeks ago, David and Lucy Douglas were murdered, and their only sin was that they ventured too close to the border. They were newly wed. What will happen to our children?

Ramsey couldn't turn his back on their cry for help. He knew the lengths the Boswells would go to in order to claim more land. None of their soldiers would think twice about killing a child. Gideon knew his laird well and had already guessed what his answer was going to be. Does that suit you? Otis visibly colored. We can't possibly win, but it would be easier to give up our name and take the Sinclair name if we were soundly beaten in games of strength.

You would still rule as laird, Ramsey, but you would become a MacPherson, and the man who bested you would become your first in command. So absurd was the request, he felt like laughing.

He forced himself to maintain his stern expression as he said, "I have a commander and am well pleased with him. Ramsey cut him off. You could compete at the end of the games. We would have to wait until next year to compete. The mere suggestion is obscene. The Sinclair name is sacred. However, since you say you wish only to save your soldiers' pride, if I decide on this union, then I will also suggest they compete for positions within my ranks under my commander. Those MacPherson soldiers who show strength and courage against my soldiers will be personally trained by Gideon.

Ramsey laughed softly. Our protection and his name. They are outrageous. I've known for some time now that they were going to come to me, and I've had time to contemplate the matter. Tell me, Gideon, are you in favor of such a union?


It's a troubling flaw, that. I see the problems involved in such a union. More important is their cry for help, Gideon. Can you turn your back on them? However, I'm most concerned about Proster and the other dissenters. They first voted four months ago. Besides, we'll keep a close eye on them. Let's put the matter aside for now and join the festivities. Iain and Judith Maitland have been here since yesterday afternoon and I've still not spoken to them.

Let's hunt them down. Ramsey dismissed Anthony and Faudron and then said to Gideon, "I can see from your grin the matter isn't serious. You might as well sit down, Laird, for Dunstan has requested permission to marry Bridgid KirkConnell. She's waiting outside, and you will at last meet the thorn in your side.

Ramsey shook his head. She has a spirit few other women possess.