Playing Angry Racer online is the best way to take a break

Your mobile phone is a greater thing than just a device for giving or receiving phone calls. With its mobile apps and games today a mobile phone has become a real play station to help you kill time whenever you feel like this. Enjoy free mobile java games ranging from fighting action to racing games. If you’re a racing fan, try Angry Racing free java mobile game with its old-style interface and exciting gameplay. Go for outrageous races, crush your enemies hard with the weapon you choose and become a violent racing champion.


Don’t miss a chance to upgrade your victorious car with the newest equipment and electronic gadgets in your garage, customize your car to fit your combat requirements, share your experience with peers via chat and forum. Be the toughest racer in the game with the highest score and win rate. Java games for your mobile are designed to drive routine out of your daily life. Whenever you have a spare minute – hook on a game and spend a couple of minutes racing like hell. Have a good time with your mobile java games.

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