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Keiji Kiriya is a new recruit in the United Defense Force, which is battling against these "Mimics." On his first day of deployment, Keiji and his unit encounter "Mimics" and are all killed Why does this happen to Keiji and how can he escape from this never ending cycle?. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Hiroshi Sakurazaka was born in Tokyo in After a Back. All You Need is Kill, Vol. 2 (All You Need is Kill (manga)). eBOOK >>PDF All You Need is Kill (manga): 2in-1 Edition FULLPAGE Click button below to download or read this book. Description When the.

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Shelves: manga-one-shots , complete-manga-series , manga Having never read the light novel by the same name or having seen the movie Edge of Tomorrow I walked into this book with no expectations but after reading I have found I really enjoyed this book. Before picking this book up for yourself or considering getting it for a child I have to warn you it is rated Older Teen and has realistic depictions of violence, strong language, and has partial nudity so if either bothers you then you might want to reconsider. Drawn by Takeshi Obata of Death Note fa Having never read the light novel by the same name or having seen the movie Edge of Tomorrow I walked into this book with no expectations but after reading I have found I really enjoyed this book. Drawn by Takeshi Obata of Death Note fame this book is a story richly illustrated balancing between beautiful and the macabre as humans try to fight against seemingly impossible odds against an increasingly difficult alien menace. Now Keiji Kiriya who is fresh to the monster hunting scene is ready to deploy with the help of his platoon and as he lays there dieing after an unfortunate shot he wakes up once again in his bed as though everything was reset. First comes realization and then depression as he realizes he will have to live the same day day after day. With no way out his only hope is to get stronger and hopefully one day be able to get out of this seemingly endless cycle of death and violence. Thankfully the United Defense Force sent the only person known to live through one of these alien attacks on the battle field who has earned the nickname "Full Metal Bitch" so she can help these soldier in their fight against the alien threat known as the Mimics. As you read you will learn the hardships of war and see how those same hardships can bring people together even though one of them has to restart his day every time he dies thanks to the similarities of both warriors as they fight destiny side by side. Although there are many fascinating parts to this book my favorite part would have to be when Rita and Keiji have one of their moments of bonding as they both start having an Umeboshi eating contest which for those of you who not know are an extremely sour and salty snack created from pickled ume fruit.

Mimics dont roar.

Theyre not frightening to look at. They dont spread any wings or stand on their hind legs to make themselves look more intimidating. They simply hunt with the relentlessness of machines. I felt like a deer in the headlights, frozen in the path of an oncoming truck. I couldnt understand how Id gotten myself into the situation I was in.

I was out of bullets. So long, Mom. Im gonna die on a fucking battlefield. On some godforsaken island with no friends, no family, no girlfriend.

In pain, in fear, covered in my own shit because of the fear. And I cant even raise the only weapon I have left to fend off the bastard racing toward me. It was like all the fire in me left with my last round of ammo. The Mimics coming for me.

I can hear Death breathing in my ear. His figure looms large in my heads-up display. Now I see him; his body is stained a bloody red. His scythe, a two-meterlong behemoth, is the same vivid shade. Its actually more of a battle axe than a scythe. In a world where friend and foe wear the same dust-colored camouflage, he casts a gunmetal red glow in all directions. Death rushes forward, swifter than even a Mimic. A crimson leg kicks and I go flying. My armor is crushed.

I stop breathing. The sky becomes the ground. My display is drowning in red flashing warnings. I cough up blood, saving the rest of the. Then my pile driver fires. The blast throws me at least ten meters into the air. Bits of the armor plating from the back of my Jacket scatter across the ground. I land upside down.

Death swings his battle axe. Metal screams as he cuts through the uncuttable. The axe cries out like a freight train screeching to a halt. I see the Mimics carapace sailing through the air. It only took one blow to reduce the Mimic to a motionless heap. Ashen sand poured from the gaping wound. The two halves of the creature shuddered and twitched, each keeping its own strange rhythm. A creature humanitys greatest technological inventions could barely scratch, laid waste by a barbarian weapon from a thousand years past.

Death turned slowly to face me. Amid the crush of red warning lights crowding my display, a sole green light winked on. An incoming friendly transmission. A womans voice. Impossible to make it out over the noise. I couldnt stand. The Jacket was spent and so was I. It took everything I had left just to roll right side. Upon closer inspection, I was not, in fact, in the company of the Angel of Death.

It was just another soldier in a Jacket. A Jacket not quite like my own, as it was outfitted with that massive battle axe where the regulation pile driver should have been. The insignia on the shoulder didnt read JP but instead U. In place of the usual desert camouflage mix of sand and coffee grounds, the suit shone head-to-toe in metallic crimson. The Full Metal Bitch. Id heard stories. A war junkie always chasing the action, no matter where it led her. Word had it she and her Special Forces squad from the U.

Army had chalked up half of all confirmed Mimic kills ever. Maybe anyone who could see that much fighting and live to tell about it really was the Angel of Death. Still carrying the battle axe, the blazing red Jacket started toward me. Its hand reached down and fumbled for the jack in my shoulder plate. A contact comm.

Theres something Ive been wantin to know. Her voice filled my suit, clear as crystal. A soft, light tone, at odds with the two-meter axe and carnage shed just created with it.

Is it true the green tea they serve in Japan at the end of your meal comes. The conductive sand spilling out of the fallen Mimic danced away on the wind. I could hear the distant cry of shells as they flew. This was a battlefield, the scorched waste where Yonabaru, Captain Yuge, and the rest of my platoon had died. A forest of steel shells. A place where your suit fills with your own piss and shit. Where you drag yourself through a mire of blood and muck. Ive gotten myself in trouble for believing everything I read.

So I thought Id play it safe, ask a local, she continued. Here I am, half dead, covered in shit, and you want to talk about tea? Who walks up to someone, kicks them to the ground, and then asks about tea?

What was going through her fucking head? I wanted to give her a piece of my mind, but the words wouldnt come. I could think of the words I wanted to say, but my mouth had forgotten how to work a litany of profanities stalled at the gate. Thats the thing with books.

Half the time the author doesnt know what the hell hes writing aboutespecially not those war novelists. Now how about you ease your finger off the trigger and take a nice, deep breath. Good advice. It took a minute, but I started to see straight again. The sound of a womans voice always had a way of. The pain Id left in battle returned to my gut. My Jacket misread the cramps in my muscles, sending the suit into a mild spasm.

I thought of the dance Yonabarus suit did just before he died. Hurt much? What do you think? My reply wasnt much more than a hoarse whisper. The red Jacket kneeled down in front of me, examining the shredded armor plate over my stomach.

I ventured a question. Hows the battle going? The st has been wiped out. Our main line fell back to the coast to regroup. What about your squad? No use worrying about them. It pierced the front, but the back armor plate stopped it. Its charred bad. How bad? Fuck me. I looked up at the sky. Looks like its starting to clear.

I like the sky here. Whys that? Its clear. Cant beat islands for clear skies. Am I going to die? Yeah, she told me. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I was grateful then that the helmet hid my face from view. It kept my shame a private thing. The red Jacket maneuvered to gently cradle my head. Whats your name? Not your rank or your serial number.

Your name. Keiji Kiriya. Im Rita Vrataski. Ill stay with you until you die. She couldnt have said anything Id rather hear, but I wasnt going to let her see that. Youll die too if you stay. I have a reason. When you die, Keiji, Im going to take your Jackets battery. Thats cold. No need to fight it. Let go. I heard an electronic squelchan incoming comm signal in Ritas helmet.

It was a mans voice. The link between our Jackets automatically relayed the. Calamity Dog, this is Chief Breeder.

I read you. All business. Alpha Server and vicinity under control. Estimate we can hold for thirteen minutes, tops. Time to pick up that pizza. Calamity Dog copies. Running silent from here in. The red Jacket stood, severing our comm link. Behind her an explosion rumbled. I felt the ground tremble through my spine. A laser-guided bomb had fallen from the sky. It plunged deep into the earth, piercing the bedrock before it detonated. The sandy white ground bulged like an overcooked.

A hail of mud splattered on my armor. Ritas battle axe glinted in the light. The smoke cleared. I could see a writhing mass in the center of the enormous crater left by the explosion: Red points of light sprang to life on my radar screen, so many that every point was touching another.

I thought I saw Rita nod. She sprang forward, flitting across the battlefield. Her axe rose and fell. Each time it shone, the husk of a Mimic soared. The sand that poured from their wounds spiraled on the whirlwinds traced by her. She cut them down with the ease of a laser cutting butter. Her movements took her in a circle around me, protecting me. Rita and I had undergone the same training, but she was like a juggernaut while I lay on the ground, a stupid toy that had run down its batteries.

No one had forced me to be here. I had dragged myself to this wasteland of a battlefield, and I wasnt doing a damn bit of good for anyone. Better Id gotten plugged alongside Yonabaru.

At least then I wouldnt have put another soldier in harms way trying to protect me. I decided not to die with three rounds left in my pile driver. I lifted a leg. I put a hand on one knee. I stood. I screamed. I forced myself to keep going. The red Jacket turned to me. I heard some noise over my headphones, but I couldnt tell what she was trying to say. One of the Mimics in the pack stood out from the rest.

It wasnt that it looked different from the others. Just another drowned, bloated frog. But there was something about it that set it apart. Maybe proximity to death had sharpened my senses, but somehow I knew that was the one I was meant to fight.

So thats what I did. I leapt at the Mimic and it lashed out at me with its tail. I felt my body lighten. One of my. The right arm leaving the pile driver on the left intact. Lucky me. I pulled the trigger. The charge fired, a perfect ninetydegree angle. One more shot.

A hole opened in the things carapace. I blacked out. It was a mystery novel about an American detective who is supposed to be some sort of expert on the Orient. I had my index finger wedged into a scene. The detectives client, an Italian, tries to order an espresso after their meal, but the detective stops him cold. He starts on about how at Japanese restaurants, they bring you green tea after dinner, so you dont have to order anything. Then he veers off on how green tea goes great with soy sauce, and oh, why is it that in India they spice their milk tea?

Hes finally gathered everyone involved in the case in one place, and he talks a blue streak about everything but whodunit. I rubbed my eyes. Passing my hand over my shirt I felt my stomach through the cloth. I could make out a newly formed six-pack that. No trace of any wound, no charred flesh. My right arm was right where it should be. Good news all around. What a crappy dream. I must have fallen asleep reading the book. I should have known something was up when Mad Wargarita started striking up small talk about mystery novels.

American Special Operators whod crossed the entire Pacific Ocean just for a taste of blood didnt have time to read the latest best seller. If they had spare time, theyd probably spend it tweaking their Jackets. What a way to start the day.

Today was going to be my first real taste of battle. Why couldnt I have dreamed. On the bunk above me a radio with its bass blown out was squawking music some kind of prehistoric rock so ancient my old man wouldnt have recognized it. I could hear the sounds of the base stirring to life, incoherent chatter coming from every direction, and above it all, the DJs over-caffeinated voice chirping away with the weather forecast. I could feel every word pierce my skull.

Clear and sunny out here on the islands, same as yesterday, with a UV warning for the a fte r no o n. Watch out for those sunburns! The barracks werent much more than four sheets of fire-resistant wood. A poster of a bronze-skinned bikini babe hung on one of the walls. Someone had replaced her head with a shot of the prime minister torn from the base newspaper.

The bikini babes head grinned vapidly from its new home atop a macho muscle builder on another nearby poster. The muscle builders head was MIA. I stretched in my bunk. The welded aluminum frame squealed in protest. Keiji, sign this.

Yonabaru craned his neck over the side of the top bunk. He looked great for a guy Id just seen get impaled. They say people who die in dreams are supposed to live forever. Jin Yonabaru had joined up three years before me. Three more years of. Back when he was a civilian hed been thin as a beanpole. Now he was cut from rock. He was a soldier, and he looked the part. What is it?

A confession. The one I told you about. I signed it yesterday. Thats weird. I could hear him rifling through pages above me. No, not here.

Well, sign one for me again, will ya? You trying to pull a fast one on me? Only if you come back in a bodybag. Besides, you can only die once, so what difference does it make how many copies you sign? UDF soldiers on the front line had a tradition. The day before an operation, theyd sneak into the PX and make off with some liquor. Drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. The shot they gave you before battle broke down any acetaldehyde left in the bloodstream.

But if you were caught, theyd bring you up before a disciplinary committeemaybe a court martial if you screwed the pooch real badafter taking stock of inventory once the fighting was over and everyone was back on base.

Of course, it was hard to court-martial a corpse. Which is why wed all leave notes before the battle explaining how the robbery had been our idea. Sure enough, when the investigation started, it was always. It was a good system. The people running the PX were wise to the racket, so they made sure to leave out some bottles that wouldnt be missed too much.

All You Need Is Kill - Sakurazaka, Hiroshi.pdf

Youd think theyd just go ahead and give everyone a few drinks the night before a battlefor morales sake, if nothing elsebut no, it was the same old song and dance every time. Good ideas dont stand a chance against good bureaucracy. I took the paper from Yonabaru. Funny, I thought Id be more nervous. So soon? Save it for the day, man. What do you mean? We suit up this afternoon. You nuts? How long you plan on wearing that thing?

If I dont wear it today, when will I? How about tomorrow, when we roll out? I nearly fell out of bed. For an instant, my eyes settled on the soldier lying on the bunk next to mine. He was flipping through a porn magazine. Then I stared up into Yonabarus face. What do you mean, tomorrow?

They postpone the attack? No, man. Its always been tomorrow. But our secret mission to get hammered starts tonight at nineteen hundred hours. We drink ourselves blind and wake up with a helluva hangover in the morning. A plan not even HQ could fuck up. Wed broken into the PX last night. I remembered the whole thing. I was nervous about it being my first battle, so Id decided to duck out a bit early. I had come back to my bunk and started reading that mystery novel. I even remembered helping Yonabaru up to his bed when he came staggering in from partying with the ladies.

Unlessunless I had dreamed that too? Yonabaru smirked. You dont look so good, Keiji. I picked the novel up off my bed. Id brought it along to read in my spare time, but Id been so busy drilling formation that it had stayed stuffed in the bottom of.

I remember thinking how appropriately ironic it was that I hadnt had any time to start reading it until the day before I was probably going to die. I opened the book to the last page Id read. The American detective who was supposed to be an expert on the Orient was discussing the finer points of green tea, just like I remembered. If today was the day before the battle, when had I read the book?

Nothing was making any sense. Theres nothin to tomorrows operation. I blinked. Nothin to it, huh? Just get yourself home without shooting anyone in the back, and youll be fine. I grunted in reply. Yonabaru curled his hand into a gun and pointed his index finger at his head.

Im serious. Sweat it too much, youll turn into a feedheadend up losing your mind before they even get a chance to blow your brains out. The guy Id replaced had gone a little haywire, so they pulled him from the front lines. They say he started picking up comm feeds about how humanity was doomed. Not the kind of shit you want heavily armed UDF Jacket jockeys listening to.

We might not lose as many to that as we do to the enemy, but its not pretty either way. In battle, unless youre sound of body and mind, youre a liability. Id only just arrived on the. Who knows what warning lights were going off in my head. You ask me, anyone come out of battle not actin a little funny has a screw or three loose.

Yonabaru grinned. Hey, no scarin the fresh meat, I protested. I wasnt actually scared, but I was growing increasingly confused. Just look at Ferrell! Only way to make it is to lose whatever it is that makes you human. A sensitive, caring indivdual like myself aint cut out for fightin, and thats the truth. I dont see anything wrong with the. Aint a question of right or wrong. Its about having a heart made of tungsten and muscles so big they cut off the blood to your brain.

I wouldnt go that far. Next youll be tellin us that Mad Wargarita is just another grunt like the rest of us. Yeah, well, the thing with her is and so the conversation went on, back and forth like we always did. Our badmouthing of Rita was just hitting its stride when the sergeant showed up.

Sergeant Ferrell Bartolome had been around longer than anyone else in our platoon. Hed lived through so many battles, he was more than soldier, he. They said if you stuck him in a centrifuge, hed come out 70 percent big brother, 20 percent ball-busting drill sergeant, and 10 percent steel-reinforced carbon. He scowled at me, then looked at Yonabaru, who was hastily bundling up our liquor confessions. His scowl deepened. You the soldier who broke into the PX?

Yeah, thats me, my friend confessed without a trace of guilt. The men on the surrounding beds ducked under their sheets with all the speed of cockroaches scattering in the light, porn magazines and playing cards forgotten.

Theyd seen the look on the sergeants face. I cleared my throat. Did security, uh. Ferrells forehead knotted as though he were balancing a stack of armored plating on his head. I had a strong feeling of dj vu. All this happened in my dream! Something had gone down, unrelated, at the exact time Yonabaru and his buddies were breaking into the PX.

Security had gone on alert, and the robbery had come to light ahead of schedule. Whered you hear that? Just, uh, a lucky guess.

Yonabaru leaned out over the edge of his bunk. What kind of trouble? Someone stepped in a knee-deep pile of pig shit. Now that may not have anything to do with you, but. Pass the word to the rest of those knuckleheads you call a platoon. You gotta be kidding! Were goin into battle tomorrow, and youre sending us off for PT?

Thats an order, Corporal. Sir, reporting to the No. But, uh, one thing, Sarge. We been doin that liquor raid for years. Why give us a hard time about it now? You really want to know? Ferrell rolled his eyes. I swallowed hard. Nah, I already know the answer.

He always seemed to be grinning. Its because the chain of command around here is fucked to hell. Youll find out for yourself. Wait, Sarge! Ferrell took three regulation-length paces and stopped. Cmon, not even a hint? Yonabaru called from where he was taking cover behind the metal bed frame and bundled confessions.

The generals the one with his panties in a bunch about the rotten excuse for security we have on this base, so dont look at me, and dont look at the captain, either. In fact, you might as well just shut up and do what youre told for a. I sighed. Hes not gonna have us out there weaving baskets, is he? Yonabaru shook his head. Maybe we can all do a group hug. Fucking asshole. I knew where this ended. Id dreamed all this, too. After their defeat a year and a half ago at the Battle of Okinawa Beach, the Japanese Corps made it a matter of honor to recapture a little island perched off the coast of the Boso Peninsula, a place named Kotoiushi.

With a foothold there, the Mimics were only a stones throw away from Tokyo. The Imperial Palace and central government retreated and ruled from Nagano, but there wasnt. The Defense Ministry knew that Japans future was riding on the outcome of this operation, so in addition to mustering twentyfive thousand Jackets, an endless stream of overeager generals had been pooling in this little base on the Flower Line that led down Boso Peninsula.

Theyd even decided to allow Americans, Special Operators, into the game; the U. The Americans probably didnt give a damn whether or not Tokyo was reduced to a smoking wasteland, but letting the industrial area responsible for producing the lightest, toughest, composite armor. Seventy percent of the parts that went into a state-of-the-art Jacket came from China, but the suits still couldnt be made without Japanese technology. So convincing the Americans to come hadnt been difficult.

The catch was that with foreign troops came tighter security. Suddenly there were checks on things like missing alcohol that base security would have turned a blind eye to before. When the brass found out what had been going on, they were royally pissed. Hows that for luck? I wonder who fucked up. It aint us. I knew the Americans would be watchin over their precious.

We were careful as a virgin on prom night. Yonabaru let out an exaggerated moan. Ungh, my stomach. My stomach just started hurtin real bad! I think its my appendix.

All You Need is Kill: aracer.mobi: Hiroshi Sakurazaka: Books

Or maybe I got tetanus back when I hurt myself training. Yeah, thats gotta be it! I doubt it will clear up before tonight, so just make sure you stay hydrated.

It wont last until tomorrow, hear me? Oh, man. It really hurts. See that he drinks some water. Ignoring Yonabarus continued performance, Ferrell walked out of the. As soon as his audience was gone, Yonabaru sat up and made a rude gesture in the direction of the door.

Hes really got a stick up his ass. Wouldnt understand a good joke if it came with a fucking manual.

Aint no way Im gonna be like that when I get old. Am I right? I guess. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Today is turnin to shit. It was all playing out how I remembered. The 17th Armored would spend the next three hours in PT. Exhausted, we would listen to some commissioned officer, his chest bristling with medals, lecture us for another half hour before. I could still hear him threatening to pluck the hairs off our asses one by one with Jacket-augmented fingers.

My dream was looking less like one by the minute. You lift your body like you would in an ordinary push-up, then you hold that position. Its a lot harder than it sounds. You can feel your arms and abs trembling, and eventually you lose your sense of time. After youve counted something. Your arms arent designed to be pillars. Muscles and joints are there to flex and bend. Flex and bend. Sounds nice just thinking about it.

But you cant think about it, or youll feel even worse. Youre pillars, hear me? Nice strong pillars. Muscle isnt really all that important for a Jacket jockey. Whether a persons grip is thirty kilos or seventy, as soon as they put on that Jacket, theyll have kilos of force in the palm of their hands. What a Jacket jockey needs is endurance and controlthe ability to hold one position without twitching a muscle.

Iso push-ups are just the thing for that. Wall sitting isnt half bad, either. Some claimed iso push-ups had become the favored form of discipline in the old Japan Self-Defense Force after they banned corporal punishment. But whoever thought of it, I hope he died a slow, painful death. Staring into the ground, we barked desperately in time with the drill sergeant, sweat streaming into our eyes.

Eight hundred! Fuck OFF! Our shadows were crisp and clear under the scorching sun. The companys flag snapped and fluttered high above the field. The wind that buffeted the training grounds reeked of salt and left a briny layer of slime on our skin. There, motionless in the middle of that gargantuan training field, men from the 17th Company of the Armored.

Infantry Division held their iso push-ups. Three platoon leaders stood, as motionless as their men, one in front of each platoon. Our captain watched over the scene with a grimace from the shade of the barracks tent.

Sitting beside him was a brigadier general from the General Staff Office. The general whod opened his mouth and started this farce was probably off sipping green tea in an air-conditioned office.

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A general was a being from the heavens above. A being perched on a gilded throne, higher than me, higher than Yonabaru, higher than Ferrell, higher than the lieutenant in charge of our platoon, the captain in charge of our company, the lieutenant colonel in.

The generals were the gods of Flower Line and all who trained, slept, and shat within its walls. So high, they seemed distant and unreal.

Generals didnt steal liquor. They were early to bed, early to rise, always brushing their teeth after every meal, never skipping a morning shave goddamned messiahs. Generals went into battle facing death with their chins held high, calm as you please. Hell, all they had to do was sit back in Nagano drawing up their battle plans. One order from them and us mortals on the front lines would move like pawns across a.

Id like to see just one of them here with us in the mud. We had our own rules down here. Which is probably why they stayed away. Hell, if one of them showed, Id see to it a stray bullet put them on the KIA list.

This was the least damning thought running through my head, any one of which would have been enough to send me to a firing squad. The brass in the tent werent the only spectators around to watch our torture.

The guys in 4th Company were really laughing it up. A while back we beat them in an intramural rugby match by more than thirty points, so I guess they felt this was some sort of twisted payback. The liquor wed swiped was. What a bunch of assholes. If they got into trouble on Kotoiushi, I sure as hell wasnt going to bail them out. The U. Spec Ops and some journalist imbedded in their squad had gathered around the field to watch us from a safe distance.

Maybe they didnt do iso push-ups where they came from, but whatever the reason, they were pointing their fat fingers at us and laughing. The breeze coming off the water picked up their voices and dumped them on us. Even at this distance, the commentary was loud and grating. Fingernails on a chalkboard grating.

Is that a camera? Is he. All right, thats it, motherfucker. Youre next on my KIA list. Pain and fatigue racked my body. My blood pumped slow as lead. This was getting old. Counting my dream, this was the second time Id endured this particular session of PT. Not just PT, iso push-ups. In training they taught us that even when youre in excruciating painespecially when youre in painthe best thing to do was to find some sort of distraction, something else to focus on other than the burning in your muscles and the sweat streaking down your forehead.

Careful not to move my head, I looked around out of the corner of one eye. The American journalist was snapping pictures, a visitors pass dangling from his neck. Say cheese! He was a brawny fellow. You could line him up with any of those U. Special Forces guys and youd never know the difference. Hed look more at home on a battlefield than I would, thats for sure.

Pain and suffering were old friends to men like them. They walked up to the face of danger, smiled, and asked what took him so long to get there. They were in a whole nother league from a recruit like me.

In the middle of the testosterone display, the lone woman stuck out like a. She was a tiny little thing standing off by herself a short distance from the rest of the squad. Seeing her there beside the rest of her super-sized squad, something seemed out of whack.

Anne of Green Gables Goes to War. I figure the book would be a spin-off set around World War I. Mongolia makes a land grab, and theres Anne, machine gun tucked daintily under one arm. Her hair was the color of rusted steel, faded to a dull red. Some redheads conjured up images of blood, fire, deeds of valor. Not her. If it werent for the sand-colored shirt she was wearing, shed have looked like some kid whod come to the base on a field trip and gotten herself lost.

The others were fanned out around this girl who barely came up to their chests like awed, medieval peasants gawking at nobility. Suddenly it hit me. Thats Rita!

It had to be. It was the only way to explain how this woman, who couldnt have looked less like a Jacket jockey if she had been wearing a ball gown, was in the company of the spec ops. Most women who suited up looked like some sort of cross between a gorilla and an uglier gorilla. They were the only ones who could cut it on the front lines in the Armored Infantry. Rita Vrataski was the most famous soldier in the world.

Back when I signed up for the UDF, you couldnt go a day. Id even heard Hollywood was gonna make a movie about her, but I was already in the UDF by the time it came out, so I never saw it. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares.

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Description When the alien Mimics invade, Keiji Kiriya is just one of many recruits shoved into a suit of battle armor called a Jacket and sent out to kill.

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Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to be reborn each morning to fight and die again and again. On his fifth iteration, he gets a message from a mysterious ally - the female soldier known as the Full Metal Bitch.

Book Details Author: Ryosuke Takeuchi Pages: Paperback Brand: Viz Media, Subs. Book Appearances 5. You just clipped your first slide!

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