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Get personalized recommendations and earn points toward a free book! “An enormous pyramid of a novel [reminiscent of] Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow and Carlos Fuentes’s Terra Nostra.”—Los Angeles Herald Examiner. “[Norman Mailer] loomed over American letters longer and. Ancient Evenings is a historical novel by American author Norman Mailer. Set in ancient .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Ancient evenings by Norman Mailer; 1 edition; First published in ; Subjects: Fiction, History, Accessible book, Protected DAISY, In library;.

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Ancient Evenings Norman Mailer Pdf

This essay offers a Jungian reading of Ancient Evenings. Inspiring it is the fact that Download book PDF · Norman Mailer's Later Fictions pp | Cite as . Ancient evenings. by: Mailer, Norman External-identifier: urn:acs6: ancientevening00mail:pdfec5df-4fa1ff8d8beb58e. Ancient Evenings, a seven act opera loosely based on Norman Mailer's Remaining true to the original theme of rebirth and reincarnation, Ancient Evenings.

Shelves: 20th-century-fiction , classical-history , mythology , supernatural In a recent post on my blog , I spent a good deal of time discussing how ancient Egypt receives a disproportionate amount of popular attention as far as classical history goes. And then I promptly began reading a novel by Norman Mailer set in ancient Egypt. I learned about Ancient Evenings and a number of other extremely interesting books from a post by Wilfried Houjebek on the original and worthwhile site SpaceCollective. Houjebek describes it this way: "[Ancient Evenings] is the autobiography In a recent post on my blog , I spent a good deal of time discussing how ancient Egypt receives a disproportionate amount of popular attention as far as classical history goes. Houjebek describes it this way: "[Ancient Evenings] is the autobiography of a Ka, the lowliest soul of the seven souls of the ancient Egyptians, which makes for unusual reading. Especially because Mailer uses an uncensored version of Egyptian mythology which, to put it mildly, differs from the version you get of it from the National Geographic. The Egyptians practised sex magic with the stamina of a bonobo. Mailer makes Aleister Crowley look like a prudish schoolboy. This is the boldest attempt to recreate a radically different mind from ours that I know of, and does so successfully. Science fiction has adopted Egypt as an aesthetic treasure trove from which to draw tropes and visuals much like fantasy has used the Middle Ages , but fictive explorations of historical ancient Egypt remain scarce. Ancient Evenings in this respect certainly provides a thrill on par with Apocalypto, Mel Gibson's cinematic rendering of the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization. For reasons best known to the ,th author to set a novel in Victorian London, we rarely get to place ourselves imaginatively in certain more neglected places and periods. It is a treat to go along with an author or filmmaker while they portray these lesser attended worlds and their inhabitants. To work, this kind of venture requires at least a gesture towards the detail and methodological sophistication of an adept historian.

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Norman Mailer – Ancient Evenings

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Ancient Evenings

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Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, , , , , , The Presidential Papers. London: Corgi Books, , New York: Random House, , Google Scholar Massey, Gerald. Conceivably the underlying motives deserve praise. Yet too much, far too much, is demanded of the reader for that praise to be easily granted.

The early annoyances in the book -idioms like ''kiss My foot'' used minus irony as elevated utterance; seemingly gratuitous eruptions of late 20th-century colloquialism and so on - can be shrugged off. But from chapter to chapter episodes of pointless, painful, unintended hilarity flood ever more absurdly upon each other. Material in the Mel Brooks mode is repeatedly presented as though it were without comic dimension.

The sound of epic elevation time and again is drowned by a voice resembling Howard Cosell's: ''Behold, there was blood on my King's leg My Secret Name is Thigh of Isis I am the Rudder In My Name is Leg of the Nile.

The implication is that everything one ever wanted to know about Eastern sensuality can be found in the pages of Dr. Comfort, Henry Miller and Playboy. And, for a final epic note, we're offered portentous metaphors of human life as a tide-beaten boat, ''washed by the swells of time''- echoes of the concluding sentence of a book difficult to coerce into meaningful connection with XXth Dynasty Egypt: Scott Fitzgerald's ''The Great Gatsby.

The man we know. What is in this?

Why not? How dignify it if large risks aren't taken?

Can't Explain: Ancient Evenings ()

In other words, probably a social evening in Egypt The writer's ruling assumption has been that, regardless of subject or form, all his feeling and remembering, inventing and reporting, must be accompanied by critical activity. In ''The Armies of the Night'' the hero's contempt for others is set under examination - shown to be a feeling traceable not just to their fatuity and self-delusion but to the hero's own vanity, arrogance and snobbism. In ''The Executioner's Song'' the heroine, risking her life in her murderous mate's apartment to recover an Electrolux and attachments, is seen by herself as courageous, and seen by the reader, owing to the critical activity in progress, as someone perilously naive, tranced, victimized by commodity fetishization, and so on.

The surprising perspective - the leap offering instant release from bondage to cliche - is what we have come to expect in even the shortest piece from this pen. But that expectation is nowhere satisfied in ''Ancient Evenings. In a world in which the beautiful is ''decreed in the marketplace'' Ezra Pound's phrase , the jettisoning of selfcriticism in a widely publicized novel written under who knows what financial pressure can not seriously be regarded as mysterious.

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