Laurell K Hamilton - [Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter] - Wounded (retail) (epub) - dokument ISBN: "Wounded" originally appeared in Dead Ice, . Laurell K. Hamilton is an American Fantasy writer who is known for her amazing fantasy series such as Dead Ice and Crimson Death Epub. Dead Ice Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series 24 Epub, Mobi, PDF Download Free VISIT=>> Dead Ice Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series.

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Dead Ice Epub

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Hamilton November 7, By Ronald O Sturgis Leave a Comment Rate this post Admit it or not, the horrifying vampire stories have made you shiver whether it is in movies or while reading their stories in different books. Now even though these stories have always been horrifying and you loved them, you never read them in some way more unique. Hamilton, the conventional is about to be broken because this novel is something else. Something where you get to read a whole new perspective of the vampire world. You would know the reason ahead in our review but if you want to read it, you can get the free Crimson Death e-book and begin reading. Crimson Death Epub Plot And Review: Admit it or not, the horrifying vampire stories have made you shiver whether it is in movies or while reading their stories in different books. You would know the reason ahead in our review but if you want to read it, you can get the free Crimson Death e-book and begin reading Horrifying, full of suspense, amazing storytelling, and characters, everything is so powerful about this book. Now instead of the world where there are stories of vampire being thirsty for fresh blood, you get to see a whole new side of them. These are things which make this book a special one from Hamilton. The book which got published in holds a rating of 3. About Author Laurell K. Hamilton : Laurell K.

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Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Seriously, if you read this before you've read the novel, some of the mystery will be ruined. Hell, just reading this introduction to the story has spoilers in it, now that I think about it.

Please, stop reading now if you have not read Dead Ice! Are you still reading? If so, I'm going to have to assume you have read Dead Ice and nothing I write from this point on will spoil the plot for you.

If you have not read the novel and you've read all these spoiler alerts but you are still reading this, then that is all on you.

You have been warned! Second, Wounded is not a complete story; it's more an outtake scene from Dead Ice or maybe an extended epilogue.

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I finished writing the novel and there just wasn't room to see the wedding on screen or to go into more detail about what happens to Tomas and Connie after the book ends. A lot of fans contacted me online to say that they were wondering the same thing and really wanted to see at least a little of the wedding. So I decided that if we all wanted to see more of the story, maybe I could make that happen. Here, because you guys wanted to see it on stage and so did I, is Anita and the loves of her life at the wedding; and we get to see Jean-Claude dancing with Manny's wife, Rosita.

He made her blush in a good, "part of me is still that teenage girl" way. It made me happy to write the scene, so I could read it. Seeing more of Manny's family on stage at last was fun, poignant, and reminded me how much I love all my characters.

They say that there is no such thing as a small part, only small actors. I feel the same about my characters, which is why I wrote a novelette to share some of the minor-major characters that don't get enough screen time during the novels. If you guys love Wounded enough, then maybe I'll be able to do more stories like this one to show you events that never make it into the main novel, but that we'd all like to see somewhere. It was the first wedding I'd gone to since I hit puberty where no one asked me when I thought I'd get married, because I was wearing an engagement ring on my finger big enough to signal airplanes from a deserted island.

I actually didn't like wearing it in public; it made me feel like I was asking to get mugged. In a perfect world I should have been able to cover myself in diamonds from head to foot and walk anywhere alone, but the world wasn't perfect and it just seemed mean to wear something so tempting when I was usually armed with two guns and multiple knives, plus a badge that said U.

Marshal on it. Today I was only carrying one gun.

I didn't think the wedding reception would get that out of hand. I almost never went anywhere unarmed, but I hadn't thought about dancing at the reception and whether the gun would stay concealed. I'd just been happy to find another dressy outfit that I could conceal any handgun on. The little Sig Sauer.

The loops were wide enough for my gun belt to slide through and fasten around front tight enough that the Sig stayed put, so if I did have to draw the gun, my hand would find it from body memory and not have to go hunting around. I'd been carrying at the small of my back when I wanted to be ultraconcealed, until I'd done some training drills and discovered that if the gun wasn't at my side where I usually carried, it took me a few extra seconds to draw, aim, and fire.

Those few seconds could cost me, or someone else, their life out in the field, so I started having belt loops put on my skirts, and the very unfeminine belt slide through all of the waists, because that was what it took to hold the gun, any gun, in place.

I could change my holster, my gun, but the gun needed to be at my side for my hand to find it automatically. I was just glad I'd found out in training and not in the field. In training you could fix it; in the field you got dead. Nathaniel Graison stood beside me in a gray tailored suit that showed off the broad shoulders, slender waist, and nice ass and slid over the swell of his thighs like a polite glove: The lavender dress shirt was buttoned up to the smooth line of his neck and gave his skin just a little color and the hint that he'd probably tan if he ever tried, but he didn't bother.

The shirt also deepened the color of his eyes so they were more intense than the shirt, like violets to the shirt's paler lilac. His driver's license said his eyes were blue because they wouldn't let him put purple down as a choice. His tie was silver with a tie bar that looked silver but was actually platinum because it wouldn't make his skin react, since like most shapeshifters he was allergic to silver.

His almost ankle-length auburn hair was back in a tight braid so he didn't trip me when we danced. His hair never seemed to get in his way when he moved-maybe it was practice; he was an exotic dancer, and the hair was often loose while he worked.

He was smiling and moving ever so slightly in time to the music.

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I had enough dancers in my life, from exotic to professional ballet, to know that they all moved, even when they thought they were standing still, as if their bodies couldn't help but make grace out of the noise of everyday life. Manny had been standing next to his slender daughter, gazing up at her, because Connie had gotten about five inches of extra height from her mother's side of the genetics, but now he was dancing with his wife.

Two of her brothers had been dragged onto the dance floor by their wives.

Rosita's brothers towered over most of the other men in the room, not just tall but wide, like big, burly refrigerators who smiled often, bright smiles in dark faces. Tarot 2 - Vision of Tarot - Piers Anthony. Tarot 3 - Faith of Tarot - Piers Anthony. Under a Velvet Cloak - Piers Anthony. Wielding a red sword - Piers Anthony. With a tangled skein - Piers Anthony. Xanth 01 - Spell for Chameleon - Piers Anthony.

Xanth 03 - Castle Roogna - Piers Anthony. Xanth 04 - Centaur Aisle - Piers Anthony. Xanth 05 - Ogre Ogre - Piers Anthony.

Xanth 06 - Night Mare - Piers Anthony. Xanth 07 - Dragon on a Pedestal - Piers Anthony. Xanth 08 - Crewel Lye - Piers Anthony. Xanth 09 - Golem in the Gears - Piers Anthony.

Xanth 10 - Vale of the Vole - Piers Anthony.

Epub A Great Leap Forward 1930S Depression And Us Economic Growth 2012

Xanth 11 - Heaven Cent - Piers Anthony. Xanth 12 - Man from Mundania - Piers Anthony. Xanth 17 - Harpy Thyme - Piers Anthony.

Xanth 18 - Geis of the Gargoyle - Piers Anthony. Xanth 20 - Yon ill Wind - Piers Anthony. Xanth 22 - Zombie Lover - Piers Anthony. Xanth 23 - Xone of Contention - Piers Anthony. Xanth 24 - The Dastard - Piers Anthony. He comes from a world of wealth where there are rules, including rules about who he can date. And not following those rules has consequences.

As the two of them try to overcome the obstacles working to keep them apart, Jade is confronted with another challenge. On her 19th birthday, she receives a letter that her now deceased mother wrote years ago. Rules for how I act. How I dress. Who I date.

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