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GURPS and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Supers, Pyramid and Illuminati Online and the names of all. psionics. GURPS Powers also includes guide- lines for “special effects” and This PDF is an electronic copy of the .. books GURPS Psionics and GURPS. GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch PDF. * Price $ * Stock number Always Available – Click here to download! This is the world of GURPS Psionics.

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Gurps Psionics Pdf

PDF. * Price $ * Stock number Always Available – Click here to download! GURPS Psionic Powers takes the freeform options of GURPS Powers and . View and download GURPS - on DocDroid. GURPS Psionics is the ultimate sourcebook power-mad government. This is the world of GURPS. Psionics. In Psionics you'll find: ✦ Unified Rules – the psi systems from GURPS Basic. Set and GURPS and supplements in PDF format .

GURPS Psionic Powers does all the work for you,crafting advantages and modifiers into ready-to-goabilities for espers, telepaths, and other psis. Pyramid, Psionic Powers, e23, and the names of all products published by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated are registered trademarks or trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, or used under license. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this material via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal, and punishable by law. Please download only authorized electronic editions, and do not participate in or encourage the electronic piracy of copyrighted materials. Given free rein, players can cus- at one or two sample abilities. These worked examples willtomize appropriate advantages into an unlimited number of help put the rules in Chapter 1 into perspective. First, it is a ers can use this supplement with just the Basic Set for every-worked example, both as a showcase for what one can accom- thing except dissecting the way certain abilities are built. If you want a telepath who can read distant minds and influence However, many of the powers and abilities found in Chapter 3nearby ones, you can simply download Telereceive 5 and Suggestion 3. He enjoys mak-dependent upon this framework. Our address is SJ Games, P.

Supernatural - Psionics GURPS.pdf

Gurps Psionics 4th ed. Elvish Lore Hello! Validated User. Feb 3, Ulzgoroth Mad Scientist Validated User.

Do you mean Gurps Psionic Powers, or is there a book I haven't heard about? Psionic Powers provides useful extensions and demonstrations of the Powers framework and of the Advantage set, whether or not you're interested in using it as written.

Bira Registered User Validated User. Do you mean the general rules, or a specific sourcebook? Psionics rules in GURPS 4 are the same as the generic "Power" rules, but they still cover the same things they did before. They seemed pretty good to me. Yes, meant Gurps Psionics Powers 4th ed pdf but also avail in print.

Gurps Psionics 4th ed

Can it be used without Gurps Powers? I appreciate Gurps Powers but don't care at all for building from scratch and tinkering.

Mostlyjoe is plotting your doom. Psionic Powers is the.

The drains, etc are a bit werid. But Telekinesis, Telepathy, the perks, and the builds are all solid. Detect Life ability, 51, Adjustment ability, 44, Detect advantage, Advantages, as psionic, 4; existing, ; Cannot Affect Self limitation, Difficulties, varying, 8.

Cannot Analyze enhancement, Digital minds and Cyberpsi, Cannot Punch limitation, Directed technique, Aerokinesis perk, Card Sharp perk, Disease Shield ability, 48, 72, Affliction advantage, Careful technique, 68, Distant Use technique, 38, 62, All-Out Concentrate maneuver, Castling perk, Divination power subset, Chill Factor perk, Cinematic psis, Double Strike technique, Always On limitation, Clairaudience ability, 40, Dowsing perk, Amnesia technique, 61, Clairsentience advantage, Drain Attribute ability, 50, 72, Analysis Only enhancement, Clairvoyance ability, , Drain Emotion ability, 50, Anesthetic technique, Cloaking technique, Dream Control power, , Animal Speech ability, 71, Coincidence ability, 44, Dream Projection ability, 73, Animal Telepathy power, , Coin Trick perk, Dreaming limitation, Animalism technique, 58, Combat Sense ability, 37, 45, Eavesdropping, Animate Life-Forms enhancement, Combat Teleport ability, , Ecstatic Psi perk, Anti-Psi power, , 78; perks, Communication power subset, EK Shield ability, 33, Anti-Psi Talent, Common Sense ability, 43, Electric Vision ability, 33, Anti-Targeting limitation, Compartmentalized Mind advantage, , Electrokinesis power subset, Area Effect enhancement, Emotion Control ability, 61, 80, Aspect ability, 61, Emotion Sense ability, 58, Astral Accessory perk, Confuse ability, , Empathy ability, 49, 72, Astral Armor ability, 26, Contact Agent limitation, Enhanced Power Defense advantage, Astral Awareness perk, Contact bonus, 6.

Enhancements, for techniques, 10; new,Astral Celerity ability, 26, Control power subset, Astral Crossing technique, Controllable Lifebane perk, Astral movement, 27, Creating new psi techniques, 9.

Gurps Psionics 4th ed | RPGnet Forums

Ergokinesis power, , 79; perks, 35;Astral plane, 27, Crippling Attack technique, 23, Astral Projection power, , 78; perks, 29; Crippling rules, 7. Talent, Cross-World Communication technique, ESP power, , 79; perks, 42; Talent, Crowded, areas and noticing psi use, 12; Event Search technique, Astral Sight ability, 27, EVP perk, Astral Sword ability, 28, Example character, 5, Astral Travel ability, , Cryokinesis ability, 55, Exclusion technique, 38, 41, Audio technique, Cure ability, 46, 72, Exclusive limitation, Aura Extension technique, Cure Affliction technique, Exemption, Aura Reading ability, 46, 72, Cure Disease ability, 47, 72, Exo-Draw perk, Autoteleport ability, 68, Cure Injury ability, 47, 72, Exoteleport, ability, , 81; limitation, Avatar perk, Curse ability, 45, Expanded Area technique, 55, Awareness ability, , Cursing technique, Expansion technique, , 33, 36, 56, Bamf perk, Cyberpsi and digital minds, Exposition Sense perk, Barrier Breaking technique, Cyberpsi power subset, Expulsion perk, Based on Different Attribute enhancement, Damage Control ability, 75, Extended Arc technique, 34, Damage modifiers, Extended Duration enhancement, Damage Resistance advantage, Extended Range technique, Beast Control ability, 72, Dampen ability, 33, Extra effort, 7.

Binary Translation technique, 30, Danger Sense ability, 43, Extra-Sensory Awareness advantage, Biokinesis power, , Dark Vision technique, Extra ST without HP ability, 57, Blind Projection technique, Data Retrieval ability, 30, Familiarity penalties and using psi, 8. Blink Only limitation, Daze technique, Far Draining technique, Blood Healing perk, Decreased Immunity enhancement, Far Reach technique, Blue Screen technique, Detecting psi use, , , , Far Theft technique, Borrow Skill ability, 57, Deep Probe technique, Fast Activation technique, 40, Brain Squeeze technique, Deep Scan technique, 33, Fast-Draw skill, Broad Spectrum technique, Deep Sleep technique, Broadcast technique, 59, Brute force attacks, Interruption, ability, 23, 78; limitation, New Approach technique, 59, 62, 64, Faster Concentration enhancement, Intimidation Factor perk, No Contact technique, Faster Learning technique, Invigoration perk, No Mental Separation limitation, Faster Onset technique, Jam technique, Nonthreatening perk, Feats, multiple, 6; see also Psi Techniques.

Jumper Advantage, Normal Sight limitation, Feedback limitation, Karma Bank perk, Noticing psi use, , , , Fixed Duration enhancement, Know-It-All perk, Obedience technique, Fixed Range limitation, Lasting Blow technique, Obscure advantage, Flash ability, 35, Lasting Effect technique, Offense power subset, Flat Edge technique, Lend Intelligence technique, Omnicast technique, Flight advantage, Lethal Attack technique, Omniscan technique, Forecast perk, Levitation ability, 55, One Power limitation, Full Communion, enhancement, 17; Life Extension, ability, , 75, 80; Optional rules, for psionic advantages, ; technique, Fun with TK Grab, Life Support perk, Oracle ability, 43, Gaze Into the Abyss perk, Light Amplification perk, Outer astral plane, Gecko Grip perk, Lightning ability, , Overwhelm technique, Gestalt Familiarity perk, Limitations, new, , Painful Draining technique, Gestalts, Limited limitation, Para-Invisibility ability, , Getting tricky, 7, Loaded Dice perk, Particle Beam technique, Ghost Air enhancement, Lockdown enhancement, Penetrate Disguise technique, Glamour limitation, Lock-On, enhancement, 14; technique, Penetrating Blow technique, Good Neighbor perk, Low or No Signature enhancement, Perks, new, 19, 24, 29, 35, 42, 44, 48, 51, 56,Group Scare technique, Low Psychic Signature enhancement, Malediction-Proof enhancement, Permanent Effect technique, Set, 3, 18, 22; Bio-Tech, 46, 49; High- Maneuvers, mental, Personal Awareness perk, Pharmaceutical Probe perk, Powers, , 9, 12, , 22, 26, 33, 43, Mass Grab technique, Photokinesis power subset, Photorefraction ability, 36, Ultra-Tech, Mass Surge technique, Phreaker perk, Gyroscopic enhancement, Mass Wipe technique, Piggyback technique, 26, 29, Hallucinations limitation, Megadose technique, Ping perk, Halt Aging enhancement, Melee Attack limitation, Pinpoint technique, Harden Bone technique, Mental Blow ability, 65, PK Shield ability, 56, Hazard enhancement, Mental maneuvers, Pleasant Theft perk, Heal Limb technique, Mental Separation Only limitation, Poison Charm perk, Healing advantage, Mental Stab ability, 65, Poor Control limitation, Healing Bond perk, Mental Surgery ability, 61, Portersense ability, 71, Hide Signature technique, Mentalism limitation, Possession advantage, Hologram ability, , Metabolism Control ability, 49, 75, Postmortem perk, Honest Face perk, Micro-PK Talent, Power defenses, Hostile Dampening perk, Power modifiers, definition, ; examples,How psi works, Mind Clouding ability, 66, Hydrokinesis perk, Mind Control advantage, Hyperspectral Vision ability, 37, Mind Shield, ability, , 81; advantage, Power Source perk, I Know What You Mean perk, Mind Swap ability, 62, Power Talent advantage, Mind Trap technique, 25, Power Theft, Weak enhancement, Ignition perk, Mind Tricks limitation, Powers, components of, ; definition, 4;Illuminated ability, 43, Mindlink ability, 67, Illusion advantage, Mindwipe ability, 62, Improved enhancement, Mirror technique, Precise, Nontargeting enhancement, Improved Theft technique, Misfire Master perk, Precision Attack technique, 23, Inanimate objects and resistance, Modified Capacity limitation, Precision technique, Increased Immunity limitation, Modifiers to advantages, existing, ; Precognition advantage, Increased Range, enhancement, 20; Preparation Required limitation, Pressed Attack technique, 61, 64, Increased Size technique, Modular Abilities advantage, Probability Alteration power, , ;Independent technique, 36, 61, 64,

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