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Honor + Intrigue is a new, standalone game from Basic Action Games. An additional PDF with character sheets made for printing as you like. I know there are a lot of RPGs out there with free downloads, wanted to see if I could get H+I somewhere?. Honor + Intrigue is now available for download in PDF. Honor + Intrigue - Basic Action Games | To those who pre-ordered, you.

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Honor + Intrigue Pdf

Honor Intrigue Quick Combat Spreadsheet - Free download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls /.xlsx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Honor + Intrigue Character Sheets - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. Four versions of the Honor + Intrigue Character. Arms and Armor Honor Intrigue - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A list of Arms and Armor for Honor + Intrigue RPG.

Available Now! Login forgot password? Remember Me? What's New? General Tabletop Discussion. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Check your spam folders too, just in case. Enjoy the game! Congrats and good luck with the launch!

[Honor + Intrigue] So Let's Make Some Characters

There is even a guideline for grandmasters to create their own unique dueling styles. This addresses the issue not only mechanically, but how it is handled in-character. The story involves a sword master who is killed, and the PCs must help find out what happened.

The adventure includes several sample PCs, some of whom use the new dueling styles featured in this volume. The adventure also has a guideline on how to customize the adventure for each of these PCs. Features Include: Optional Rules Hack: Improvised Combat. Great for teaching new players especially, improvised combat rules eschew the specific Maneuvers list in favor of a system where the player describes what they want to achieve and the GM tells them which Quality and Combat Ability to roll.

Guidelines for creating new Maneuvers.

[Honor + Intrigue] So Let's Make Some Characters | RPGnet Forums

Extended guidelines for creating new Dueling Styles, discussing roleplay aspects as well as rules mechanics. Rules and Roleplaying advice for finding a teacher and learning new Dueling Styles. New Equipment dueling glove, carbine, light pistol, horse pistol, mace and all previously published equipment from other modules.

Optional Rule: Lasting Injuries. Gives the player the option to lose an eye or a limb rather than their life or the fight. When a swordmaster is killed, the PCs are hired to find the killer and uncover what happened, but find themselves caught in the middle of several opposing factions. Cancel Changes. Softcover Version. Description Edit History.

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Honor Intrigue Quick Combat Spreadsheet

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So in your previous example I'll only use a few Once you got caught by her husband you would fight with him. The major is usually an attack but the minor can be used to improve your chances. Such as feint, beat, bind or aim. If your minor actions succeeds using some of the same numbers as above then you get a bonus to your attack which can be Bladework normal attack or Quick Slash or Lunge or Hilt Punch.

Each one uses different Qualities and Abilities. The beauty of this is that if the Duke is a very minor character one hit is all it will take to get rid of him. He doesn't want to lose in front of his wife right away so he gives up an advantage. Once you have removed the 3rd advantage from him he gives up, your sword to his throat, without any blood loss on either side.

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