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Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most reliable, free global standard document management system available. View, edit, sign, and annotate PDF documents by working directly on the text. The in-app PDF file browser is also atrocious, as it's simply one big list of every PDF on your. Foxit Reader is a lightweight and lightning quick utility for reading PDF files. PDF (Portable Document Format) is now one of the most ubiquitous document. Adobe Reader Abra, leia e explore documentos PDF com o leitor Novas ferramentas e boa organização visual deixam o programa fácil de usar. Grátis; Recursos para compartilhamento; Mais estável; Reprodução de.

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Programa Para Pdf Gratis

PDFCreator, download grátis. PDFCreator Crie arquivos PDF com o PDFCreator. Se quiser o programa pode enviar os PDFs criados por e-mail. vírus no Softonic. Download grátis do Adobe Reader, baixar Adobe Reader. Softonic Especial: o melhor programa para gerenciar fotos no seu PC. Ver mais. Adobe Reader, descargar gratis. Adobe Reader última versión: Lee, imprime y rellena archivos PDF. Adobe Reader XI es el Adobe | Más programas ().

Resulta imprescindible para abrir los miles de documentos, formularios y manuales que pululan por Internet. Gracias al Modo Protegido y a otras medidas de seguridad, rellenar formularios y abrir documentos PDF con objetos complejos con Adobe Reader es muy seguro. Son funciones interesantes, aunque obligan a crear una cuenta online. Con respecto a las versiones antiguas, Adobe Reader XI destacar por la sencillez de su interfaz , en la que solo se ven los elementos esenciales. Adobe Reader XI admite varios modos de lectura pantalla completa, normal, etc. A veces, es mejor recurrir a los lectores integrados. Funciones de comentado mejoradas Seguridad mejorada modo anti-fishing Nueva vista protegida Cambios Funciones de comentado mejoradas Seguridad mejorada modo anti-fishing Nueva vista protegida Publicidad. Es la primera vez que me ocurre con un producto de Softonic.

It is only offered in the form of a one-time download. Users will be pleased to know that this reader can be used to create visually stunning slide shows when required. It is therefore an ideal solution for business presentations or for those who have been looking for a free alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

One of the benefits of this software bundle is that it is extremely lightweight. At only 3. This PDF reader has been designed to work with Windows 10 operating systems. Thus, it is not compatible with previous versions such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.


This program has been independently checked to be free from viruses and other potentially malicious threats.

However, please note that it might not be as safe as packages which are regularly updated. This is due to the fact that a lack of recent patches may lead to software vulnerabilities over time.

As long as the PDF file is saved within a hard drive, it can be accessed even when no Internet connection is available. Editor's note: During installation, some antivirus e. It is a false positive: For less advanced users we recommend you use the default profile and, at most, choose just one of the preset settings.

Not only that, you can also password protect documents with three different levels of encryption, include a digital signature, as well as automatically sending the document via email or to the printer. It's therefore important to know that you must first have already prepared the file you want to convert.

PDF24 Creator - Descargue software para PDF 100% gratis

So make sure you have a text document, an image, an Excel file, a presentation or an email. Choose All File s from the drop-down menu, select the path and click on Save. Please visit http: Changes Please visit http: A fallen star.


By far the best PDF virtual printer for Windows Very sad to see it bundle ad-sup ported and other unwanted software. See https: Please remove adware. Please remove modifications to browser defaults More. Older versions were much better, this one is full of Adware and Spyware.. Had old old version of pdfcreator that was excellent. This on e, however, wiped my browser, installed a load of adware and spyware, pop ups, search bars, and generally caused a menace to my system.

Spent the last hour trying to repair the damage it's done. Good pdf creator. Destroyed by Adware More.

Hi there, I need help, is it possible for someone to sell this PDF creator or get licence for it? And merge it into thei r own programme? Thanks More. Installer contains adware and spyware.

Adobe Reader - download mais recente versão gratuita ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

People installing this download must be careful not to lick on the adware installation. The adware pops up as if it is a "next" tab in teh installer, but you can safely close the adware installer and see the actual pdfcreator installation still in progress beneath that adware box it includes check boxes for changing your homepage settings in your browser. It also wants to install a pdf add-on tool that takes 20 minutes to download and is spyware!

Other than that, the converter itself works fine. It's the installer bloated with spyware and adware that is bad.

I downloaded the Acrobat X-pro Testversion. Alsoother Word add-ons did not work correctly. And more: The Acribat was the only program that also converted the keywords in the word file into PDF keywords. I'l like to download the Acrobat standard but I cannot find any info if this hyperlink conversion also works in the cheap standard version of Acrobat.

Easy to yse PDF Creator.

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