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The heart of Word Smart is the large central section con tain ing the thou sand jor standardized test, such as the SAT or GRE, you and your friends can use the. [PDF] DOWNLOAD Word Smart for the GRE (Smart Guides (Paperback)) by Princeton Review [PDF] DOWNLOAD Word Smart for the GRE. Word list preparation is the most important part of GRE Exam, if your 3 Shares. GRE book Word Smart Download GRE book Word Smart PDF.

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Word Smart For Gre Pdf

contain the most frequently tested (or appearing) words on the SAT and GRE, are the ones we use .. For each word in Word Smart, we give you a basic definition. Sometimes a Final Exam. Click here to download a PDF of the final exam. Recent search: word smart for new gre, word smart for new gre pdf, word word smart for the gre: a guide to perfect it provides you with. Princeton Review Word Smart for GRE - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Obscure vocabulary, right? To score well on the verbal section, you should have a sound knowledge of vocabulary and must know how and when to use words. So, knowing the contextual usage of words is the key to score well on the verbal section. Preparing for the GRE verbal section can be cumbersome, especially when the time required to build a strong vocabulary is considered. There are various GRE word lists out there which have words anywhere from to

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book details Author: Princeton Review Pages: Princeton Review Publishing Corporation Language: BENT: leaning, inclination, proclivity, tendency BOOR: a rude or insensitive person; lout; yokel BROOK: to tolerate, endure, countenance CABAL: a scheme or plot, a group of plotters CADGE: to sponge, beg, or mooch CADRE: a group of professionals capable of training and leading others CANON: an established set of principles or code of laws, often religious in nature CATALYST: a substance hat accelerates the rate of a chemical reaction without itself changing; a person or thing that causes change CAVIL: to find fault without good reason CEDE: relinquish possession or control over CHAOS: a condition of confusion or unpredictability CHARY: wary; cautious; sparing CHIC: stylish and fashionable; sophistication in dress CODA: concluding section to a musical or literary piece, something that concludes or completes COLOR: to change as if by dyeing, influence, distort, or gloss over COZEN: to deceive, beguile, hoodwink DAMP: to diminish the intensity or check something, such as a sound or feeling DAUNT: to intimidate or dismay DEIGN: do something that one considers to be below one's dignity DEMUR: to question or oppose DIE: a tool used for shaping DIN: loud sustained noise DIRGE: a mournful song or poem for the dead DOUR: stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored DROSS: slag, waste or foreign matter, impurity, surface scum DUPE: one who is deceived ELEGY: a mournful poem, especially one lamenting the dead; any mournful writing or piece of music EMEND: to edit or change a text; correct ENDEMIC: characteristic of or often found in a particular locality, region, or people; restricted to or peculiar to that region; indigenous ENNUI: dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy ESSAY: to test or try; attempt, experiment EXACT: to demand, call for, require, take FAWN: to flatter or praise excessively FELL: a barren or stony hill; an animal's hide FETID: stinking, having a heavy bad smell FLAG: to sag or droop, to become spiritless, to decline Preparing for the GRE verbal section can be cumbersome, especially when the time required to build a strong vocabulary is considered.

There are various GRE word lists out there which have words anywhere from to But to score well, should you learn all the GRE words in those lists? Not at all. In fact, the questions on the new GRE rely often on the same words, and these frequently reappearing words provide you with a smaller subset of words to study. Why did we create one?

A lot of students have asked us over and over again that if we could send them a concise list of important GRE words that they can learn in a week or two. But does this mean you should skip learning vocabulary altogether!

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So what can you do? Below you will find an ultimate list of high frequency words that appear on the GRE.

Knowing these most common GRE words can improve your chance of scoring high on the test day. On the other hand, not knowing these GRE words will only hurt your chances. This list is a one-size-fits-all solution.

It can be used by anyone and everyone. If you are not sure about your vocabulary, and like several thousands of international students who are a bit concerned about the verbal section, you should start off with this list. Learn every word perfectly, along with its contextual usage, and then do some practice questions, and trust me, you will be off to a great start. Hands down, the most concise high frequency GRE word list!

Laconic adj. Insipid adj. Pragmatic adj.

Iconoclast noun — someone who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions Irrespective of his actuating motives, his deeds as an iconoclast will be treated harshly and is answerable in court. Arduous adj. Profligate adj.

Prosaic adj. Ameliorate v. Obsequious adj.

Top 101 High Frequency GRE Words

Capricious adj. Fortuitous adj. Orthodox adj.

Alacrity noun — lively and cheerful readiness After marriage, Jenny rushed off with excitement to visit her parents, but her father did not accept their marriage with equal alacrity. Pellucid adj. Corroborate v. Magnanimous adj. Scrupulous adj.

GRE Vocabulary List – Free Download GRE Word List

Prolific adj. Dogmatic adj. Placate v. Mercurial adj.

Exacerbate v. Redundant adj. Hackneyed adj.

GRE Word List

Prudent adj. Belie v. Esoteric adj.

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