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Challenges 2 Tests - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read A magazine at the back of the Students Book to support mixed ability classes. Challenges 2 Test Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Challenges 2 Test Book Pdf

New Challenges 2 Test Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. useful resources. Challenges 2 Test Book. Flor Vuksanovic. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Download Challenges 2 Test Book DOWNLOAD PDF - 10MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Download.

Do your students need to be challenged and motivated to grow? It supports students to acquire social awareness, reinforces positive values and systematically develops language skills to make the teenage learners become confident citizens of the world. Download a sample. New Challenges is perfect if you like to challenge your students. Build your students' confidence with the clear approach to grammar and vocabulary, and with exercises to develop their spoken and written language. New Challenges is a complete course that uses cross-cultural topics to bring the real world into the classroom, making it relevant for your students and encouraging them to think about the world around them. New Challenges is full of lively and challenging activities that your students will enjoy participating in. Students find that rising to meet a challenge can be fun and satisfying and helps build their confidence. Check student progress and see who needs extra help or extra challenges with a testing and self-assessment programme. New content and contemporary visuals - make learning English more relevant for students, keeping them engaged while learning. New Starter levels for zero beginners - a complete course that takes your students from CEF A1 to B1 level, so you can prepare all your students for exams within a single course. New ActiveTeacher for Interactive Whiteboard - a range of audio, video and interactive activities to get your students involved and participating with heads up activities whenever you need it. New Students' eText - means that pupils can access exercises and audio for listening on their mobile devices so they can continue to improve their language outside the classroom. View components.

Ethan What about this one? Try it on. Rory Oh, all right. Can I try this one on, please? Assistant Sure, the changing room is over there.

They all meet later. Lydia Did you download anything? Rory I got a T-shirt and Ethan bought a computer game. What about you? Rory Oh! Which date? Grace Oh, stop it! Reading and Listening 3. Answers B Grace and Lydia are trying on clothes in another shop. Grace Are you downloading those jeans? They look nice. Grace I like this top.

What do you think? Does it look okay? When he was fifteen, he 6 leave Manchester and 7 sail to Australia. He 8 have a lot of adventures there. No, I 10 not know him, but my dad often tells us stories about him. Dont touch it. Can you answer it, please? My sister is the girl 1 the short dress. My granddad is the man 2 white hair.

Hes 3 the middle of the picture. The two men 4 the back are my uncles. My dad is 5 the right, next to my mum. When was Nicole Kidman a Sweets. Challenges is a new four level course for teenagers which gives them everything they need to be successful in learning English. Written by the authors of the global bestseller, Opportunities, Challenges provides: Coursebooks that can be completed in one year, giving students a clear sense of progress Informative and engaging topics that involve teenagers in their learning Unique features on word building and sentence patterns Characters that promote positive values and use real spoken language Activities for building learner strategies A magazine at the back of the Students Book to support mixed ability classes Strong grammar and skills sections to give students confidence in using the language A Picture Dictionary in Levels 1 and 2 that is easy and fun to use A unique teachers package that gives total support and maximum flexibility Challenges gives total confidence in language learning and teaching.

You can do it! Test cassette ISBN: Can you hear them? Theyre very hot. Could you repeat it, please? It horrible. We saw a strange animal in the jungle. Circle the correct adjectives. Write the names of the creatures. I 1 listen to CDs in my room. I 2 not study for my exams. My parents 3 visit my grandparents. What 4? She 5 watch a film.

It was about ghosts and she got scared! They saw see the ghost when they were playing play in the garden. Last summer, we 1 swim in the sea when we 2 see a very strange fish.

It 3 drink a cola on the rocks near a small boat. When my brother 4 shout Hello! Do you think it was a mermaid? Last Monday morning, my mum 6 listen to the radio and I 7 have breakfast when the postman 8 ring the bell. He was very wet because it 9 rain. He 10 have about fifteen cards and a big box for my mum. It was her birthday! Our dog is the little brown one.

Can I have sandwich, please? Id like to read by the same author. Why do you always go to the old house in the woods on the fifth of May? Well it started like this. Four years ago, on the fifth of May, we were walking in the woods when we 1 heard a strange noise.

It stopped 2 a few minutes but 3 we heard it again. It was coming from the old house in the woods. We decided to go inside.

He was very friendly. He wanted to play with us. We go back every year to visit our ghost! Then complete the sentences with after, before or during. What did Jane and Sue do yesterday?

I cant them. I can a noise in the garden. Theyve got a lovely perfume. My mum made it this morning. It really good. She doesnt want to it. My brother and I 1 play football in the park.

My mum was at work and my dad was at home. He 2 use the computer but he 3 not play computer games. He 5 write a ghost story! It was six oclock and Mr Robinson 1 drive home from work. It 2 snow and the road was icy. Suddenly, he 3 see a huge white creature near the road. It 4 eat an apple! Mr Robinson 5 stop the car and the creature 6 run into the woods. Was it a polar bear? My friend Sue 7 phone at 9.

I 8 have a shower so my mum 9 answer the phone. We had exams the next day and Sue 10 get nervous about her maths exam. Why is there a big hole in your garden? It wasnt there yesterday. Well, its like this. Last night, we had a very strange experience. It was about Mum and dad were watching the news on TV and I was asleep in bed. I woke up.

See your students rise to the challenge

It was a spaceship. It made a big hole in the garden. What did you do? My dad and I went into the garden. They were very hungry 4 mum gave them some sandwiches. They had their sandwiches, thanked us and 5 they got into their spaceship and left!

What did Tony do yesterday? Mark the sentences T true, F false, or DK dont know. John played football last night. Look at the table and complete the information. Choose the best word A, B or C for each space.

Last weekend, Marks cousins came to stay C him and his parents. A for B at C with 1 They arrived before dinner Friday. A another B ones C one 3 They got up early the next morning and a big breakfast. A have B were having C had 4 breakfast, they went to the park. We liked him because he told 1 funny stories about when he was a boy. He was born in the s and lived 2 his parents and his sister, Alice.

Alice is my grandmother. When they were children, Bob and Alice had a pet rabbit and a dog. Bob said 3 dog was scared of the rabbit! When Bob was a child, his parents didnt have a television 4 they had a radio. They had a piano and a record player, too.

Challenges 2. Test Book

Bob and his friends learnt all the 5 on the records. His sister learnt to play the piano so she often played the songs on the piano and Bob 6 them. Bob started school 7 he was five. He walked to school every day. His first teacher was Miss Sharp. He liked her because she sometimes 8 the children to the park for lessons. When he was eleven, he went to a secondary school in the next town. His favourite subject was geography. He wanted to travel the world and visit different countries.

When he left school, Bob got a job as a 9 reporter. He worked in a lot of really interesting countries and in some very dangerous places, too. He usually visited us when he was in England and he always 10 me fantastic presents. When I was four, he brought me a beautiful toy elephant from India. The writer never met great uncle Bob. When I was eight My birthday is on 26th December.

I 1 born in a small town in the north 2 England. I can remember my eighth birthday 3 because it was the same day as the tsunami. I was opening my presents when my uncle phoned 4 tell us about the tsunami. I was scared when I saw the pictures 5 the big waves in Thailand on the television news. I can remember a lot of things when I was eight. In my free time, I rode my bike and I started 6 learn judo.

I liked swimming and skateboarding. I liked music 8 I wasnt very good at it. My favourite books were the Harry Potter books 9 J.

When I was eight, I wanted to be 10 fire fighter. Now I want to work with computers. Write your answers on the lines below. What can you remember about one of your birthdays?

Last weekend, Janes cousin, Kate, came to stay C her and her parents. A to take B take C taking 2 Kate loves animals she hasnt got any pets at home. A so B and C but 3 They in the woods when it suddenly went very cold.

A were walking B walk C walked 4 they heard a scary noise. They saw a horrible white creature in the trees. They never went back there. When I was nine My birthday is on 14 August so its always during the school holidays. I never go 1 school on my birthday. I can remember my ninth birthday very well because our neighbours dog had three puppies that day. All three of them were black and very small.

Our neighbour gave me 4 of the puppies for my birthday present. I called him Blackie and hes my best friend! I take him for 5 long walk every day. When I was nine, my hobbies were swimming 6 playing chess. I usually played chess 7 some of my school friends. I had a lot of friends and I was very happy 8 school. My favourite subjects were sport, maths and English. I loved writing scary stories. Our teacher sometimes read one of my stories to the class. I often went to the cinema with my parents 9 Saturdays.

I liked all the Walt Disney films. I wanted to be a teacher when I was eight or nine. Now I think I want to be a taxi driver 10 a bus driver.

My sister and I always liked to visit her because we had a good laugh together. Mary loved going to the cinema. She knew the names of all the actors and she often saw the same film three or four times. When she was young, she wanted to be an actress 1 her parents said No.

She was a good shop assistant 3 she was helpful and she knew a lot about books. One day, a young man came 4 the shop to download a book by Agatha Christie. The young mans name was George. He was a policeman and his favourite stories were crime stories.

George started 5 visit the book shop every week. Mary and George fell 6 love and married three years later. Marys hobby was collecting record players.

The 7 were old but they worked well. Mary had a large collection of records, too. She also loved downloading clothes and she had ten big boxes full of clothes, hats 8 shoes. We liked to look in her boxes of clothes and find big hats and long dresses to wear. We played her records and danced to them for hours. Mary often told us the story of 9 of her favourite films.

Then Mary, George, my sister and I acted the story for Marys neighbours. I dont think we 10 very good but they always said we were fantastic! The writer never met great aunt Mary. Write the names of the clothes. Today, people hardly ever dress up in traditional clothes.

Its very sunny today. Find five more words in the word square. Circle the correct words. Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets. There is one extra item. How big? How fast? How tall? How long? How many? How much?

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How old? How old is the baby? Use too or enough and the adjective in brackets. Tim is twelve years old. He isnt old enough to drive a car.

Shes to go to school. The music was. What about these? What size are you? Yes, theyre nice. Can I try them on? Im looking for some black jeans. The changing room is over there. Is Maria slim? Shes got a pony tail. He cant do his jacket.

Its huge. Your hair isnt. These arent. What colour? Here are some nice ones. What about this one? Thats a bit too dark. But I like this one. How much is it? Im looking for a T-shirt in a large size.

Dark green, please. I ate it all last night. How many students are there in your school? Did you have a good holiday? Yes, thanks, we had a lovely love time. We had a very 1 act holiday because we went skiing in 2 north Italy.

It was very 3 beauty in the mountains and it was usually 4 sun. The views were 5 wonder. The skiing was 6 adventure but it wasnt 7 danger.

We stayed in a small, 8 comfort hotel in the ski resort. It wasnt 9 expense. We had a really 10 enjoy holiday. Good afternoon. How can I help you? You can 3 the train or go by bus. The train is quicker but its more expensive. The buses go every twenty minutes. How 4 are the bus tickets? Six euros for a 5 and ten euros for a return. Thanks very much. Well have two returns, please. Use these punctuation marks: The weather was 1 beauty and 2 sun.

The beaches on the 3 west side of the island are 4 wonder and it isnt 5 danger to swim in the sea there.

Did you sit on the beach all day? We like to be 6 act on holiday! Did you have a good weekend? It was OK. My parents and I stayed in a 7 fame and very 8 expense hotel in the countryside. My parents liked it because it was really 9 comfort. I was bored. We ate 10 health food all the time.

When I got home, I had a burger and chips! Were into water sports. We stayed at home. Id 1 some information about travelling 2 train in England, 3. What would you like to know? Are there any 4 for students? Yes, there are at some times of the day. You can download a special student 5. Heres some information about it. Thank you. What did each person do? Write the activities AI next to the people Listen to the conversation in a clothes shop.

Read the questions and tick the correct answer A, B or C. What does Anna want to download? A a T-shirt B a jumper C a top 1 How much is it? A 8 B 9 C 10 2 What size are Annas jeans?

A small B medium C large 3 How much are they? A red B dark blue C light blue 5 What size is Toms jacket? A small B medium C large 6 What colour is it? A green B black C brown 7 How much are Toms new clothes? His uncle lives on 1 small farm in the north of England.

It was the last day of Lukes holiday. His uncle was very busy on the farm. Luke decided 2 take one of his uncles dogs, Rex, for a long walk. He got up early and put 3 his warm trousers and his walking boots.

Rex was excited and was running round the kitchen. Luke made 4 sandwiches and put them in his bag. When Luke and the dog left the house, it wasnt very cold and there wasnt much snow. They walked all morning in the countryside. Rex was enjoying the snow and running 5. Then it happened. Luke was walking across a field 7 he fell and hurt his leg.

The dog ran back to him. Luke thought he had his mobile phone in his bag. He opened the bag. There was no mobile in it! It was getting dark and he was getting frightened. He looked across the fields. There was nobody there. Suddenly, the dog turned and ran off. Where was he going?

It got colder and Luke was getting 8 frightened. Then, after about half an hour, he heard noises. Two men arrived with Rex. One of them told Luke: Your dog ran to our village. We knew 10 was wrong and so we followed him and he brought us here.

Youre very lucky! The ambulance soon arrived and took Luke to hospital. The weather is quite good. It rained yesterday but its sunny today. Were staying in 3 small hotel in the city centre. Were having 4 great time and doing a 5 of sightseeing. After the film, we went to 9 Indian restaurant and had a fantastic curry. This morning we went shopping and I 10 some great T-shirts.

I got a black and white one for you. I hope youre having a good half-term, too. See you at the weekend. Luke stayed with his uncle for two weeks. Write one word in each space. Thursday I hope youre having a fantastic time in London. Im staying with my grandparents and Im having a great holiday. Use the information in the table. A a T-shirt B a jumper C a top 1 What size is it? A small B medium C large 2 What colour is it? A red B green C yellow 3 What colour are Annas jeans?

A red B blue C green 4 How much are Annas new clothes? A small B medium C large 6 How much is it? A 13 B 15 C 30 7 How much is Toms jacket? They and their parents live in a small fishing village in Scotland.

Karen is younger 1 her cousins but they are always very friendly and they go out with her a lot. She never 2 bored when she stays with them. There are a lot of things to do cycling, horse riding, sports and boat trips.

On the last day of her holiday, Karen and her cousins decided 3 go for a trip in a fishing boat. Karen was very excited because it was her first fishing trip.

Karen liked him because he told them some funny stories about his adventures at sea. It was a beautiful sunny morning. There were 5 clouds in the sky and there wasnt 6 wind. But in the afternoon the weather changed. The sky 7 dark. It was very windy and the waves got bigger. Then, the ships engine started to make strange noises. The captain looked worried. He sent a message on the ships radio and asked for help.

Suddenly, the engine stopped. It was very quiet. Karen was scared. The captain looked 8 her and said, Dont worry. Help is coming. After about half an hour, they heard a noise. There was 9 in the sky. It was a helicopter.

The helicopter took Karen and her cousins back to the village. The captain and his men waited on their boat. Then, 10 boat arrived and took them and their fishing boat back to safety. Mark the sentences true T , false F or dont know DK. Karen lives in England. My parents are I are staying in 1 small hotel in Wales. It rained yesterday but its sunny 2.

On Monday, we went 3 a long walk in 4 countryside. We 5 very tired in the evening! Tuesday was the best day 6 we went horse riding! My horse was called Beauty and she was really beautiful. I wanted to go horse riding again yesterday 8 my mum and dad wanted to go shopping. So we went shopping! It was OK because there were 9 great computer shops. I bought three new computer games. After lunch, we went to the cinema. I hope youre having a good holiday in Dublin.

Did you visit the Writers Museum? I know you wanted to go there. See you 10 school on Monday! Thursday Im staying with my Uncle David my favourite uncle! She suddenly stood and walked out of the room. Ann is six years old so she cant A get a job.

B go to school. B drive a car. B boarding schools. B sweets. We dont have to A make them. B download them. Complete the crossword with performance words. Clues across 1 skater. Human statues have to stand still. They can dress up in strange clothes. They cant talk to people. They dont have to be beautiful. Storytellers 1 be young or old.

(PDF) Challenges 2 Test Book | Flor Vuksanovic -

Their stories 2 be boring. Their stories 3 be interesting but they 4 be very funny all the time. Film actors 5 wear make-up. They 6 forget their lines. They 7 work in the theatre every evening. They 8 see their films at the cinema. Clowns 9 be very scary. They dont want to frighten young children. They usually dress up in funny costumes. They are often middle-aged. They 10 be good-looking. Who did they go with? Hi, Maria. Would you like to go 1 on Friday evening? All 2. What do you want to do?

What 3 the cinema? The new James Bond film is on this week. I 4 really like those films. Well, do you like circuses? Er, sometimes. What sort of circus? Circus Oz. Its not a traditional circus. There arent 5 animals but its very exciting and funny. My brother saw it last year. He thought it was fantastic. What time 7 it start?

Quarter past seven. Please sit and wait. The ship cant go it. They were ten minutes late. B blond. B late. B during lessons. He has to wear A a uniform. B jeans. B the park. Clues across 3 This person tells stories. No, theyre or Ukrainian dances. He is funny. Ballet dancers 1 be fat. They practise every day and they 2 be very fit. They 3 learn texts by heart. They sometimes wear wigs. They 4 have fair, dark or red hair.

Clowns 5 be fat or thin. They 6 be funny. They sometimes sing but they 7 sing well. They 8 be boring. Athletes 9 do exercises every day. They 10 eat a lot of biscuits and cake. In their free time, they go swimming and often do other sports. Hi, Anna. Would you like to go to the cinema on Saturday?

The new Brad Pitt film is 1. Everybody says its a fantastic film. Quarter 3 eight. Why 4 we have a meal first? All right. Where 5 you want to go? Theres a good Chinese restaurant in Church Street. Do you like Chinese food?

Well, what 7 the new Italian restaurant near the cinema? Jim and Chris went 8 last week. They said the food was really good and theres Italian music, too. I love Italian food. There are magazines and clothes everywhere in Sues room. Its really untidy. It was noisy and my bed was. No, hes completely. I got up early and finished my homework before we left.

We got the train at 10 oclock. I read my magazine 1 the journey. We arrived at Then, we went to my uncles house for tea. We left about 7 oclock to get our train. The train was getting near our station 3 it started to make a strange noise. There was a problem with engine. We got home at 11 oclock. Write the names of the gadgets or machines. Write predictions with will or wont. Will people shop on the Internet?

Challenges 3. Test Book

Yes, people will shop on the Internet. In the future, what do you think will happen? Will everybody have a digital camera? Yes, they will. If I play play computer games all the time and dont do not do any sport, I wont be not be very fit.

Well, she wants some long red boots. So, if she 3 see some fashionable ones in that new Italian shop, I know she 4 try them on and if they 5 not be too expensive, she 6 get them! I 9 get a Saturday job to get some money and I 10 not tidy my bedroom! Im really thirsty. Shes e Ill give it to him. Use the words in brackets and the correct pronouns. The phones ringing. It means three-.

We got the last two tickets for the pop concert. Its their table. Theyre too small. When Chris met me at the station, he told me he had two tickets for a pop concert on Saturday. I was very excited. We went to a coffee bar 3 the concert. We were sitting down when 4 the door opened and two of the pop group walked in. We talked to them about their music and they answered all our questions.

They were really friendly. Its my birthday on 17th August but Ive got a problem. I know my parents 1 not go out if I 2 have my birthday party at home. I love my mum and dad but I really dont want them to be at home!

I havent got any money! But thats an idea. If I 5 not have my party at home, I 6 take all my friends to a Chinese restaurant. But if you 7 not have any money, who 8 pay for the meal?

If I 9 ask my parents, they 10 pay! Choose the best word A, B or C for each gap. Sally is interested in B. A electrical B technology C technical 1 Shes got a new mobile phone with a so she can take photos. A camera B recorder C memory stick 2 She can also use her phone to make short. A programs B music C videos 3 The on her phone is useful when shes doing her maths homework. A extra B computer C calculator 4 She uses the to download music.

A tapes B Internet C headphones 5 And in the mornings, of course, the clock on the phone wakes her up. John was lying in the snow. His dog, Bruno, pulled his arm 1 tried to wake him up, 2 John didnt move.

Bruno didnt understand. Why didnt John get up? Johns bag was open. Bruno picked it 3 with his teeth and took it to John. Johns mobile phone fell out. Bruno knew John spoke to his friends on this little black thing. Bruno stared at it but it didnt do 4.

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