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For Digimon World 3 on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 42 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). For Digimon World 3 on the PlayStation, FAQ/Walkthrough by mharbenedict These will make you understand the FAQ/guide and helps you make the game a lot easier. Training Book: lets training a little easier. Obtain. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Digimon World 3. Help for Digimon World 3 on Playstation. More help, hints and discussion forums for.

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Digimon World 3 Guide Book

Digimon World 3 book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Versus Books Exclusive Official Perfect Guide for Digimon World 3 features. Digimon World 3 - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Original File Hosted by GameFAQs Return to Digimon World 3 (PS) FAQs & Guides Liked this FAQ? Click here to Book Life May Digimon World 3 Strategy Guide [Chris McCubbin] on aracer.mobi *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. includes Gigantic 35"x 44" poster Versus Books.

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You may change your equipment and the starting exposure the leader of your digimons you're accompanied now. Arrange your folder; edit the name of your folder and look to your album. I will tell more about cards in the Card Game section.

Normal and Boss Battles, Digi-Battles. I separate them for you to understand well and for better findings. Your leader at your back when you're in the field will be the starting digimon who will fight. Normal battles have only one digimon opponent. There are options here that will help to win the fight. Attack is base on your equipped weapons and attack power. No need to use MP like in DW2.

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You need enough MP to use certain techniques. Example: You have an Angemon that has a Mega Tornado. You cannot use that tech unless you rest in an inn or fill up your MP by using items. Here, you can pick digivolutions to exchange on your current digivolve while in battle. This maybe an advantage. Digivolving do not consumes MP but consumes 1 turn per digivolve.

Example: Kotemon can't defeat a Metal Tyrannomon and you need to change. This may come handful. You can also DNA digivolve here. I'll tell you that in Digimon Digivolving Chart and Techniques sec. You Cannot equip weapons while battling.

You know what its means. Come on you don't know? Okay, Okay, I'll tell you now. If you choose this option, some advantages and disadvantages you will face. The advantages are 1 you can run away especially if you don't want to fight that digimon. This all? The disadvantages are 1 When running, the enemy can freely attack you and damage your ruby HP a farewell kiss?

This usually happens, hmmm?

Some digimon have their different colors and that means they differed in speed, strength, etc. Example is the Numemon race. From being blue, red, brownish, green, white, light blue and green. This is just the same as Normal Battles above. The only difference is that the background changes into like warp space with some swords and you know are floating but not moving!

And the other one is.

That's why they'd called boss! In the start of the game, they're commonly loaded with 1 or 2 digimons. But in later of the game, they mostly have 3 filed up digimons.

You can only train in Gyms located in each sector. TO more about their exact location, go to the List of the List. Every time your digimon level ups they earn 5 TP Training Points to use in the gym. Each increases your status. Tolerance increases your defense into certain kind of elemental attack.

Exam: Veemon's tolerance is high and the enemy uses it to him. Depending on your resistance, the damage may be strong or weak. Tolerance training can be obtain after you've been defeated Seiryu Leader. For more information on how to defeat the leader, look in the Walkthrough section.

There are 7 tolerances in all. All tolerance has effects on your digimon.

In training, you can choose how many TP you can use in a training section. It doesn't matter in how you manage your TP. While training, your digimon has a chance of not receiving an upgrade because they may get wrong or getting some stupid works.

Like answering It really gets you turnoff if they fail more on if you use high TP points. Leomon mostly the jogman here will give you a chance of taking the fourth chance if you completed the last 3 with out failing. The gyms in Asuka North Sector and Ameterasu server will change and you have a better chance of getting higher status booster. You will notice that in this gyms, you will see a star besides each training. This means that the turn the trainer gives you will increase.

Like if you choose to punch with a TP of 1, if you completed the 3 turns correctly, the trainer will give you the fourth chance with higher value. Ex: You completed the 3turns and the trainer will ask you to choose between 2 choices. One is the "Ultimate Challenge", and the second is "Is as is". If you choose Is as is, you will end up 2 additional turns. Do you understand? Status Effects. I will list all I know effects and by the way, status effects can be cured by using items.

He's the most popular status ailment in all RPG's. As Usual, your digimon's HP gradually decreasing while the battle goes on. Digimons like Dokugomons like giving this a present to death. This can cause sudden reduction of your HP. So be careful. Metal-based digimons like Giving this one. Sometimes your digimon cannot attack and will die no matter What you do. Sometimes your digimon can move. If this happens quickly heal this Or kill your enemy.

The second most common ailment. I think no. But anyway lets continue. This is different. When you are confuse, the sound will Go funny and dizzy.

While you are confuse, you can only possibly attack the opponent by choosing one of the funny words. I advise you to choose Boast or Cry because that two almost gives you the right thing. Don't worry, confuse may fade away after several turns. Looks like I don't need it to explain. But Hey! I got to complete this you know. Vademon is the digimon I hated for something. Maybe his brain or maybe his sleeping attacks. Sleep lose you some turns doing nothing and even you've been attack, you can't still be awaken.

Versus Books Official Digimon World 3 Perfect Guide

It is matter of time? All you can do is to run, use item to heal your sleep or Tag your digimon. Can be only obtain when fighting Cardmon. It reduces your strength, speed or defense. But nothing to worry because it only reduces your status by 1 by 1. I change my mind. I think this is the MOST!!! You die and tadddddaaaahhhh!!!

After the battle, your digimon automatically revives itself and this was one of the good sake of this game. Note: All other ailments gone except curse after each battle. Receiving EXP. In this game, receiving EXP is different from the other games.

Example is that other games cut the EXP base on your teammates alive after the battle and the amount of EXP given by the enemy. Then the EXP that was cut is then distributed in the team. Like FF games. There are some exceptions in getting EXP in this game. When your leading digimon or that certain digimon that fought the enemy has died.

The x digimon who stays alive will get all the EXP even digimon y and z have fought the enemy but they've died. If that digimon wasn't used or being swap. EXP in this game can only be cut or divided if you swap your digimons from one to another. Example, Vigiemon gives 20 EXP. Your leader is Renamon the you swap her to Kumamon.

After Kumamon have defeated the enemy, the console will automatically divides the EXP base on how many digimons you'de been used. So that means the digimon above will receive 10 EXP each.

The possible division of EXP I know so far is 3 because you only have 3 digimons in a line. Battle Field. Depending on the field where your digimon and the enemy are fighting, several effects may affect on how well your digimon and the enemy will fight. Fields can be classified as flame, water, ice, wind, thunder, machine and dark. This is like DW2 except that you don't need to step a floor to made this.

It depends on where you're before the battle occurs. If this is like DW2, that means that fire digimons strengthen their stas when fighting an enemy if they are in a fire field. It also means that, fire digimons are weak against water field.

By using a field item. They can be bought at any item shop. By using a technique of a digimon. Example, Taomon's Thunder Field. The new digivolutions and its new digimons from the DW3 animation in TV. Here, digivolving unlocks more powerful digimons that you can allied to be the Champ.

You can learn more techniques, unlocks new digivolutions by digivolving. Digivolving is the easiest way to get another digivolution forms. Each digimon learn they're new digivolution by simply gaining experience. Each digimon get their champion form at level 5, when this happens, new digivolve had learned. Remember that to get their true digivolutions, you need to level up the rookie not the champion form. Patamon reached level 20 not Angemon got MagnaAngemon.

But in other ways, you can still level the Champion, Ultimate and Mega to get other forms. Ex: Patamon was level 5 and learned Angemon. Raise Angemon to level 20 to get Digitamamon with an attack power of more than Certain status of your digimon may affect what they can get forms. Just like the above example. To get Digitamamon, you need an attack of and above using Angemon in a certain level. Learn more in section 5.

DNA Digivolutions. Two digimons Greymon and Airdramon for exam. Here, you can only DNA in battles by selecting Tag option in the battle menu. You can see a Red circle besides the the digimon that is compatible in the digimon that is in current fight. Example: you're fighting against Woodmon and you're using Greymon, if you choose Tag and see a red circle besides Hookmon, it means that they can DNA Digivolve.

Just like a simple Tag option because it is still the Tag menu so your digimon will exchange position. DNA Digimon commonly in Mega form. Blast Digivolution. Because digivolutions means multiple changes or forms or digivolves. So it also means that Blast Digivolutions are not only one identity but also multiples depending on your level and digimon.

Blast Digivolutions is one of the best things to defeat a hard boss or enemy. Do you see a blank meter under your digimon's life bar? That is the Blast Gauge.

If you were hitted by an enemy, a little shining like stars starts to appear. This indicates the percent of blast in each Digimons. When it reaches the rightmost part of the Gauge and full it, your digimon will automatically Blast Digivolves.

Reminders: 1. Depending on your level, equipped items and digimon using, filling the gauge may take a long time and thousands of damage from enemy.

Blast Gauge can be filled by another purpose. Using a DV Plug that can be download at any item store Wizardmon. Counter Crest reduces the points added each time that an enemy hit you. A weapon or armor with effect like the "Soul Chopper" will result a slow growth in your Blast Gauge. Digimon Lab. Kadomotsu to switch your digimons, load tech, change digivolutions and look in your digimon's digivolution chart. Later in the game, you can do this by Piximon. He usually found in cities with Guardromon or Gatomon.

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