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Documents > Periodicals > Dr. Dobb's Journal dr_dobbs_journal_vol_pdf - pages, MB dr_dobbs_journal_vol_pdf - pages, MB. On this site is archived all the content from Dr. Dobb's that was published on the It also contains links to the PDF issues of Dr. Dobb's Journal. Features 21 years of Dr. Dobb's Journal, 15 years of Sys Admin magazine, 14+ years of C/C++ Users Journal, 1 year worth of Dr. Dobb's Digest, podcasts.

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Letters to the editor, article proposals and submissions, and inquiries can be sent to [email protected], faxed to , or mailed to Dr. Dobb's Journal. Dr. Dobbs J O U R N A L # FEBRUARY SOFTWARE TOOLS FOR THE PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMER aracer.mobi B. Dr. Dobb's Journal (DDJ) was a monthly magazine published in the United States by UBM In its last years of publication, it was distributed as a PDF monthly, although the principal delivery of Dr. Dobb's content was through the magazine's .

It covered topics aimed at computer programmers. When launched in , DDJ was the first regular periodical focused on microcomputer software, rather than hardware. In its last years of publication, it was distributed as a PDF monthly, although the principal delivery of Dr. Dobb's content was through the magazine's website. Publication ceased at the end of , with the archived website continuing to be available online. Bob Albrecht edited an eccentric newspaper about computer games programmed in the BASIC computer language , with the same name as the tiny nonprofit educational corporation that he had founded, People's Computer Company PCC. Dennis Allison was a longtime computer consultant on the San Francisco Peninsula and sometime instructor at Stanford University. In the first three quarterly issues of the PCC newspaper published in , Albrecht had published articles written by Allison, describing how to design and implement a stripped-down version of an interpreter for the BASIC language, with limited features to be easier to implement. At the end of the final part, Allison asked computer hobbyists who implemented it to send their implementations to PCC, and they would circulate copies of any implementations to anyone who sent a self-addressed stamped envelope. Allison said, Let us stand on each others' shoulders; not each others' toes. The journal was originally intended to be a three-issue xerographed publication. Titled dr. Dobb's was a contraction of Dennis and Bob.

Titled Dr. Dobb's was a contraction of Dennis and Bob. It was at a time when memory was very expensive, so compact coding was important. Microcomputer hobbyists needed to avoid using too many bytes of memory — avoiding overbyte. After the first photocopies were mailed to those who had sent stamped addressed envelopes, PCC was flooded with requests that the publication become an ongoing periodical devoted to general microcomputer software. PCC agreed, and hired Jim Warren as its first editor.

He immediately changed the title to Dr. While he went on to make a splash with his series of West Coast Computer Faires, subsequent DDJ editors like Marlin Ouverson, Hank Harrison, Michael Swaine and Jonathan Erickson appear to have focused on the journalistic and social aspects of the young but growing microcomputer industry.

The newsletter's content was originally pure enthusiast material. Initial interest circled around the Tiny BASIC interpreter, but Warren broadened that to include a variety of other programming topics, as well as a strong consumer bias, especially needed in the chaotic early days of microcomputing.

Computer program source code published during the early years include:. The March issue "10 3 " printed Richard Stallman 's " GNU Manifesto " a call for participation in the then-new free software movement. In later years, [ when?

The magazine's focus became more professional. The title was later shortened to Dr. Dobb's Journal , then changed to Dr.

Dobb's Journal of Software Tools as it became more popular.

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The magazine later reverted to Dr. In January Jonathan Erickson, the editor-in-chief, announced the magazine would cease monthly print publication, become a section of InformationWeek called Dr Dobb's Report. The primary Dr. Dobb's content streams at the end were the Dr. Dobb's website, Dr.

Dr. Dobb's Journal (February)

Dobb's Journal the monthly PDF magazine, which had different content from the website , and a weekly newsletter, Dr. Dobb's Update. In addition, Dr. Dobb's continued to run the Jolt Awards and, since , the Dr.

Dobb's Excellence in Programming Award.

Adrian Bridgwater edited the news section beginning in On 16 December , an article by editor-in-chief Andrew Binstock announced that Dr. Dobb's would cease publication of new articles at the end of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The great days soon started to fade and Dr Dobb's morphed into something else - a few something elses over the time. If you were new to programming after about you might well have missed Dr Dobb's, but those who grew up with it still revered it and tried to get others in on the secret.

Now its editor, Andrew Binstock, has announded that even the web site will end with The stated reason is falling ad revenue, but this is just a reflection of the fact that it isn't easy to make any sort of profit on a web-based magazine. Given I Programmer is a web-based magazine we know better than most what the struggle is all about. There are a number of myths that need to be put to rest.

It is as long as the site has virtually no traffic. As soon as the traffic increases you have to move to something that costs money - a lot of money. They don't pay for the content creation and so can afford to sell as cheap as they have to.

The websites Google relies on do have to pay for content creation and hosting, but can't set a minimum price because they simply wouldn't get any ads because other sites with lesser content would be cheaper.

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