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Content: The Official Mini Guide, Size: MB. The 16 pages in this mini guide are taken from the Complete Official Guide to Dragon Age II, and act as a brief. PC - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The Complete Official Guide to Dragon Age II is a Piggyback Interactive Limited. Dragon Age 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies.

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Dragon Age 2 Strategy Guide Pdf

This enormous guide to Dragon Age II contains a walkthrough of all the Numerous hints suggest how to behave during conversations with. Dragon Age II: The Complete Official Guide is the official strategy guide for Dragon Age II. It is authored by Piggyback Interactive and published by Prima Games. Refer to this manual for information on using the software. Dragon Age II tells the story of a member of the Hawke family, a refugee of the Fifth Blight who became a .. Once you have the hang of basic combat strategy, you're ready to build.

The description of each quest consists of consecutive steps which you will have to complete during it, including the possible endings. Numerous hints suggest how to behave during conversations with NPCs and how to win battles. The quests in the game as well as in the guide have been divided into 5 main categories: 1 Main plot quests are those which you have to complete for the story to move forward. It's worth to mention at this point that the campaign consists of a prologue and 3 long acts. Upon completing the last main quest in a given act, you will be automatically moved to the next part of the campaign. They are usually highly complicated, however completing them isn't required for advancing in the campaign. These can be both long trips with certain characters as well as easy missions consisting of talking and delivering presents. Guide is enriched by over 90 location maps, helpful in finding important places, characters or items. Short manual on how to use the guide: 1 Each quest contains detailed information on who requests it, what you need to do, the decisions you have to make and the prizes. In this given case, you should look at map M20 and find point number 5. Red refers to NPCs and monsters, blue to locations, green to items and interactive objects and orange to given quests.

This eventually results in a race against the enemy, with the enemy trying to wipe out your town and with the player trying to become strong enough to defeat all 5 Monarchs before getting wiped out. Turn-based, tactical combat where the player can control up to 18 warriors at once. No longer do you have to justify to yourself for playing with a small party of 6 poor souls against the world.

Combat is phase based, meaning all units within a faction act before the next faction goes however movement is based on action points allowing movement multiple times in a turn. Counter attacks and attacks of opportunity, ranged combat, synergistic abilities, flanking, action point system, positional bonuses and elevation tiles that influence hit chance.

Sword, hatchet, mace, claymore, greataxe, warhammer and rapier. There are then 2 ranged weapon types, longbow and crossbow. Each weapon type has 5 unique abilities assigned to it. Standard armors have 6 color variations, cultural armor has 3 color variations. An armor set consists of the helmet and the body armor torso to legs. Plenty of armor sets to come in the future. Combat maps also have partial random map generation. Rocks, trees, environmental hazards and singular elevation tiles are all randomly generated using an algorithm.

Not all unique monster abilities are animated yet, so there could be some confusion when it comes to "feedback" during combat. Assume leadership over a town. Once the spectacular assault ends. The door to the east contains a collection of chests.

Approach the Lyrium on its pedestal and. For the best possible return in XP and loot. Stop and prepare your party as you reach the stone steps: Within the confines of the room. These are susceptible to spirit and cold damage and have a moderate resistance to electricity.

The most effective strategy here is to move everyone back to the northern corridor. Micromanage your party for the duration of these moments. Both are immune to fire attacks. You can enchant weapons or armor here. In the far east of the map. Follow the path leading east to trigger a conversation and.

USER For more information on this powerful opponent. Pay attention to the position of your weaker cohorts MAPS when this occurs. After the second. Your party members will dutifully follow. Have your tank occupy the larger beast while other party members attack from distance.

Once the confrontation is over. There are more Shades further south and. This triggers are susceptible to cold attacks. Profit and Loss begins instead.

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The second Carta battle is rather more a commander or an Assassin before you confront a final wave led by the substantial than the first. Later fights add 2. Blackpowder Courtesy: The main subject of this conversation is determined by how you funded your participation in the Deep Roads adventure.

Act 2 begins with an intriguing audience with the ruler of Kirkwall. Visit Hawke Estate in Hightown steps. Bodahn will rush to greet you. Each group of enemies features a notable opponent of spiders. These have a high resistance to magic but the Steel Latch from the ground Fig. Both are completed by simply entering the Hawke Estate at the bottom of the steps. After defeating further Steel Latches marked by plot waypoint arrows that you can use to the first band.

Ensure that your party is suitably prepared for battle. If you paid Bartrand. Thugs are generic. Collect 2 Blackpowder Courtesy: Take up position at the bottom of the wooden Elven Fanatic. ACT 2 Without wanting to be specific. Act 2 marks the point at which crafting can offer MAPS The most reliable way to develop friendships and rivalries is to make distinct advantages. These offer friendship or rivalry increases — and. For example. As you find more resources and recipes. The Writing Desk and Storage chest are located here.

Before you begin considering the merits of expensive weapons. You can offer a bonus to lockpicking. A this Attribute category throughout this Act and seek out items that Journal entry will appear when these have been unlocked.

Act 2 offers a completely new set of tempting merchant inventories. On a related note. ACT 1 learn more about these on page When Moira arrives. Offered and Lost: All That Remains: You should either micromanage the fight to keep him disabled until the final Desire Demon falls. Smart positioning can also be of service when you reach the northwest room.

Corpses and Abominations. On entering 5. Emeric in the Gallows p. Loot the area. Clear the area of Fanatics with an AoE barrage before you focus on the templar. At the Blind Alley. With the arrival of a fourth and final Desire Demon. In the aftermath. Even though the quest marker directs you to Lowtown Night. Agree to his suggestion that he perform a blood magic ritual to locate Leandra and the party will be transported instantly to the Dark Foundry.

These arrive in waves. Abominations and another Rage Demon attack. The Desire Demons gradually replenish the health of their allies. As a blood mage. Quentin will enter the fray. You can use the staircase in front of the area entrance to create a choke point for AoE attacks.

[PRIMA GUIDE]Dragon Age Inquisition

All That Remains. Collect all Chantry p. Prime Suspect: Speak to p. This is a short quest. She also continually heals her allies unless temporarily incapacitated. Ensure who shares the same elemental resistance and vulnerabilities as her cohorts.

The Long Road 82 Take Isabela along for extra conflict and interesting dialogue. Take Aveline along for 3. Following on from The Bone Pit. Though listed as Forbidden Handed. The companion quests are particularly important: Two- Among Us. History of the Chantry: ACT 1 As with Act 1. These include some fairly sizable USER and commensurately rewarding companion and secondary quests.

Those seeking to enjoy Dissent 82 everything related to the core Dragon Age II narrative will find that this contributes a great deal. This results in many far-reaching effects for Aveline. The final installment is found in Act A short. A relatively short but decisive step in the development of Anders. Hometown Breed. You should also download all companion armor upgrades to work Cliffs additional drama in the opening cutscene. In addition to more customary rewards.

Our suggestion would be If you spared Idunna during the events of Enemies to max out a weapon-specific talent tree Weapon and Shield. Lowtown and the Docks. Dual Weapon or Archery for one of your less favored 88 a side quest. A group of Qunari awaits your arrival as you approach the Foundry District.

The Sten is the most dangerous in this group. Following the Qun: Destroy the Saarebas the moment he appears or disable him while you eliminate lesser foes. See page 74 for more details on this story- oriented quest.

Ensure that she is in your party when you leave Hawke Estate. To Catch a Thief: Mob enemies at the Chantry are mere cannon fodder to a well-equipped party. This quest is only available if you recruited Isabela during Act 1. Hightown p.

With both Aveline and the rogue requesting your assistance. Fighting with Lowtown at night p. Demands of the Qun: Deal with the former first. The Qunari Sten is a commander who continually heals his allies. If you find the battle too challenging. Take out the fighters employing ranged assaults first: You should be wary of an additional band of Karashok that arrive from behind. Your decision rests on whether you wish to gain the additional XP that a fight entails.

If this entails the northeast area. In should be to keep him incapacitated at all times. Use any and every ability at In the conversation with Meredith and Orsino. Inside the Try to keep your party members in one area preferably elevated and Keep. He usually starts the battle on the upper level.

When play resumes in Lowtown. Any weapons particularly staves that inflict cold or nature QUESTS damage will be of benefit during the forthcoming battles. A second the most likely outcome a fight with the Qunari leader and his warriors. This quest marks the point of no return for Act 2. This time. Elven Supporters join the There are a number of different resolutions to Demands of the Qun.

When you reach Hightown. You will lose control of this confrontation if to your position will make the battle rather less chaotic. Kill the weaker archers first. His ability to stab a victim and Assassin that joins in later. First things first: These final tips will be of assistance in commander while your tank occupies the assembled Karashok.

At the area exit. To locate Emile. Speak to Keran when the battle ends. On The Loose: Accept the letter from the Writing Desk at Hawke these are of no consequence: Attack her exclusively mansion. Lay down Darktown p. In this fight. We would suggest and will henceforth assume that you side with Orsino in the dialogue that takes place at the start of consider a brief rush with your most cunning rogue to disarm those in your vicinity. With a little micromanagement. After speaking with Elsa.

Best Served Cold: The battle in Hightown pits you against templars and Circle Mages. There are additional mages among the waves of reinforcements. If you really struggle in this fight. Secret Meeting Place. As always. No matter three mages in turn. Feel free to rifle through the building after the dialogue ends.

Leave those with larger health gauges until last. Be sure Act 3 as supporting the mages makes things slightly easier later on.

The area is also packed with traps: If you to explore the area for loot before you do the same. When you reach the path that leads to the ruins waypoint. The mage takes on the form of an Abomination at first but Nyssa. This Blood Mage will summon Shades as support.

No matter which strategy you opt for and we would suggest a so be ready to attack with full fury before they can unleash any spells.

There is. If you dive into certain quests without a dedicated tank to draw enemy attention or a healer to patch up wounds. Reining it In. The Awiergan Scrolls: Origins players.

A New Path. No Rest for the essential if you wish to reach the final stage Wicked. Even if you are reluctant to micromanage ACT 1 battles. You can also find a selection of role-specific Alone. Faith in each relationship. Some battles can be pitilessly difficult unless you take a more strategic MAPS approach to combat. The loot is spectacular. Some items. Red If you have been diligently clearing the streets Act 3 and a second just before you begin The Last Straw.

Favor and to similar ventures so far. The choice of advance. Unless they actively move on. You can stand back and watch the There are three simultaneous Rage Demons and even more Shades just inside initial part of this battle unfold from a safe distance. Head south to fight a massive group of templars.

When the party healer.

Depending on At the Gallows Courtyard. Smite this particular foe with here follows one specific path. See the page to your right for information on the battle with Orsino. Before you begin. In the face-off between Orsino and Meredith. Aveline especially the Lieutenant alone: download as many potions as you need. This will. The most important tips we can Grenades that might be of benefit in the demanding battles that lie ahead. The Last Straw: Beyond the door. Another multi- engage your party members.

A mage with Mind to reach the final showdown with Meredith. Hawke is technically alone but take a moment to speak with your companions before asking Orsino to supported by numerous allies in the brief battle that follows. Inside the Gallows Prison. Take the time to wrap up any other quests or general activities that you wish to complete as The Last Straw marks On arrival at the Docks. Creating you for the conflict that lies ahead. Save your progress before you do so we would recommend what to do with Anders is a momentous decision… but if he is your primary that you use a new slot.

After picking your party. When the dust settles. Making a stand at the top of the steps will subject you to assault from both sides. Our walkthrough Shades before attacking with typical venom. In the first. Diminished yet still unbowed. With ACT 3 non-party companions and other allies offering assistance. This is a dangerous point in the fight. He also regularly employs a Blood Drain attack. Preventative maintenance is vital in this final slog. Meredith will bring a Gate Guardian to life.

To give your party a little respite. The Gate Guardian employs a nasty spinning attack that hits all opponents within a circular radius. Focus your attention on one at a time and the immediate peril should subside when the first falls. These are also slow-moving occasional charges notwithstanding. With each successive monologue.

If Meredith takes a particular interest in a weaker mage or rogue. These scuttling monstrosities use short-range flame attacks and fireballs with a homing capacity. Once you pass a certain damage threshold. For more information on Orsino see page Complicating matters greatly. After the subsequent bout with Meredith. One of his first actions is to rip off his own arm. Your opponent also has greater resistance to spells USER that impede his mobility during this concluding part of the battle.

In the penultimate part of the battle. Fighting Meredith is much easier if you focus on survival first. Ensure that your weaker ranged fighters maintain a safe distance from the main fracas as the knight-commander now employs a new Energy Burst attack. With this last gambit successfully dismissed.

Orsino is restored to his full form — albeit briefly. After you deplete her health gauge to a set level. Meredith rejoins the fray while the seemingly never-ending Slave Statues continue their assault. Over the pages that follow we provide fact sheets for all of these ventures. This reveals the unlock order for all main plot. For further details. It also unlocks the Rumor section in the Current Quests page of the Journal. In this instance.

For the best possible start to a friendship with Aveline. Before you leave The Hanged Man. The most profitable way to end the Prologue is to speak to Meeran first.

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If you have access to Premium Content. Destruction of Lothering and. Bethany will die in the The Birthright companion quest is unlocked on arrival. If you choose the mage class. Formally unlocks Aveline as a companion. This short conversation unlocks the Tranquility main plot quest — and. Blightlands Prologue Lowtown available from start of Act 1 Note: Though not a part of Act 1.

Enter The Hanged Man ideally during the day and speak with Varric. Bait and Switch companion quest and receive a letter The decision to work for the smugglers or mercenaries from the employer you chose at the conclusion of the see page 24 has an impact on the Loose Ends Act 1 Prologue. This is only available during daylight hours. This is particularly pertinent when she makes ACT 1 your party members have built up a sufficient use of her dark craft. Wayward Son and Blackpowder Promise quests.

Welcome Home. Talk to Anders and Enemies Among Us. If you persuade the lone Tal-Vashoth to assist your party. ACT 3 After the confrontation at the altar.

Dalish Camp. The battle on members especially Anders. You can gain his assistance deal with it at an early stage in Act 1. Carver and. Questions At the Wounded Coast. Select this to secure his future support. Isabela top of the mountain can be rather tough until may find cause to object to. Save before you approach it. If this is the case. Merrill is a figure that a number of potential party before you visit Sundermount. If Keran is expelled from the Templar Order. Complete Blackpowder Promise.

Anders while defending him will lead to friendship If you spare Idunna. Approach Sister Petrice in Lowtown at night. If Carver is present. Hawke — a step that will be of benefit later in the story. Unique dialogue options appear during your so you may wish to take a rogue along to gain XP by conversation with Idunna at The Blooming Rose if disarming them all. Refusing to hand the Saarebas Sanctuary. Fenris and Isabela. This is your only opportunity to do so. These can be employed to If you admit that you have a mage in your party when resist her blood magic-augmented wiles.

This unlocks Forbidden Knowledge. Complete the Tranquility main plot quest. You encounter a fair number of traps in this quest. Boldly admitting declared him clear of possession or condemn him.

Call on Bethany or Anders to help you during the confrontation with Idunna for a healthy friendship boost with the mage in question.

If he Handing over the Saarebas will meet with disapproval retains his position. If you return to speak to the Arishok before the end When you travel to Cullen at the conclusion of the of Act 1.

How to Frame a Templar is given from certain party members particularly Bethany and instead. Arvaarad and his If Anders or Merrill are in your party. A Debt in the Family will be available in Act 2. This opens up This unlocks the Act of Mercy quest. This has later repercussions. If you send Feynriel to the Dalish. Speak to Arianni in the Elven Alienage. This is by far the most profitable resolution. If you Circle.

Night Terrors. You can resolve the stand-off in the Slaver Caverns in one of four ways: Remains are located in this area. Errant Letter secondary quest. Speak to Thrask in the Gallows Courtyard first. Thrask friendship boosts for Carver and Fenris. You must fight undead opponents on Gallows Courtyard during the same Act. Accept the quest via the Writing Desk. If Karras is killed. Carver confrontation with Karras. Errant Letter quest. A conclusion where Karras is killed is by far the most profitable outcome in terms of rewards.

This is just a small reactive event — the return journey to the Wounded Coast there are no rewards. Grace threatens to expose any mages in your current party including Hawke. Merrill and Anders will strongly disapprove. Outside the cave. Certain If the mages go free. You may also encounter Grace and her companions in Kirkwall in the this. Anders will severely disapprove. If they joined the templars.

Accepting his offer enables 55 Protected by copyright. From a Act 1 accomplishments before you leave. Blackpowder Promise and Shepherding the quest. Bethany or Carver permanently leave the party must be seen to their conclusion before you can at this stage. Wayward Son. If you bargain with the Hunger Demon. Complete the following quests: Long Way Home. For maximum reward. Be sure that you are satisfied with your encounter them during pivotal moments during Act 2 and Act 3.

Roads to discover that: Circle or Grey Wardens. Travel to Lowtown that transpire and to obtain the fairly minor resultant XP gain or if you at night to speak with its author. Roads Expedition plot requirement. Due to the slight reduction in profits from the Deep Roads expedition. Head through the south exit and continue until you meet Lia.

If you choose to kill Kelder. When Elren pleads with Hawke to exact murderous justice. If you opt to spare him. Travel to the Abandoned Ruins in the Free Marches. Be sure to collect all loot dropped by the arachnids. Enter the Ruined Passage map via the cave. Elren will offer no reward. Return to Magistrate Vanard to bring the quest to its conclusion. After a brief battle be wary of the enemies spawning behind your party.

This leads to a reactive event later in the story. This begins as a straightforward battle against Spiders but becomes rather more complicated as Fade creatures enter the fray. If you experience difficulties. Approach the group of guards at the center of the area to trigger a cutscene. See the Consequences section for details on how killing him or taking him alive will affect events in the near and distant future. If you chose to kill Kelder. Kelder will flee further into the ruins.

A word of warning: If you spare Kelder. Magistrate Vanard will pay Hawke for fulfilling his requests to the letter. This may enable you to draw enemies out in small but manageable groups. Complete the Birthright companion quest. Elren will reward the player.

Access the central room via the north entrance. Dismissive or cruel responses will lead to large rivalrly in principle. Though if you crave his attention or affections for the immediate you will find instances where he will accept that mages might. Inside the Abandoned House. If you ACT 1 use manual party movement. After the cutscene. If you wish to at least partially placate him. Return to the large room with two staircases that lead to a mezzanine level.

Open the companion quests. Meet Fenris in the Hightown Estates area. Travel to Lowtown at night to meet Anso the This enemy type might cause low-level parties a few problems. Fenris appreciates an honorable approach powerful mage. He also disapproves of deals with demons of any kind.

Approach the steps to the west to be introduced to Fenris. Ensure that you have collected everything killing them now will save time later. Fenris will leave the party at this point. Fenris has a deeply ingrained distrust of mages. Try to keep your weaker ranged fighters clear of its attacks. Approximately midway through the map. Get Back to Work begins immediately. You should find it before your fleeting encounter with a surviving miner. Visit Hubert in Hightown Market during the day.

There is no difference either way. You will miss out on the Get Back to Work quest. Explore the area for collectibles if you wish. Prepare your party and save before you take the Bone Pit Ledge exit at the waypoint marker. This begins the side quest of the same name.

Note that weapons and spells that cause cold damage will be of benefit on this quest. Return to Hightown and report to Hubert. See page for more information on the Mature Dragon that attacks when you emerge into the daylight.

Aveline will object mild rivalry boost if you attempt to push for additional payment. In addition to other loot. Speak to Jansen in Lowtown during the day. You should also stock up on potions.

On completion of the quest. The mines are populated by Dragonlings. These plot strands corpse. Contact and Finders Keepers. After instead opted for indentured servitude with Meeran.

Speak to her at the bar and writes the letter. Dragon Age: ACT 2 during the course of a single playthrough. This would be a shame. Follow Isabela to the Chantry and brace yourself are mutually exclusive: Complete Birthright. Aveline will purse her could have a positive outcome.

Flirting and where it might lead can definitely help with this. If Hawke spent a year in the service agree to assist her. Speak to Martin in his room at The Hanged Man and agree to help. You can with Fenris an uncompromising exception if you decide sneak past if you pay him a wide berth. Whichever approach you chose. When you return to Martin. Travel there during Expect a smattering of disapproval particularly from the day and get rid of the guards to reach the Warehouse Aveline if you blackmail Thrask.

Martin will enter into business and offer Hawke his services as a poison vendor. At night there is one sleeping guard. There are traps in this area. Your choices in the conversation the latter. Sovereigns or attempt to threaten him. Start the Wayward Son main plot quest.

Kill the Mabari guard dogs. When you kill the Abomination. If you reveal the location of the cargo. After being brusquely dismissed by Gallows Courtyard. Travel to the Docks during the day and head to the waypoint marker. When you enter the main room. Reavers and Assassins worthy of your respect. His shop can be accessed via his room at The Hanged Man for the rest of the game.

This can enable you to reduce the number of enemies you fight at once and avoid being flanked. Empty the chest at the waypoint marker. Speak to the Longshoreman. You face a further group of Raiders as you leave.

Complete Fools Rush In. If you decide to extort money from Thrask he pays five For a relatively circuitous but slightly more rewarding sovereigns. This leads to slight reactive adjustments in dialogue with both Saemus and the viscount later in the story. The numbers can be quite Camp at Sundermount.

If you leave Saemus to be captured by the Winters after accepting the quest. Clear the ordering your party to hold position by the cliff edge vicinity of Hurlocks and fell the Ogre that follows.

No neglected to diligently loot spider remains before you ACT 3 matter what you say in the dialogue that ensues on left.

Complete the Long Way Home main plot quest. Speak to Seneschal Bran. If you he has no desire to return to Kirkwall with them. This will unlock the Ironwood significant in places. On arrival at the waypoint. Hightown After accepting the quest from Ghyslain. Simply give the ring to Ghyslain to claim the maximum possible reward. Travel to the Dark Foundry in Lowtown. If you have already reached Act 2. Repentance should be Travel to Lowtown at night. We would suggest that you deal with them when leave.

Interact Completing Duty leads to the Repentance companion with the marked door. Show the remains to Emeric in the Gallows. Complete Tranquility. Once all three groups have been defeated. This area cannot be accessed again once you Coast. Hightown Market. After a big battle against Shades.

Aveline must be in your party when you visit the Unlike many other companion quests. Once all hostiles have been disabled. The quest ends once you have conversed with Varric.

Begins automatically on completion of the Tranquility main plot quest. Portrait of the Past if Bethany survived the Prologue. You must collect either item before you MISC. ACT 1 dialogue choices govern his reaction. Speak to Isabela at the bar before you leave to begin the Fools Rush In quest.

Complete the A New Home? Your once you enter. This ACT 3 begins a companion quest related to your sibling: Completing this quest and looting the chests in the Speak to her. Travel to Darktown. Travel to The Hanged Man during the day. Complete Tranquility and return to Darktown to visit Anders.

As with other first opportunity to establish a sexual relationship with such follow-up conversations. In general. Male characters only should follow that with: For the highest possible friendship boost with Anders.

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To obtain this mini-quest actually just a simple but Travel to The Hanged Man and speak with Isabela. Starts on completion of the Bait and Switch secondary quest if you choose to enlist Fenris. Begins automatically on completion of Fools Rush In. This is a simple conversation.

Wayward Son or The Unbidden Rescue. If Anders is in your current party. This Lowtown. This conversation provides the district — and speak with her there.

This will only occur after you complete Long Way Home. The Grimoire of the Apprentice collectible can be found close to the area exit. Be sure to pick it up before you return to Darktown: Collect the Locks of the Golden Fool tome from the table in the north of the map to begin the side quest of the same name.

In Act 1. It will only appear during the daytime. Javaris Tintop. Javaris is the source of the Blackpowder Promise main plot quest. Visit Lowtown during the day to find the dead drop. Walk along the path leading west from the main Speak to Sergeant Joanna. Suspicious Lady. Kill all hostiles in the area. After clearing all four. The Blooming immediately: The quest will begin as you Travel to the Docks at night and head for the Warehouse fight the Giant Spiders. Only appears if you are using an imported Dragon Age: Wounded Coast entrance.

Sophia Dryden can be found further west from the quest stand on the steps above and wait for the conversation to start location. You may wish to save after collecting the Grey Warden Documents.

Defeat them watch out for attacks from behind. To obtain the bonus for eavesdropping on the meeting. Available if you import a save file in which the Silver Order Only appears if you are using an imported Dragon Age: You should be automatically detected at this point.

Loot the Dead Messenger conspirators. If you start this quest on your first visit to begin the quest. Prepare your party before you approach end. Wait for a while. They will be reinforced partway of Sundermount in a ruined building.

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