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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, d20, d20 System, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, EBERRON, Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual. D&D, EBERRON, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual. Player's Guide to Eberron, all other. Wizards of the. D&D 4E - Core Rules - Monster Manual ( Errata) [OEF, D&D 4E - Supplement - Forgotten Realms Player's Guide ( Errata) [OEF.

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Eberron Players Guide Pdf Download

[D&D ] Eberron - Player's Guide To aracer.mobi - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. [D&D ] Eberron - Player's Guide To aracer.mobi Download THE COAST, Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual. Eberron Player's Guide (4e) - The Eberron Player's Guide presents the film noir world Watermarked PDF + Hardcover, Standard Color Book.

It was released in June About the Cover. A warforged paladin and an artificer face an unknown foe … and the Eberron Campaign Guide might reveal who, as the two covers were originally part of one piece of art. Continuing the Campaign Settings. Wizards of the Coast published the Forgotten Realms in this format in , then in they repeated the pattern precisely for their second campaign setting. Wizards had many possible worlds that they could have picked for their second setting release, but the most obvious choice was Keith Baker's Eberron. It had successfully been released in June as Wizards of the Coast's big new setting for 3. By , Eberron was still big, and that's why it won out as 4e's second setting.

As the GM book, Eberron Campaign Guide was intended as a complement to the Player's Guide, filling in the details and secrets alluded to in the previous volume. Some of these details were totally new to the setting. Because the two core books were so closely coordinated, they didn't have as much overlap as the similar books for 3e, and so there was more room to grow. Adventure Tropes.

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Finding the Points of Light. By mid, the Nentir Vale was already being featured in the "HPE" series of adventures and the Elsir Vale was appearing in Dungeon's "Scales of War" adventure path More notably, the Forgotten Realms had been massively revamped to fit the new paradigm: the goddess of magic was killed, the Realms were spellplagued, two worlds were mashed together, and a hundred years slid by to create an updated and controversial Points of Light world.

Players were wondering if Eberron would also be changed to more closely match the Points of Light ideals and surprisingly … it wasn't. Instead, Eberron appears much as it did before.

There wasn't even a timeline change; though rumors at one points suggested a two-year advancement was in the works, the world ended up remaining in YK. Eberron's designers and developers said that players interested in metaplot should read the novels and decide themselves whether they wanted to include those events in their games. Though Eberron didn't become a Points of Light world, it did adopt many of the other assumptions of 4e. That began with changes to its cosmology that paired up the ideas of the World Axis and Eberron's own unique cosmos.

Box Renton WA Quest ions? Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. This product is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental. Printed in the U.

Key rules e lements i n t r o d u c e d in that book for new charac ters inc lude four new raceschangelings, kalashtar, shifters, and warforgedand one new class, the ar t i f icer , as well as a n u m b e r of feats, prest ige classes, and spells.

It also offers gu idance in choos ing race, class, feats, and pres -tige class based on a charac ter ' s region of o r ig in , so you can make a Brel ish charac te r feel more Brel ish t han one from A u n d a i r.

Tha t ' s what this sect ion does. It out l ines a dozen charac te r archetypesbasic personal i ty and background packages that can help you make a char-acter who feels like a coheren t par t of the set t ing.

Some of these a rche types are fairly gene r i c : Any se t t ing could feature o u t l a n d e r s , for example , or restless wande re r s. Others are uite specific to Ebe r ron , inc lud ing chroniclers and inquis i t ives. Most archetypes work just fine for characters of any class and race.

An out lander , for example, could be a half-ling barbar ian from the Talenta Plains or a half-orc warlock from the Shadow Marches. Not every combinat ion of race, class, region of o r ig in , and archetype will make sense to you, though. Try to find a combina t ion that appeals to you and work from there. T h e r e is no game-mechan ica l benefit to choos ing a character archetype.

Rather, each archetype consists solely of suggestions for developing the background, personality, and manner i sms of your character.

You seek out adventure wherever you can find itbut you sometimes act more like an observer than a par t i c ipan t. Adventur ing: You grew up read ing about the Last War in the pages of the Korranberg Chronicle, and thought that it sounded excit ing.

You imagined yourself huddled in a tent near the front l ines, scrawling a dispatch that you would send back to Kor r anbe rg to be read across the Five Nations. Of course, once you finally got a job wri t ing for a small local chronicle , you spent more time talking to farm-ers about their crops than you did doing anything remotely resembl ing adven tur ing.

You've seen so much hat red and deat h that not hi ng shocks you at this pointor at least that' s the image you project. Deep inside, there might be a part ofyou that still mourns over every corpseyou find sprawled in an alley, still grieVes for the lost soul of humani t y and its kin, and still believers there might be some hope and goodness left in the world. But you know full well that if anyone sees that tiny part of you, they' ll exploit itor at least mock it mercilessly.

Behavi or: Cultivate behavi or that conveys j ust how tough you are. Shar pen your sword or fiddle with a dagger dur i ng down t i me. Never open a door when you can kick it i n. You might be able to talk your way out of tricky situa- tions, but you shoul d also be pr epar ed to fight your way out: The ki nds of people you deal with usually prefer to fight.

Language: The wisecrack is like an off-hand weapon for you. In every battle, you can attack with your pr i mar y weapon and get in a verbal barb or two as well. Even when you' re not in combat, your speech reflects your cynicism. Variants: You might be a freelance investigator or work for a l aw-enforcement organi zat i on. For a slightly different take on this archet ype, you could work in espionage, focus- ing on i nt r i gue among nat i ons or dr agonmar ked houses rat her t han cri me on a local scale.

You wander t hr ough t he civilized world bewi l dered and i sol at ed, l ooki ng for compani ons you can rely on. Adventuri ng: Your goals and approach to advent ur - ing are probably closely l i nked to the reason you left your homel and and family.

[D&D 3.5] Eberron - Campaign Setting.pdf

Playing an Eberron inquisitive as a bad Phi l i p Marlowe i mi tati on can drive the whole world into parody. If you drink Zil brandy, wait for a call on the speaking stone, and talk like Humphrey Bogart on a bad day, then Eberron starts to look like a ridiculous parody of the modern world, with magic simply duplicating all the technological wizardry of Earth's s.

Thi nk about the essence of your charactera tough nut who has seen the worst the world has to offer but refuses to be corrupted by itand strip away the el ements that have become stereotypical. You don't need to rely on old cliches of behavior and language. Alternatively, you mi ght be seeki ng to prove yourselfto exonerate yourself of a cri me, to win the hand of the chief- tain, or simply to secure your posi t i on as an adult in your communi t y. Or you mi ght have been bani shed from your clan for a cr i me you actually did commi t , and are forever unabl e to r et ur n.

You might eventually grow so accustomed to life among more civilized peopl e t hat you don' t want to r e t ur n, or become restless and uneasy among your own peopl e when you see t hem again. Personal i ty: Your at t i t ude toward civilization is your defi ni ng charact eri st i c. Decide how you view the civilized society ar ound you as well as your sophisticated allies, and try to see everyt hi ng ar ound you t hr ough that l ens.

Do you mai nt ai n a superi or cont empt for t hei r soft and weak ways, or do you find those ways al l ur i ng? Do you wander wide- eyed t hr ough the magni fi cent towers of Shar n, marvel i ng at the achievements of magic and technology, or do you feel t rapped any t i me you' re forced to r emai n i ndoor s?

When you r et ur n to lands t hat are more comfortable and fami l i ar to you, change your behavi or drasticallytake on more of a l eadershi p role, or revert to a role like the one you have in your homel and, whatever that role mi ght be. Behavi or: Most out l anders make some effort to prac- tice the t radi t i ons and ri t ual s of t hei r homel and no mat t er how far they travel.

You mi ght do this simply out of habit, even if you repudi at e the beliefs and mores of your people. These mi nor ri t ual s mi ght i ncl ude hangi ng charms ar ound a sleeping place, pour i ng out wine to the cardi nal di rect i ons before dr i nki ng, t aki ng souveni r body part s from slain foes, or i nvoki ng the names of pat r on spirits or totems at frequent i nt erval s.

Language: Even if you are not ent i rel y comfort abl e speaki ng Common, you are j ust as capable as anyone of expr essi ng compl ex t hought s and sophi st i cat ed ideas in your own l anguage. Scatter phrases of your native l anguage i nt o your speech. St ruggl e for words somet i mes, as if t r yi ng to find the ri ght way to express somet hi ng complex or i di omat i c t hat comes nat ur al l y to you in your native t ongue.

Avoid accents unl ess you can pul l one off wi t hout s oundi ng goofy. Variants: Warforged as a race are si mi l ar to out l anders in that human society can seem st range and alien to t hem, but they have not hi ng to compare it to, except perhaps a life in the mi l i t ary dur i ng the Last War. As an alternative, your backgr ound mi ght be consi derabl y mor e exotic: Perhaps you were raised by wolves or a l ammasu, or brought up on a different pl ane of existence.

You move from place to place as freely as the wi ndbl owi ng t hr ough the bor i ng spot s, l i nger i ng for a while in mor e i nt er es t i ng l ocat i ons, and somet i mes ki cki ng up a st orm. Advent uri ng: Advent ur es are what happens to you while you travel. If you seek out advent ur e, it's because a place sounds i nt erest i ng, not because there' s anyt hi ng in par t i cul ar you want to accomplish t her e.

You are eager to visit new places, try new modes of t r anspor t at i on, see crea- t ures you've never seen before, and at least to some extent do t hi ngs you've never done. If you can also l earn new abi l i - ties, acqui re more t reasure, and otherwise improve yourself along the way, that' s even better. Personal i ty: You've always had t roubl e si t t i ng still.

Perhaps you grew up i n a tiny village where t her e was not hi ng to do, and yearned for a taste of the wider world.

Some experi ence of the world beyond your village might have sparked your wanderl ust : Perhaps a traveling t r oupe of actors or musi ci ans came t hr ough, or a party of advent ur- ers stayed i n the village for a couple of weeks while expl or- i ng nearby r ui ns. That experi ence gave substance to your dreams of a different lifeyou might even have followed the travelers out of town, l aunchi ng your life of wander i ng in a dramat i c way.

You still r et ai n some of that youthful, wide-eyed dr eami ness and a sense t hat the world is full of wonders j ust waiting to be expl ored. You are not necessar- ily naive about life's har sh realities, but you ret ai n a sense Thunvarch, of wonder that no amount of bi t t er experi ence has yet been able to quash. You mi ght have a par t i cul ar i nt erest that gives a focus to your wanderi ng. Perhaps you are part i cul arl y drawn to spectacular nat ur al wonders such as the Gor adr a Gap or the Guar di an Trees.

Or maybe you' re fascinated with anci ent r ui ns, great monument s, or exotic cul t ures.

Behavi or: Stay on the move. Whenever you feel that a dungeon room, a site, a nat i on, or even a cont i nent has shown you all it has to reveal, it's time to move on. You can spend all the time you want searchi ng the rooms of a dungeonas long as t here are i nt erest i ng t hi ngs to find.

But you should be the first member of your party to call a halt to t edi um whenever it arises and get t hi ngs movi ng again. Language: Your mi nd wanders even faster t han your body, maki ng your speech seem di sconnect ed at t i mes. Pepper your conver sat i on with wi de-eyed obser vat i ons about t he sights, s ounds , and smel l s of what ever place you' re expl or i ng now and compar i sons to places you' ve been bef or e.

Vari ants: Not all wanderers are motivated by wander- lust. Inst ead, you mi ght be on the runa fugitive hunt ed by agents of a widespread organi zat i on, such as the Dr eam- i ng Dark, t he Au r u m, the Chamber , t he Lor ds of Dust , or a dr agonmar ked house. If you stay in any one place too long, t hey' re cer t ai n to find you. So you keep movi ng, you try to avoid at t r act i ng not i ce, and you don' t talk much about your past. If there is, that could explain a lot.

Not cont ent to sit i n a l i br ar y s ur r ounde d by dusty t omes and c r umbl i ng pot s her ds , you do your r esear ch i n t he fi el dwhet her i n t he cycl opean r ui ns of Xen' dr i k or the anci ent t unnel s of Dor ashar n beneat h the City of Towers. Advent uri ng: For you, hi st ory is about di scoveri ng the mysteries of Eber r on' s anci ent empi r es by expl or i ng the r ui ns of Xen' dr i k' s lost ki ngdoms and the r emnant s of gobl i n civilization in Khor vai r e.

You yearn to discover mighty artifacts and lost magi cal secret s. You hunger for knowledge about the past, and you have never been cont ent to gai n your knowl edge from ot her peopl e or t he books they wr i t e. You want to dr i nk from t he sour ce, and t hat means advent ur e.

Personal i ty: You combi ne a solid gr oundi ng in aca- demic research and established knowledge with a t hi rst for action and advent ure. You have an inquisitive mi nd and are always wonder i ng about the reasons why t hi ngs happen and possible connect i ons between apparent l y unr el at ed events. Your col l ect i on of schol arl y t omes is like a gr oup of old friendsyou don' t necessarily see t hem every day, but you' re happy to spend hour s in t hei r company whenever you can.

Your name is well known in academic circles: Some of your fellow scholars praise you to the skies, while ot hers dismiss you as a hack.

[D&D ] Eberron - Player's Guide To aracer.mobi | Dungeons & Dragons | D20 System

Behavi or: Take not es on ever yt hi ng. Copy di agr ams and i nscri pt i ons i nt o your not ebooks. Collect samples of body par t s from unus ual monst ersor even ent i r e mon- sters, if you can t r ans por t t hem.

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Tr eat shat t ered cerami cs and magical relics as equally i nt erest i ng, even as you recog- nize that magic items are more valuable and far more useful. You mi ght be hesitant to use anyt hi ng or go anywhere unt i l you have properl y researched it, or you mi ght rush in to do your research on-si t e. Look for oppor t uni t i es to use your vari ous areas of knowl edge. They mi ght not happen very oft en, but t hat j ust makes it all t he mor e memor abl e when you do glean some useful i nf or mat i on from your studies of ar chi t ect ur e and engi neer i ng!

Language: Dr op the names of scholars bot h renowned and obscure i nt o your conversations. I nt r oduce t heori es and observat i ons by ci t i ng t angent i al l y relevant research.

When you encount er a monster, try to come up with a useful r emi nder about its capabilities to share with your compan- ions, gleaned from the knowledge you've accumul at ed. Variants: You need not be obsessed with ancient history and long-lost secretsthe world has its share of cont empo- rary secrets as well. What caused the Mour ni ng?