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If you don't always have time an automatic fish feeder is ideal. Also when on holiday. You can easily programme the feeding times as well as the amount of food. If you don't always have time an automatic fish feeder is Including accessories: USB card with software, operating manual and pre-programmed lighting. EHEIM. Quick Start. Set-Up Guide. EHE. Everyday. Turtle Feederm O Manual Release Button have pre-made openings for automatic feeding units.

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Eheim Auto Feeder Pdf

View and Download EHEIM quick start manual online. Everyday Pet Care Product pdf manual download. Automatic feeder (13 pages) . If you don't always have time an automatic fish feeder is ideal. Also when on holiday. Includes batteries. EHEIM Feed-Air Digital Automatic Feeder Manual. Eheim Eheim-Autofeeder-Users-Manual eheim-autofeeder-users- manual eheim pdf.

By Twig on Jun 19, A little tricky to set, but once you figure it out, it works great. I recommend testing it out for a few days before you go on a trip to make sure you have it set properly and positioned properly, and test how much food you want to come out with each feeding with the adjustable opening. One thing I did wrong was set it against the aquarium light and didn't realize that it couldn't rotate because the light was against it. So I repositioned it on top of the light instead so that it can freely turn over the same opening. Love it!

To adjust the amount of food your fish will receive for every meal, you open or close the door. A small, but important element in this filter is the tiny fan on the top of the feeder.


This will keep the food dry and it will prevent the granules from sticking together, even if they are in the feeder for a long period of time. You can program the feeder to release food once or two times per meal.

Also, it is battery-powered so as to not use extra electricity just for the feeder. Before you decide to leave your home and turn on the feeder, check if the batteries are fully charged; the device cannot work without them and your fish will be left without food. When programming your feeder,make sure the food you put in the container will not be destroyed fresh food, worms, etc. Also, keep in mind this feeder is not large and will not provide for a week for a larger tank containing thirty fish.

Report Chewy Sent me a giant package of 5 of these! By scrapy on May 25, I will do the right thing and return them as soon as I come back from vacation.

Eheim Autofeeder Users Manual Korrektur_3581_08.09

This is a good product So far so good easy programing. I set it up on a shelf on my 80 gallon fish tank. My pet seams happy with the quantity of food. Report Works great!

The Eheim automatic fish feeder worked great! Report Best I've had so far By karm on Mar 14, Most of these work about the same, but I like the size, and settings of this one best.

The one fault they ALL seem to have is the difference in the amount of food dispensed, from one setting, to the next.

It's barely enough, to way too much. I wish you could fine tune it more. I've kept it on the "barely enough", lowest setting, and set it to rotate twice, within that particular feeding. That's a great feature on this feeder, being able to set the number of rotations.

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder Food Dispenser -

Report Friendly Fish Feeder for Anytime Feeding By FishFriend on Mar 21, Just make sure to crush the flakes into tiny crumbs, or just use pellet food - and it will work great for you!

I had to get three of them for our vacation, and I have been using them daily to see how they work. The feeding times are differentiated by digits appearing on the upper section of the Display.

SET allows the displayed times to be changed. SET stores the programmed time and scrolls to the next feeding time to be programmed.

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder Food Dispenser

Example: After the batteries have been inserted, the Time begins at "" and the Arrows will blink at one second intervals. The next feeding time will be displayed and it can be programmed in the same manner.

Filling Take out the Food Container and remove the cover on the back. Clean the Drum, making sure it is dry before filling it with food.

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