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PDF | The German Shepherd Dog, one of the most popular breeds of domestic animal, Shepherds) were trained as guides for blinded troops. Before you start any advanced puppy training, you must become . right relationship with your adult German Shepherd - for life! Leash Training Guide. German Shepherd Handbook – How to take care of and train your German Shepherd Dog.

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German Shepherd Training Guide Pdf

It's time to train your German Shepherd right. German Shepherd is the place for next-level dog training and behavior changing strategies. This (hopefully) helpful guide is filled with interesting and exciting German Shepherds were trained to execute specific tasks at the side of. German Shepherd Training Think Like a Dog – but don't eat your poop! Ebook or paperback German Shepherd Dog training Guide - Choice is Yours! German.

Are you thinking of welcoming a German Shepherd into your family? Potential GSD owners are usually curious about this extraordinary breed. This hopefully helpful guide is filled with interesting and exciting information about the German Shepherd breed. One of the first questions potential dog owners ask themselves is if GSD is the perfect breed for them and their lifestyle. The following details will bring you on a journey of learning more about German Shepherds and help you make your decision. He crossbred local herding farm dogs from Bavaria, Thuringia, and Wurtemberg that had a variety of hair textures such as wire-hair, short hair and long hair. The result is an intelligent, obedient and responsive dog known as the German Shepherd. Their intense enthusiasm for work and keen tracking ability caught the eye of the German military. They worked at the Berlin wall until In addition to German Shepherds being exceptional working dogs, they also show dogs. Many dog owners are proud to show off the best qualities in their GSD. The special qualities and characteristics of the German Shepherd have caused them to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the world today. The GSD still works hard today side by side with police and military personnel as well as farmers. They are also caring and compassionate therapy dogs used for patients with disabilities and emotional issues.

If you or your family has allergies, this may be something you will want to consider during your decision-making process whether to get a GSD or not. German Shepherd puppies have floppy ears until about 16 to 20 weeks. During this time the cartilage in the ear becomes strong and hard allowing the ear to stand up permanently. During this process, the German Shepherd puppy will experience his or her ears going up naturally for about one day or so then becoming floppy again for a few days.

This usually takes place during the teething process , at the end of teething the ears stay in the upward position. If the ears never stand up, there is a possibility that the dog is a mix breed, or there are some structural issues. Visiting the veterinarian to have the ears checked is highly recommended to assure they are growing and developing at the proper rate. Full Grown or Miniature German Shepherd?

Top 10 German Shepherd Training Books For All Skill Levels in 2019

There are plenty of unethical breeders around the world that are convincing people that they have miniature German Shepherds available.

While the pups might look like they are a smaller version of a full bred GSD, this simply is not true. The only full bred GSD that is extremely smaller than the standard size German Shepherd are those rare ones that have a genetic defect that causes dwarfism.

These dogs can live a happy healthy life as long as they are cared for properly. They tend to bald as they age due to their dwarfism.

Breeders should advise potential dog owners of the genetic deformity at first glance because there is a possibility the dog will experience health issues related to its dwarfism throughout his or her lifetime. This is not true, and it is truly a mix breed. While the combination of the two breeds results in a beautifully colored dog, it is still not considered a full breed German Shepherd. This mix breed also can have different characteristics and temperament when compared to a full breed German Shepherd.

Beware of these adorable mix breeds if you prefer to have a full breed GSD. Dog owners that choose not to breed their dog will find that spaying or neutering has a positive effect on German Shepherds. Since German Shepherds have a well-balanced temper, the neutering or spaying process does not affect the behavior either way. It does, however, lessen the risk of health issues such as developing cancer of the testicles in male dogs. The choice of neutering a GSD is the choice of the dog owner and possibly at the request of a licensed veterinarian.

They have a bundle of energy and need to be exercised on a daily basis. If this exercise requirement is not met the German Shepherd will get bored and release his built up energy by chewing on furniture and destroying other household items. German Shepherds are great exercise buddies. If you enjoy jogging, running, walking, bicycling, hiking and almost any other outdoor activity you can be assured that your GSD will be right by your side matching your energy level.

They also love to play fetch, Frisbee, and other games that they can exert themselves and use their mind. If you are an active person or have an active family that enjoys being active and being outdoors, the GSD is a perfect fit. Do German Shepherds have Health Issues? A common health issue that is passed down through DNA is hip dysplasia. This breed frequently suffers from the ailment, but there are measures that can be taken to prevent and treat it. The first signs that hip dysplasia is present is the GSD limping on his hind legs and having trouble getting up from a sitting or lying down position.

Dog owners are encouraged to bring their GSD to the veterinarian for proper diagnosis.

The veterinarian will conduct a thorough physical exam, process blood tests and possibly take X-rays of the hips. Once the condition is confirmed, the veterinarian will provide a course of action to help the GSD live with the condition. Some solutions that are recommended by veterinarians include consuming a healthy diet, moderate exercise, supplements, prescription medication for pain and inflammation and possibly surgery. German Shepherds are known to live a long healthy and happy life even though they suffer from this condition.

Training a German Shepherd German Shepherds excel at obedience and agility training. They are eager to please their owner and take pride in completing their tasks. Training of house rules and obedience should begin at the moment your GSD arrives at your home for the first time.

Dog owners can choose to train their dogs or have the assistance of a professional dog trainer. While training your dog allows you to bond, it also makes it clear that you are the Alpha. On the other hand, there are a variety of dog training classes available within communities located worldwide that can help the training process go smoothly. Remember, full breed German Shepherds have a variety of color coats such as solid white, solid black, black and tan, black and white, sable, red, black, white and red plus black white and tan.

You can begin your search by going online to find reputable German Shepherd breeders or rescues in your community. Reputable breeders will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with any health documentation you request. Some breeders may even have a strict downloading policy meaning they may require you to provide them with details about yourself and your home to assure that the GSD is being placed in a secure and loving home.

You can also contact local dog shelters for adoption process information and inquire if they have any pure bred GSD in their facility. The instructions are clear and have been so successful.

My German Shepherd is becoming more well-behaved as the days pass and I follow your directions.

She is a pleasure to train now as I can understand why I am doing certain things and how she is thinking. I found your section on training so helpful. My puppy responded exceptionally well to the chapter on biting and i have no more bruises and bites. I re-read the book constantly and follow your advice.


I was really dreading Zoe's first year as I know how distractive and unruly puppies can be but with your book it has only been a pleasure having this 5 month old. Thank you so much for such an interesting valuable book!

I found your book helpful and interesting as well as gaining more knowledge of the breed I deal with daily" "I am a longtime breeder and trainer of German Shepherds and found your book to be helpful in a couple or areas.

"Who Else Wants The Happiest, Healthiest & Most Well-Behaved German Shepherd On The Block?"

It is always good to learn what others teach and others training techniques. The history information was awesome. The development of the breed and its temperament being of German working lines vs. American lines was helpful although I already knew these facts, your explanation made this more clearly understandable.

I have smooth-coated and plush-coated GSD's and found your description of others news to me. But I hadn't heard of the plush coat until we had 3 in one litter. I have not heard some of the colors either, but there's always something for everyone to learn.

Thank you for your writings. I found your book helpful and interesting as well as gaining more knowledge of the breed I deal with daily.

We have enjoyed this breed much more than any other we've had. The German Shepherd Dog is definitely one that stands alone in its qualities, intelligence, versatility and loyalty. You have held up this breed to its true standards. I have acquired both at age 2 months. Now they are month old and I believe quite large in sze kg , yet they look slim and not obese.

Top 10 German Shepherd Training Books For All Skill Levels in 2019

Both have done well in basic training and socialization. I have accomplished this almost entirely with the help of the information provided in your book.

The book has also enlightened me on the history of the breed and its potential health problems. I am planning on getting a dog soon. I am glad that this book has the information that I need to help me raise and look after my future dog. I can't wait to try out the tips and advice on my dog. Thanks a lot Michael! Thanks for a great book!!! I didnt really know the background to the breed and it was extremely helpful in understanding my babies Fae and Thor.

They are 5 months old now and I have used the techniques Michael suggested in particularly with the barking, nipping and such like. The pups are very quick to learn and my only hurdle now is the continue to work on the come here or here cant decide which word yet! The walking away option does the trick. Thanks again, I really hope other parents of German Shepherd Dogs will read this book and get as much enjoyment as i have!

Each day is a new learning curve. I now have a lot more understanding about the GSD breed.

German Shepherd Owners Guide; From Pup To Pal |

The book reads very well and I'm enjoying training my GSD using the handbook. I already can see the changes in my dogs behaviour! And both my dog and I have bonded a lot more. The future is looking great as my GSD is my best pal. Thanks for a great book. This vision came from the German Shepherds I would see work with police or just walking with their owner.

Well, when we got our German Shepherd puppy, she grew very quickly and yes she was beautiful, but to my surprise, the rest needed a lot of work! Finding the German Shepherd Handbook helped me to understand our dog and why she was behaving the way she was. Your book guided me to teach my dog to behave and be the dog I had envisioned.

This handbook is a must have for German Shepherd owners. The lessons are quick, and the results have been outstanding! The increased fun and affection YOU will receive as a result of this information, I think you'll agree, is priceless!

The good part is that since I have done all the work for you, you can get it on a silver platter!

As you know, I've spent over 9 months researching, writing and compiling this unique German Shepherd book. But luckily, I'm not going to charge you hundreds and hundreds of dollars for this valueable information. And a whole lot less than it costs to replace a scratched up door, torn up carpet, or chewed designer shoe from a misbehaving puppy!

I'm sure you'll agree that it's a very small price to pay when you just take a moment and think about the joy you'll feel once you have your perfectly happy, healthy and well-behaved German Shepherd. Even if this book only saved you ONE visit to the vet or dog trainer — You're still in front! Only a Limited Amount of Copies Will Be Sold At This Price Thing is, after I release a couple thousand copies of this book at this really low price, I know my servers will be taxed, my inbox swamped, and my time to reply to your emails severely limited See the table below for the price increase schedule And don't worry — if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete hassle-free, no questions asked guarantee to protect your investment: That's about as fair as it gets, don't you agree?

Think about it, wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

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