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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, Wizards of the Coast, FoRGOTTEN REALMS, Halls of Undermountain, Playe r's Handbook, Du ngeon M aster's Guide, Monster Man ual, all other. 74 MONSTERS OF UNDERMOUNTAIN 4 ADVENTURES IN UNDERMOUNTAIN. dark, waiting halls of Undermountain. It is a dungeon complex of nine known levels and over fourteen sub-levels of dungeons, an entire realm beneath. Halls of Undermountain (4e) - Beneath the streets of Waterdeep, a sinister dungeon awaits adventurers brave enough to Watermarked PDF.

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Halls Of Undermountain Pdf

In the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign, Undermountain stretches throughout the Halaster's Halls to let them continue pursuing their interests. The two. Download [D&D ] Halls of aracer.mobi Recommended. The Halls of Intercollegiate Halls of Residence Regulations · Sports History and. Halls of Undermountain is a page hardcover book that presents a ready-to use dungeon detailing over eighty Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.).

Suitable for four 13th-level characters By Matthew Sernett The Map The map for these areas are available in two different sizes: One serves as a reference for the DM, and the other is a map with a grid that works nicely with your miniatures. Miniatures Map A 2. You need to have Adobe Reader installed to use it. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website. Room Location on the Poster Map: This room is on pieces 7 and 8 of the poster map.

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Delete template? Adventuring Tropes. Halls of Undermountain broke the mold for 4e adventure.

Previously,they'd all been focused on two-page encounter spreads that presented combat encounters in high fidelity. In order to detail a decent amount of Undermountain and to allow for the exploration that's at the heart of a true delve , the designers of Hall decided to break out of this format — and got the OK to do so. However, they weren't quite the first adventure to make this break. A few Dungeon adventures rode on their coattails, but got out the door first.

The formatting of Halls of Undermountain is very old school, detailing rooms one-by-one, even including read-aloud text for the players. However the standard room descriptions also include sections about "Roleplay" and "Plot".

Download [D&D 4.0] Halls of Undermountain.pdf

These sections combine the three dungeon delves into the story of an adventuring company gone missing. Expanding the Realms. The biggest expansion that occurs in Halls of Undermountain is its explanation of how the Spellplague affected the dungeon. Beyond tha,t it provides extensive detail on the Yawning Portal one of the most famous entries to the dungeon as well as level 1 of the dungeon. In all, about 80 areas in the dungeon are detailed, including the rooms used for the three adventures and some of the more "infamous areas".

There's still lots of blank space on the huge level 1 map. Owners of the old Ruins of Undermountain could use that 2e supplement to fill in many of these gaps, as the level 1 areas detailed in the 2e box and the 4e adventure don't have a lot of overlap.

About the Creators. Sernett has been a writer and game designer for Wizards of the Coast since , though much of his time has been focused on board and card games, including Magic: The Gathering.

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The adventure derives this structure from the nature of dracoliches and from the Cult of the Dragon's relationship with them. Because a dracolich can arise again from the corpse of another dragon, the Cult of the Dragon has chosen to separate the dracolich and its phylactery, thus preventing both from being destroyed in one attack. The PCs have the choice of struggling through several encounters in one go, making each encounter more deadly as their resources diminish, or of using hit-and-run tactics at the risk of facing more dracoliches and more organized resistance.

For centuries Halaster has used portals and other magic to ensnare creatures and trap them in Undermountain, and long ago, he imprisoned Aragauthos, an old blue dragon, in a cavern on the third level of Undermountain.

Aragauthos lived in the dungeon for decades, trapped in a cavern on level three and surviving off the "walking food handouts" brought to her cavern by Halaster's devious teleport rings. During Harvestide four years ago, citizens of Waterdeep watched in awe as Aragauthos burst from the sea caves and flew hurriedly south along the Sword Coast.

Halaster's control of Undermountain had been broken while he was held captive elsewhere, and the blue dragon at last escaped. Despite her countless thoughts and threats of revenge against the Mad Mage, Aragauthos has not returned. Yet the old blue left behind a legacy that continues to affect Undermountain. When Halaster captured her, she was on the verge of laying a clutch of eggs.

[D&D 4.0] Halls of Undermountain.pdf

Her children, which numbered an amazing six healthy blue wyrmlings, hatched into a life of imprisonment. Knowing she could not feed so many offspring, but unwilling to harm any of them, she starved herself, killing food only for the hatchlings and eating stones and earth to sate her own hunger.

When at last she could no longer stand privation, she forced her young out into Undermountain and advised them to remain together for safety and to better their chances in hunting. The five dragon siblings did as their mother bid. As they grew older and larger, they would periodically return to their mother's cave, bringing with them gifts of food. Unfortunately, greed eventually overtook awe of their mother, and the blue dragons thought to kill Aragauthos and take her trove of treasure.

Aragauthos easily rebuffed their effort, slaying one of her children before forcing them to retreat. As she ranted at their treacherous nature, she warned them never to return lest she kill them all, and her children never did. For nearly a hundred years, Aragauthos's five remaining children wandered Undermountain together.

Although many times tempted to part company, their safety in numbers and an oath to cleave to each other has kept the siblings a tight-knit group.

Changing lairs regularly and moving from level to level, the dragons have lived on the run, rarely allowing themselves the pleasures of building a hoard or enjoy long periods of sleep.

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