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The Luscher Color Test, despite the ease and speed with which it can be quickly, and the layman can administer it to himself, even before reading this book. Absolutely great book if it comes with the cards, which it didn't. Since it's out of print, you must download it used and if the seller doesn't specify the color cards come. - download LUSCHER COLOR TEST book online at best prices in India on Read LUSCHER COLOR TEST book reviews & author details and.

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Luscher Color Test Book - download LUSCHER COLOR TEST book online at best prices in india on Read LUSCHER COLOR TEST book reviews & author details and. - download THE Luscher Colour Test book online at best prices in India on Read THE Luscher Colour Test book reviews & author details and. Find great deals on site for Luscher Color Test in Books About Nonfiction. Shop with confidence.

Perhaps he believes that spontaneity may harm him in his current position, he might accidentally come to say what he meant. Grey 0 in the second place suggests that he wants to stay a little in the background and not invoke too much attention. Rejected yellow leads to discouragement, irritability, and distrust of others motifs. The rejected yellow gives him a sense of loss and thus anxiety, which leads to compensatory behavior, which is here represented by blue 1 , which is his first choice. Rejected yellow and compensating blue indicates that he is longing for a peaceful and quiet environment and a harmonious relationship with others. He is perhaps too agreeable and tolerant in situations that require a firm hand; he sticks to the familiar, and he clings to his stuff and to a traditional way of doing things. He is not willing to engage in any kind of risk or gambling. If it goes really bad at work or at home, he will most likely become sick. It only takes a few minutes to fill out a color test, but as you can see, it can lead to very extensive interpretations. The above mentioned are only a small selection of the psychological report on the interpretation of the executive vice president's color test. All this he could have avoided if he had taken care choosing the basic colors within the first five places and had kept grey more in the background. The Significance of each Color Grey 0 Grey occurs statistically most frequently in the sixth position.

I read this as a teenager, and even then, it seemed simplistic and silly. Dennis Dutton's "The Art Instinct" makes a compelling evolutionary argument for why we prefer certain colors over others that renders the idea of a color test completely invalid.

May 04, Johnny rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This tiny psychology book is a wealth of self discovery. Written in the era following World War II when a wealth of data was available in quantities unheard of before, Luscher has compiled a system of personality profiling which is eerily accurate in a short and simple test.

You may be sceptical at first, given this slim volume, but the veracity of the results cannot be denied. View 2 comments. Interessante, curioso e abbastanza affidabile. Per amor di conoscenza, lo consiglio. Lo confesso, io mi ci sono divertita un sacco! Feb 27, Elizabeth McIlhaney rated it it was ok. A fun read when I was in my teens or twenties, when I read it, but shallow and unfulfilling, more like a game than anything to take seriously.

Apr 04, Abigail rated it liked it. A simple test with a complex basis behind it. The basic were easy enough to understand but there were whole chapters explaining the colors' status and relation to the others that were extremely complicated to understand.

Jun 16, Stargazer rated it liked it Shelves: Discover the hidden meaning of what your color preferences say about your personality and current emotional state. I have a healthy dose of skepticism regarding the validity of tests such as this; I am not a believer of astrology nor do I read my horoscope.

Really, how accurate could my color choices be in revealing my current inner anxieties and conflicts? It turns out pretty accurate indeed. The results blew my mind, no kidding.

There are 8 color cards; you put them in order of your preference from left to right. You then turn the cards over and write down the numbers on the back of the cards. Your selection of colors should be independent of what colors you prefer for your car, walls, and clothing. Select whatever color strikes you at that moment. The fact that 8 colored cards reveal so much about personality and anxieties in particular is amazing. And our results were unique; his results fit him perfectly and mine fit me, they were not interchangeable flakey horoscope results that fit anyone who reads it.

And did I mention it was fun? Jul 06, KennyO rated it it was ok Shelves: This was, I think, in the vanguard of the 's tsunami of self reflection and self help books. With it you could interpret your mood through the order of your selections from a set of eight single-color cards. Not that anyone in my circle felt the need to interpret mood through that book and cards but we were entertained by our evaluation of ourselves and one another, sometimes debating what was written there.

This is a much simplified version of Luscher's full test but I never learned if ther This was, I think, in the vanguard of the 's tsunami of self reflection and self help books. This is a much simplified version of Luscher's full test but I never learned if there was any more substance to the full test than there was to this condensed version.

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Since I've read no mention of it for decades I'll guess that there wasn't. Worth perusing if you're of a mind to grok where our minds were in the 70s. Psychologist of Personality. I am deeply suspicious of this popular test used in personality assessment, but do not feel qualified to judge it. Like the I Ching, it is easy to apply and certainly can be used as a reflective device conducive to illuminating conversation when utilized in a group setting.

This application in itself gives such a test and ones like it a certain therapeutic utility. Naturally, it is also something one can use in social settings as a kind of party game as a way to prompt interesting personal discu I am deeply suspicious of this popular test used in personality assessment, but do not feel qualified to judge it. Naturally, it is also something one can use in social settings as a kind of party game as a way to prompt interesting personal discussion.

Jun 20, Peter Massingham added it. This book has proved useful on numerous occasions - not for myself as you cannot keep taking the test yourself due to familiarity of the card meanings, but for others who were intrigued. It is not a party trick and actually contains a warning to that effect within the book. You do not want to give someone negative information if they are feeling depressed.

Nor does it offer an account of the individuals long-term personality. Rather, it gives you information on your present state of mind and circ This book has proved useful on numerous occasions - not for myself as you cannot keep taking the test yourself due to familiarity of the card meanings, but for others who were intrigued. Rather, it gives you information on your present state of mind and circumstances. It can be unsettlingly accurate. Very interesting book.

One of the most useful, enlightening, and accurate psychology books I have ever read. Of course I am very touched by color and visual influences in general.

I highly recommend this, as its analysis of myself was absolutely DEAD ON and it has helped me analyze and understand the behaviors and motivations of many people around me. Even if one is not into psychology, this is easy to understand at least I think so and Mar 18, Kelly H. Maybedog rated it it was ok Shelves: This combination of rejected orange and blue compensation also occurs frequently at leaders in business, who are suffering from frustration and anxiety and is about to incur a heart problem.

The combination of rejected orange and compensating green is rare. A person who tries to get through physical and mental fatigue using only willpower will compensate with green in the first position.

More frequently it is seen that yellow is chosen in the first position as compensation for rejected orange.

In which case it indicates a desperate search for a way out. Yellow 4 Yellow is psychologically significant when it does not occur in the second, third, fourth or fifth place. Yellow represents spontaneity and concern for others. Yellow expresses unlimited expansiveness, a relaxation or loosening up.

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Yellow symbolizes cheerfulness, relief from burdens, problems, pesterings and restrictions. Green is the perseverance, yellow is change. Green is tension, yellow is relaxation. Between these two poles, there is a conflict that arises out of their incompatibility. Here green's ambitions, narcissism and demands for prestige with yellow's hopeful search for happy experiences and adventures.

The "yellow" person can be like an enterprising whirlwind, but the whirls come in unpredictable pulses. Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. When yellow is chosen in the first position, it indicates a desire for relaxation and hope or expectation of greater happiness, and it suggests some conflicts that need to be resolved. This hope for happiness in all its numerous forms, ranging from sexual experiences to philosophies that offer information and perfection, is always directed toward the future.

Yellow presses forward toward the new, modern and developing. A person, who rejects yellow and places it in the sixth, seventh or eighth position, has been disappointed in his expectations and feels empty, isolated and lonely. He sees the spontaneity and quest for adventure, which yellow represents, as irrelevant and superficial. Rejected yellow suggests that disappointment has led to a simmering rebellion.

This rebellion can express itself as irritability, pessimism and suspicion towards others and their intentions. Rejected yellow means, therefore: "trying to protect oneself against isolation and further losses and disappointments. This combination indicates a desire for peace and calmness and a clinging to the familiar.

A person, who rejects yellow, can also choose green in the first position.

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It can then suggest that he tries to escape his hopeless situation by striving for the security that can be offered by prestige and position. If rejected yellow is compensated with orange in the first position it will indicate that he seeks to escape his feelings of disappointment and isolation by seeking intense experiences and adventures - especially exaggerated sexual adventures.

Violet 5 Violet is psychologically significant when it occurs in the first or eighth position. It does not apply to pregnant women and teenagers. The person who prefers violet, wish for a magic relation to reality. He wants to abolish the difference between subject and object, between cause and effect, and make his world a magical and intuitive wholeness. He feels that everything that can be imagined and dreamed are also a form of reality.

Passion for violet can indicate a desire for an intimate erotic fusion with another or a desire for an intuitive and mystical mutual understanding. Violet represents a deep introvert religiosity. The color is preferred by teenagers, pregnant women, homosexuals of both sexes and people who have problems with the thyroid gland.

Violet - Le Monde de Samara - Love. That children choose violet shows that they think the world is a magical place, where everything is possible. Teen-agers prefer violet because of their emotional confusion and immaturity. Surveys have shown that the hormonal activity during pregnancy often leads to a passion for violet. Homosexuals often show their emotional insecurity by preferring violet as compensation for rejected basic colors. Their emotional fear causes them to create a fairytale world around them, which they hope will last as long as they have each other.

Persons, who have problems with the thyroid gland, often prefer violet. This is especially true when the problem is psychosomatic and not caused by a shortage of iodine. Too much activity in the thyroid gland is for such persons caused by long time-stress, shock, or that they during their childhood, where the emotions were very unstable, have been exposed to excessive fear and anxiety. Such persons need special understanding and tenderness that can relieve their fears.

In the case that a person prefers violet in the first place, it must be investigated closer. Is it caused by immaturity, sexual deviations or gland problems? If it is immaturity, then this person must be expected to have trouble distinguishing the real practical world from his wishful imaginations. People who prefer violet, want to be accepted because of their charm and charisma, for their wonderful behavior and because of their winning personality.

They are sensitive and appreciative, but they have no desire to engage in excessive responsibility in relation to other.

When Violet occurs in the eighth place, the person has totally rejected any desire for a mystical intimacy with another person, because it is not possible or appropriate in his present situation. This will result in an immediate reluctance to commit himself in relation to other people or tasks, until he knows more exactly, what that relationship will imply.

At the same time, the need for an intuitive and immediate understanding with another person is transferred to ideas and objects that are not human, which promotes the aesthetic sense and scientific interest. Brown 6 Brown is psychologically significant if it does not occur in the fifth, sixth or seventh place.

Brown represents physical sensitivity. Its position in the row gives a clue about, what the test person feels on her body. In case of physical discomfort or illness, brown begins to move forward in the rank.

Painting by Vasiliy Polenov - a sick girl.

Refugees and other uprooted persons, who have no place to relax and no prospect of physical satisfaction, will often place brown at the beginning of the series. This was especially true for those, who were refugees during and after WWII. Not because they were especially physically sensitive, but because they could not find peace and security anywhere. Brown represents the need for roots, a home, a family or other social affiliation. If brown occurs in the first half of the sequence and especially in one of the first two places, it indicates an increased need for physical rest and satisfaction, and relief from a problem, which causes concern.

It may be a physical disease or defect, it may be an atmosphere of conflict and insecurity or other problems, which the person feels that he is unable to manage. When Brown is placed in an eighth place, the need for relaxed comfort has been completely suppressed. In this situation, the person will consider physical wellbeing and sensual satisfaction as weaknesses that he presently cannot afford. The person, who in this way rejects brown, wants others to see him as a steel man having no need for sociability, delicious food, good wine and a good long sleep in a warm bed.

Such a reckless oppression of the ability to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life can lead to anxiety, which will require compensation, including the possibility of obsessive and exaggerated sexual activity. Black 7 Black is psychologically significant when it occurs in any other places than the eighth place. Black represents the absolute limit of life, its final. That a person prefers black means that he rejects everything in a protest against a situation he considers as hopeless, a protest against life and fate.

Landscape in black and white.

Lüscher color test

Black represents emptiness and annihilation, it represents denial, absolute giving up or abandonment. The person, who chooses black in the first position, wants to deny everything. He is stubbornly protesting against status quo which in his opinion is not, as it should be. He protests against fate, certainly against his own, and behaves probably prematurely and unwise in this protest. If black is chosen in the second position, it indicates, that the person is willing to give up everything, provided he gets, what is represented by the color of the first position.

With black in the third position is indicated that the person will refrain from everything else, if only he gets, what is represented by the two colors in the first and second position. Black in the eighth position is the psychologically most normal and represents a desire not to reject anything and keep control of own actions. That means two colors chosen after each other in both first and second round.

Just to take a few examples: The pair "Green - Orange" represents meaningful activity and controlled initiative. With green as the first selected color, actions will lead to greater authority and prestige for the self, leadership, management and exercise of control. The pair "Blue - Orange" represents cooperative enterprise and emotional fullness.

It characterizes the ability of a good cooperation with colleagues for the common good in favor of the organization. In the private sphere, the pair is representing a harmonious mixture of sexuality and care. When blue is selected prior to red, it characterizes greater emphasis on harmony and cooperation than on activity. The second choice would probably mean that some of the colors are swapped around, while others move further forward or backward in the series.

If two or more colors in the second round still lie beside the color that they were adjacent to in the first round, although they may change position and internal order, so there exists a pair, and this or these pairs must be marked with a circle and their relevant function symbol. However, due to the introduction of pairs, we now have to make the allocation of function symbols a little more complicated.

In case of doubt, the result from the second selection may be used, resulting in the row: 3, , , and In the presence of pairs the allocation of function symbols to be done according to the following algorithm: 1.

The second pair or single number to be marked: x 3. The last pair or single number to be marked: - 4.

The Lüscher Color Test

First, his first choice of the single color, 3 orange , to be interpreted according to the description of each color above. His choice of orange indicates that he wants to be a winner type, who wants to create results. He wants to see his plans become reality.

He wants to be energetic and industrious. Then you can enter the appropriate tables in literature for each pair labeled with each function symbol.

It would be too extensive to reproduce all these tables on this page, and it is also not necessary. If we transform this to x function that means what he presently does, it makes: "Presently he shares an intuitive and understanding intimacy with another 5 in an atmosphere of peace and harmony 1 ".

This indicates a possibility of homosexuality. But who knows, maybe retrieves his strength from a close relationship with his wife.

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